About the Trump-merch tent in The Triangle

Several readers texted Sunday to ask about the story behind that tent set up in the triangle at Fauntleroy/Oregon known as Fauntleroy Place Park. We weren’t able to go over and talk with its operators yesterday, so we looked late this morning to see if they were back. The park was empty when we went by just after 11 am, but then a reader texted just before sunset that it was there, so we went back. There we found Ben, who told us he’s the “helper” – that the owner was off taking a break. Ben said they are here because it’s a “liberal area” – that they travel up and down the West Coast setting up their tent in liberal areas because that’s where they feel their message, support for former President Donald Trump, needs to get out. He wasn’t sure how long they planned to stay – they might be back tomorrow, or might not. He also said they didn’t have a vendor permit, which is generally required for selling in parks.

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  • Helga February 19, 2024 (7:16 pm)

    they were at 16th & 100th on the muffler shoppe corner in WC on saturday….

    • Leslie February 19, 2024 (8:03 pm)

      Did you see any gold sneakers? Fingers crossed

    • waikikigirl February 20, 2024 (7:04 am)

      RE: Muffler shop…have you seen how disgustingly gross the back lot is getting with garbage, every time we drive by there, there is more. And how is it getting in there, it is fenced? Who can this be reported to?

  • Lina February 19, 2024 (7:33 pm)

    At first glance driving last today, it looked like one of the banners had a barrel of a gun depicted on it.  If I saw that correctly, pretty disgusting imagery on display for all to see.

    • NWAsianGuy February 19, 2024 (8:40 pm)

      Where can I buy the same bubble to live in?

      • Bill February 21, 2024 (2:13 am)

        Thanks for the ray of sunshine! – rare in Seattle these days!

  • Jason February 19, 2024 (7:35 pm)

    Traffic was stopping and backing up because motorists were shouting profanities at him and one guy, a black man, was circling the whole thing doing “booing” gestures the entire time. Along with other neighbors. Awful crap to have in west Seattle.

  • Al King February 19, 2024 (7:36 pm)

    Have no issue with them being there. Have no intention of stopping by/looking/buying anything.

  • Trump Fan February 19, 2024 (7:38 pm)

    • Scrappy February 19, 2024 (8:54 pm)

      Whoever put that Nazi trash everywhere should be fined for littering. 

      • Terry February 20, 2024 (4:33 pm)

        Nazis? Go on…

    • Kt February 20, 2024 (5:04 am)

      Good Lord.  Trump did not win.  Please get some professional help.

  • Marjorie Boebert Gaetz February 19, 2024 (7:52 pm)

    Well,  good for them.They’re not doing much business in New York these days, so just take the show on the road, I guess.   Gosh, though; have ya ever noticed if those people don’t have much to say, they can always spew forth with a ‘liberal’ or two?

    • 1994 February 19, 2024 (10:01 pm)

      Love your blog name!  

  • Boopsie Farkelstein February 19, 2024 (7:54 pm)

    I wish I could’ve arrived in time so I could see what all the country of manufacturing origin tags read.

    • Dog Whisperer February 22, 2024 (10:36 am)

      You really know how to have a good time!

    • Dog Whisperer February 22, 2024 (11:13 am)

      200 comments but not for the dog Whisperer. 

  • Just wondering February 19, 2024 (7:57 pm)


  • T February 19, 2024 (8:07 pm)

     …they didn’t have a vendor permit, which is generally required for selling in parks.” How very Trumpy.

    • NWAsianGuy February 19, 2024 (8:41 pm)

      Pretty sure there’s plenty of Non-Trumpians doing the same thing everyday.

      • TB February 20, 2024 (6:45 am)

        Specific examples or just “pretty sure”?

      • Derp February 20, 2024 (8:49 am)

        Not sure what you are ttalking about,  but i don’t think there are any Democrats / Biden supporters selling junk in illegal pop up on the side of the road.  Nice try buddy

      • Jay February 20, 2024 (10:45 am)

        Whataboutism or whataboutery is a pejorative for the strategy of responding to an accusation with a counter-accusation instead of a defense of the original accusation. – Wikipedia

    • fluffy February 20, 2024 (2:15 pm)

      Fortunately for them, they probably weren’t actually selling anything anyway, so the lack of permit probably wasn’t an issue.

  • Alki resident February 19, 2024 (8:08 pm)

    Hopefully they’ll be around tomorrow. I was home all day and didn’t know. 

    • Pete February 20, 2024 (7:28 am)

      I’m not sure if merch with a rapist’s name on it is such a good look, pal. To each their own, I guess.

      • Alki resident February 20, 2024 (2:03 pm)

        I’m not your pal and I wear Trump merch often. I’m also happy to support small businesses and I’m not looking for your approval. Way too old to be babysat by Biden supporters. 

        • Harlowerayne Thunderword-Cohen February 21, 2024 (9:51 pm)

          Thank you,  Alki Resident. It’s good to know that there are few of us here. Free speech is protected whether Seattle likes it or not. Looking forward to November.

  • Neigbor February 19, 2024 (8:13 pm)

    If it’s a “liberal” area they’re looking to change they could volunteer for the Republican party instead of selling crap for themselves.

    • Niko February 20, 2024 (2:18 am)

      It’s a free country 

  • Zipda February 19, 2024 (8:26 pm)

    And the disgusting orange grift continues…..

  • miws February 19, 2024 (8:32 pm)

    These hundreds-of-millions of dollars judgements against him have him desperate for money. He should pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a job at McDonald’s flipping burgers. Rudy could be fry guy. —Mike 

    • 937 February 19, 2024 (9:09 pm)

      Unlikely this is funding 45.

      Likely this is someone trying to make some money in this dismal economy

      • Terry February 20, 2024 (4:39 pm)

        It’s almost like spending all of our tax dollars on endless wars isn’t working.

    • Alki resident February 19, 2024 (9:24 pm)

      Luckily Trump has the right to appeals. The amount of people out to get him because of how scared they are of him becoming president again is comical. Trump 2024

      • miws February 19, 2024 (10:13 pm)

        Alki Resident, I’d say that being scared of losing our democracy is a legitimate fear. —Mike 

        • Alki resident February 19, 2024 (10:28 pm)

          We’re not in a democracy, we’re in a republic. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Good Lord

          • Neighbor February 19, 2024 (11:32 pm)

            Read the constitution.  This is a democratic republic.  That’s not the only kind of republic.

          • Human zoo February 20, 2024 (1:33 am)

            We are a constitutional republic that uses democratic principles in our form of government, democracy is mob rule in its truest sense….go tell the Spartens. 

          • We are a democracy February 20, 2024 (7:36 am)

            The US is a Democratic Republic. It is not a direct democracy, it is representational democracy, but it’s definitely a democracy. Anyone repeating the claim that we are not a democracy has been radicalized by Russian propaganda online and on “news” networks, like fox news. I hope Alki Resident will take some time to learn more about the country they live in and the laws which govern it, but I highly doubt they will. 

          • datamuse February 20, 2024 (10:03 am)

            I was not aware that the Pledge was a legal document delineating governmental authority and composition.

          • Pandro S Merman February 20, 2024 (11:31 am)

            John and Joan Birch, we’re sorry you’re still pissed off, but Honeys, your application to be alternate electors wasn’t approved for many, many reasons.       Try to have a good day, regardless.     Reach higher; you’ll feel better.

          • DemocracyForTheWin February 20, 2024 (12:46 pm)

            https://www.dictionary.com/e/democracy-vs-republic/I don’t expect the misinformed & misguided to bother comprehending how this all works, let alone grasp, but here’s the link for the few Trumpcultists willing to take the time to read & learn.

        • Rhonda February 19, 2024 (10:48 pm)

          The DNC and the Administration trying to imprison their opponent(s) with 91 bogus, politically-motivated charges and trying to keep Trump off of ballots is the biggest threat to Democracy in U.S. history.

          • You’re ridiculous! February 20, 2024 (12:33 pm)

            He is a CROOK!! Stop defending him. Historians have put tRump last on the list. What does that tell ya??

          • Canton February 20, 2024 (9:52 pm)

            Spot on!

        • Terry February 20, 2024 (4:40 pm)

          You feel like we live in a democracy now?!!.!?

      • Zipda February 19, 2024 (10:31 pm)

        Or could it be his profound criminality?

        • WW Resident February 20, 2024 (3:07 am)

          Hahaha, Biden is ranked the 14th best president?! Multiple wars, Bideneconomics with high inflation, gas prices that were sky high, a debacle of abruptly pulling out of Afghanistan that will come back to haunt us, unprecedented insane amounts of illegal immigrants putting a strain on cities around the country after Biden used many of his 94 executive powers to dismantle Trump’s immigration policy that had tho lowest numbers ik decades?  But I suppose he’s just a well meaning old man with memory issues as his DOJ said

          • WSD February 20, 2024 (11:45 am)

            Biden is ranked #14 because he got the worst-ranked one out.

          • WW Resident February 20, 2024 (4:42 pm)

            You mean the guy when we had low inflation, low gas prices, record low black unemployment, record low illegal immigration? The only president in how many decades that kept us out of a new war? The guy who helped form the Abraham pact in the Middle East? The guy who signed the bill that released thousands of black people who were incarcerated under Biden’s 94 crime bill? That guy? I didn’t even vote for the guy, but to say the worst president ever while watching in real time the disaster that is Biden is a joke

          • Canton February 20, 2024 (9:55 pm)

            Common sense is becoming uncommon nowadays!?!?

          • Bill February 21, 2024 (2:28 am)

            You are wasting your time!  

        • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (8:53 am)

          On the other hand,  for all the hyperventilating predictions of a madman with his finger on the nuclear button like a  character from the film “Dead Zone” (starring my favorite actor Christopher Walken) it is Biden who has proven to be a spineless tool of the M.I.C.   I’m counting three (3) proxy wars,  SE Dick,  and those are the ones we know about.   I’ll be eagerly awaiting your comment – richly “ornamented,” I’m sure. 

        • Seattlite February 20, 2024 (9:30 am)

          LOL….Surveys are a dime a dozen due to political bias.  Were the “historians” using objective or subjective analysis of the USA’s past and present presidents?  The survey ranks FDR (D) as #2.  Why?  FDR snubbed Jesse Owens when he did not invite to the WH in celebration of the 1936 Olympics.  FDR placed Americans in internment camps during the WWII.  FDR refused Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.  Abraham Lincoln was ranked #1.  George Washington should have been #1 with Lincoln #2.  FDR should have been rated in the bottom ten.  George Washington triumphed with great odds over the authoritarian British troops gaining America’s Independence.  Washington was a great military and political leader.

          • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (1:26 pm)

            The Roosevelt years and the transformation of America is a rich, fascinating study.   I’m somewhere between those who idolize him and his harshest critics who thought his tactics for ushering in the New Deal was modeled after European fascism.   He was a complex individual, like a lot of American presidents.      

      • JDB February 20, 2024 (6:39 am)

        Alki Res, I am surprised to see you still support a convicted sex offender. Aside from the other cases against him, how can you justify the fact that he assaulted a woman and can’t stop defaming her about it? That’s not political, that’s his past catching up with him. 

      • Brenda February 20, 2024 (7:21 am)

        Trump 2024🇺🇸‼️

        • Actually Mike February 20, 2024 (8:56 am)

          Lock him up! And throw away the key.

    • K February 20, 2024 (9:52 pm)

      This isn’t someone making money for Trump, this is someone taking advantage of gullible people.  They’ve been popping up elsewhere in the country, where Trump fans are lining up, or places like this where people will quickly open their wallets to prove what “independent thinkers” they are.  

    • Teri February 21, 2024 (3:38 pm)

      Excellent idea Mike!!!

  • Joan February 19, 2024 (8:37 pm)

    I saw that today and was certain they didn’t have a permit. It’s an eyesore and illegal. Wish the cops would chase them off. If they love America so much they should respect the laws.

    • WSB February 19, 2024 (8:56 pm)

      Actually, there was just a dispatch a few minutes ago that someone called them in for “living under a tent in the park.” An officer answered and said that he had already been by to talk with them and they were packing up to leave. … TR

      • Anywhere but here February 19, 2024 (9:43 pm)

        Whoever called in that complaint is my new hero😂😂 

      • R-n-B February 20, 2024 (6:12 am)

        Whomever that good samaritan was, I tip my hat to them.  What an ugly, trashy, racist vibe this brings to an otherwise welcoming, lovely, progressive neighborhood. 

        • Wes Sea February 20, 2024 (9:26 am)

          Welcoming as long as you agree with everyone else’s politics?

          • karl February 20, 2024 (11:11 am)

            Maybe some people just take issue with sex offenders.  I mean, not you, you’re obviously fine with them, but, uh, don’t be surprised if others aren’t so welcoming?

          • Wes Sea February 21, 2024 (9:49 am)

            @Karl, what in my reply would ever give rise to your vile accusations? Are you so unable to conceive of different viewpoints that you must jump to insults? You don’t know me or anything about me. I never once indicated my support for the people running that stand. YOU jumped to conclusions and made a decision without facts, which is in itself unwelcoming in the extreme. You demonstrate my point.

          • Karl February 21, 2024 (11:51 am)

            People support a sex offender.  Someone says that it’s trashy to support a sex offender, particularly in this otherwise welcoming neighborhood.  You decide to jump in and question how welcoming a place can actually be if it doesn’t weclome people who support trashy sex offenders.  You’re really digging your own grave here, and it’s awkward to watch–but please, keep going…

          • CatLady February 22, 2024 (1:29 am)

            This comment reeks of “I thought you were the tolerant left, but you’re being pretty intolerant” and just… no. I’m more than fine with people who support Trump feeling unwelcome here. In fact, I’d prefer that. If I wanted to live next to a bunch of Trumpers I’d move to Idaho (barf). 

  • Sillygoose February 19, 2024 (9:06 pm)

    Driving by Saturday afternoon, most were honking and telling them they were #1 if you get my drift!! They should go out to Sumner area!

    • Alki resident February 19, 2024 (10:10 pm)

      Sumner really? There’s no reason why this can’t be in my neck of the woods too. Why are you segregating types of people? Do you really think everyone in West Seattle voted for Biden? 

      • Xavier February 20, 2024 (6:48 am)

        might have known, the worst crap talker on the blog, is a big trumper

    • Scarlett February 19, 2024 (10:20 pm)

      Everyone is jerked around on a political chain by their masters, which,  when you follow the leashes back to the source, happens to be the same “dog walker,” so to speak.       

      • sixbuck February 19, 2024 (11:31 pm)

        This is precisely why Trump supporters love Donald. Trump walks himself. No handlers. 

        • Guy February 20, 2024 (2:58 am)

          Other than Putin, of course.

        • Anony February 20, 2024 (6:53 am)

          It’s true that most politicians past a certain level work for the wealthy, capital owners, and corporations.  Trump is all three, his biggest policy accomplishment was his tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy, capital owners, and corporations the most.  You aren’t getting anything different with Trump, it’s just coming directly from the source instead.

        • Mr Henry February 20, 2024 (8:19 am)

          Welcome to the new MAGA Republican  America

      • Terry February 20, 2024 (4:44 pm)

        Thank you.

  • tom February 19, 2024 (9:49 pm)

    Really high quality stuff! How many marks did the carnies separate from their money?

    • Scarlett February 19, 2024 (10:22 pm)

      Zelenksy is probably thinking the same thing.  What do you think, Tom?  

      • Anony February 20, 2024 (6:34 am)

        The majority of money “for Ukraine” never even leaves the US.  It’s used to replenish and renew our military’s stockpiles of old weapons with new ones from our defense contractors, and in other cases directly to our defense contractors for them to ship directly to Ukraine.  This is also known as the military industrial complex, and one of the primary reasons why war is often said to be “good for the economy” and “profitable”.  The Ukraine isn’t getting rich off of us, we are paying for someone else to degrade our adversary’s military without casualties of our own, the Ukrainians are paying with their lives, and it’s the billionaire owners of LMT, NOC, RTX, etc. who profit the most.  This isn’t a statement for or against any of it, it’s just a fact.  It’s perfectly valid to be mad about it, but at least be mad at the people who actually deserve it, of which there are plenty to choose from.

        • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (9:18 am)

          I’ve excoriated the military industrial complex over and over here on the blog because right now we live in something that resembles a military “junta,” and I don’t use that term carelessly.  We have have generals circulating between the boards of major defense contractors and the Pentagon which is the most flagrant violation of public trust I can imagine.  But most of your comment I agree with, whether you want to call military aid “draw downs” that need to be replenished or something else.   You’re right, Ukrainians are paying with the lives, tens of thousands of lives, and they are being forcibly conscripted into a meat grinder of a war.   Tens of thousands of Russians are losing their lives as well.   We are living through a major European conflict and the tepid reaction from the public is utterly baffling and frightening.  

      • Pete February 20, 2024 (7:47 am)

        Hi, I’m a little concerned over blank cheques being written for war too. But what’s the alternative? There’s zero chance of peace with Putin that doesn’t involve him seizing large swathes of Ukraine. Which country will be next? 

      • tom February 20, 2024 (3:21 pm)

        I think my 4 year old can call out a non-sequiter fallacy. Also maybe you’re too online?

  • 1994 February 19, 2024 (10:20 pm)

    The emperor’s new clothes strikes again!

  • Millie February 19, 2024 (10:55 pm)

    This is what a “democracy ” looks like.  They can put up their tent and sell “high quality stuff”.   We, as bloggers” can write about it freely.   Should their candidate be elected – come January, 2025 we may see what is currently occurring In Russia,  people  being arrested for expressing their grief and  leaving flowers in remembrance of an innocent 47-year old man dying  in an Arctic gulag.   What to do?   Pretty tough choice to make!

    • 937 February 20, 2024 (6:00 am)

      4 years of no new wars. Peace accords in the middle east. Economy creating record wealth across the board, women and minority record employment. World security, with the known bad actors in check.(So sorry about the meanie words)

      Versus out of control inflation, shrinkflation. Trillions and trillions (35 now? 36?)US treasury propped up economy – waiting on the Fed to please lower interest rates. Out of control illegal immigration (or invasion-if you will?) BILLIONS unaccounted for in Ukraine. Unrest in the middle east. Russia on the move. North Korea firing rockets, Iran further enriching uranium. Fentynl coming across the border by the ton. Rule of law breaking down. Cities going broke trying to manage the above. On and on….

      Pretty tough choice to make, indeed!

      • Pete February 20, 2024 (10:53 am)

        The deficit grew under Trump, in part because of the massive tax breaks he handed to the ‘elites’ he apparently hates so so much. I’m not a fan of either Trump or Biden’s presidencies to be clear, but let’s not make stuff up. 

        • 937 February 20, 2024 (11:58 am)

          The deficit has grown since the very founding of this Great Country (my emphasis added) It has ballooned since Reagan. It does not matter why – everyone points at everyone else. At this point 10 generations hence will be paying for it. OR worse.

          45’s tax cuts yadda yadda. Injection of much needed stimulus payments for a pandemic devastated economy vs funding of wars/conflicts on multiple fronts (and yes- some continued pandemic related spending)Some may say that 45 “ruined” the economy – I think it was derailed by the pandemic. We had SUCH high highs. But 46 has done a perfect job of crushing it under his boot heel. Doing short of NOTHING to assuage suffering. To no fault of his own….He just…can’t.

      • Husky February 20, 2024 (9:59 pm)

        I realize not everyone has time to research and understand these geopolitical and sociopolitical events, but the reason you aren’t convincing anyone with those claims isn’t because those people are “just crazy” or “unreasonable”, it’s because it only takes a little bit of research to find out they aren’t true. Trump’s actions greatly contributed to the conflicts seen today.  Trump pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal that according to international inspectors was being followed, and destabilized the region further with his actions in Syria and Afghanistan at the behest of their main rival- the Saudis.  He abandoned our allies such as the Kurds which allowed terrorist and extremist groups in the region to flourish.  The pullout in Afghanistan was by Trump’s design and commitment to the Taliban.  The Palestinian conflict didn’t start on Oct 7 or with Trump alone obviously, but he contributed to it significantly when he unilaterally awarded Israel large swaths of Palestinian territory in Jerusalem and the West Bank, showing the Palestinians that their existence was under threat regardless of if they worked with Israel peacefully or not, as the PA did.  This was then cemented further by moving the capital and embassy to Jerusalem as well and gave full fledged support to the Israel settler movement, internationally recognized as being illegal.  Further to that he also funded a proxy war in Yemen through Saudi again, which you see the result of today with the Yemen civil war and the Houthis.  A lot of people argue that Putin was emboldened by Trump, which led to the situation in Ukraine, but while that’s open to interpretation, the above are historical actions and events that are not disputed.  It’s anachronistic to think major issues happen in a conveniently compartmentalized way between an election or administration.  The economy is no different, Trump inherited a rising economy, the tax cuts disproportionately benefited the wealthy, unemployment was low then and is record breakingly low now, the stock market at record highs then and now (terrible judge of an economy), oil production was high then, it’s even higher now, an energy surplus is not the same as energy independence because it’s not the right kind in the right places, the price goes up when demand is high, it goes down when it’s low like during COVID; Biden’s stimulus funds contributed to inflation, but so did Trump’s COVID stimulus and tax cuts as well.  Maybe you noticed that while inflation topped out at around 11-13%, the price of things for you (eggs are a perfect example, google egg industry profits and inflation) went up a lot more, directly coinciding with corporations recording equally record profits.  If those arguments made for Trump were actually true, I’d be totally convinced to vote for him and most others would be too.  If you’ve convinced yourself of those things, I can understand why you’d think everyone else is either crazy or that no one could have possibly voted for the other guy, it’s a nice idea and we wouldn’t even be here having this discussion if any of it were true. 

        • 937 February 21, 2024 (5:43 am)

          Thank you Husky for clearly emphasizing my point.

          Everyone points fingers. Nothing good came from 45. He started everything bad in the world and inherited everything good. And now Biden and Co are tasked with fixing everything he did wrong – cause it’s not their faul.

          Better grab a fire extinguisher – Rome is burning.

        • Teri February 21, 2024 (3:50 pm)

          Husky, excellent, factual assessment.

        • Scarlett February 22, 2024 (8:56 am)

          Husky, I agree that presidents inherit economies or geopolitical crisises that slop over from previous administrations and often bequeath the same problems to the next administration.   Sometimes these geopolitical concerns span multiple presidencies.   Take for example the counter-terrorism war in Yemen that is, as you say, a proxy war with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia on one side, and Iran on the other.   This is a war that dates back to 2002 and one that greatly accelerated during the Obama administration, Obama’s so-called “Drone Wars.”  Trump inherited this war and continued to pour it on.   No president – neither Bush, Obama, Trump nor Biden – has had the political spine to take on the Saudi’s and hold them accountable for human rights violations.  (I’ll leave my assessment of the JCPOA, Russia and our withdrawal from Afghanistan for another time. )

          Who’s to blame?  All are, some more than others.   Since we can’t redo the past, we must hold the current occupant of the White House – whoever that may be at the time  – ultimately accountable, else we are resigned to a circular blame game. 

    • Mike February 20, 2024 (6:21 am)

      I used to think like many people here ranting against Trump.  I ranted against him before he was elected too.  I was appalled by him throughout his 4 years as president.  Then Biden was elected and I saw the worst draconian president in recent, possibly ever, history of the United States of America.  I was a lifelong Democrat, not any longer.  Trump is a jerk, no doubt, but the pure evil and amplification of Marxism of the last 3 years truly opened my eyes.  As is right now, neither leading candidate is worthy of holding office.  I need to focus on my family, my kids future, I’m disgusted by how my fellow neighbors are demonizing each other for not following their political candidate deity.  Stop worshipping politicians, it is not how we stand united.  If I have to look at flags waiving at protests in Seattle that promote ideology that dictators in Communist regimes used, we can all deal with a Trump flag or two even if we despise it.

      • CatLady February 20, 2024 (8:57 am)

        This entire rant could just be boiled down to “I don’t like trans people and I’m mad they have rights.” Gross. 

      • Wes Sea February 20, 2024 (9:28 am)

        Amen to that, Mike.

      • Pete February 20, 2024 (9:33 am)

        Amplification of Marxism… lol

      • West Seattle resident February 20, 2024 (11:15 am)

        Thanks Mike! Seems you’re the only one with a brain here. 

      • Pelicans February 20, 2024 (6:23 pm)

        Mike,While I’ve never heard it put exactly that way, I have felt and agree with everything you said.  I am completely dismayed by both presumptive party nominees, and worry for the future of our country. Also, as far as comments on WSB, there is room for all of us to express our opinions without demonizing those we disagree with.

        • Canton February 20, 2024 (10:19 pm)

          As long as we are ABLE to express our options, then all can be fair… Opinions are what get us to vote…

    • CAM February 20, 2024 (7:52 am)

      Exactly right Millie. 

  • DemocracyForTheWin February 19, 2024 (11:11 pm)

    Nuff said.

  • valvashon February 20, 2024 (5:21 am)

    No permit- Are all Chump lovers just a bunch of law breaking grifters?  If I see this tent I’m calling it in as selling without a permit!

    • Canton February 20, 2024 (10:26 pm)

      No. Just voters that don’t agree with creating America’s downfall. If you don’t agree with the Bill of rights, and The US Constitution, then you aren’t American…

      • Karl February 21, 2024 (7:46 am)

        But the US Constitution is a living document, meaning it’s one that is designed to be (and has been!  And will be again!) changed?  Wouldn’t it be more American to say if you don’t agree with the US Constitution get it changed?  I should hope that’s what you meant, but who knows these days, lotta faux intellectuals not thinking real hard, it’s like undergrad philosophy majors who read one book by Hesse or Rand and suddenly they know it all…

        • 937 February 21, 2024 (2:15 pm)

          Do you actually KNOW the process for amending (not just adding amendments) the Constitution?? In these EXTREMELY partisan times there is no way on this whole blue planet you are going to get 2/3 of congress (honorific specifically removed by me) or 2/3s of the States to agree. No. Way. Full Stop.

          One might be able to call for a convention but let’s be honest – that ain’t gonna happen. We can’t even get people to cast their ballots – BY MAIL!

          Lastly after the above then you got to get it ratified by 3/4 – hell – we can’t even get 55% to agree on anything.

          Our Constitution may be able to be changed- but henceforth – it probably never will 

        • Rhonda February 21, 2024 (3:17 pm)

          There’s a reason the Founding Fathers made our Constitution VERY difficult to change, thank God.

          • Karl February 22, 2024 (12:00 pm)

            I believe, Rhonda, that you and I have VERY different principles, as I, for one, am extraordinarly thankful that the US Constitution has regularly been amended. 

            And a god, whichever one you have decided to worship, has nothing to do with it. 

          • Rhonda February 22, 2024 (5:58 pm)

            Karl, regardless, the Constitution is still very difficult to change, and I’m pretty sure our Founding Fathers weren’t talking about the Wizard of Oz when they wrote this:We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-

          • Karl February 23, 2024 (7:23 am)

            Uh-huh.  So?

  • Nazi-Free Zone February 20, 2024 (5:27 am)

    White supremacists in West Seattle? I can’t say I’m surprised. Especially not surprised by the names on some of the blog accounts cheering them on. Duly noted. 

    • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (9:20 am)

      “Duly noted?”   Are you keeping a dossier,  Nazi-Free Zone?  The grotesque irony probably escapes you. 

      • Karl February 20, 2024 (11:02 am)

        No irony there whatsoever, ya might want to read up on paradox of tolerance.  Just a thought.

        • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (12:21 pm)

          This is always the trite justification that it is always dragged out to suppress speech.  

          • Karl February 21, 2024 (7:57 am)

            Nice word salad, Scarlett.  Strong rebuttal, really.  You ever maybe wonder WHY it’s such a common response? 
            You’re always skating on the surface, but never have enough (something) to actually contribute anything relevant or insightful.  It’s the “I took philosophy 101 and now I’m deep” syndrome.  

      • Frog February 20, 2024 (11:03 am)

        Leftist cancelbots don’t do irony.

      • Pete February 20, 2024 (11:59 am)

        I don’t think he’s calling for them to be rounded up Scarlett, I think he’s probably just noting which folk probably aren’t worth interacting with in future. But, you probably already knew that 😂 

        • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (2:40 pm)

          Agreed, but I flinch at anything that is slightly tinged with coercian, even if it is well-intentioned.  I certainly would never accuse anyone here on the blog of being a fascist,  that would be laughable.   

    • Rhonda February 20, 2024 (12:14 pm)

      Nazi-Free Zone, this woman of COLOR and proud Trump supporter is no “white supremacist”. My Japanese-American uncle went to combat against the Nazis in Germany in WWII while my parents, grandparents, and other aunts and uncles were being held captive in FDR’s prisons. They are/were U.S. citizens and patriotic Americans both before and after their illegal internment. President Trump is gaining much support from people of color all over the U.S. 

      • Brian February 20, 2024 (6:53 pm)

        Great, you should join the military too instead of leaning on what people you know have done. 

        • Mike February 20, 2024 (9:47 pm)

          “instead of leaning on what people you know have done” Did you mean what Democratic President FDR did to them?  Because it was pretty nuts and happened right here, to families you’re around every day.  The first Japanese forcibly removed from and losing all their belongings (including property) was right here.  https://www.nps.gov/miin/learn/historyculture/bainbridge-island-japanese-american-exclusion-memorial.htm You don’t have to agree with other people’s politics, but you should have some awareness of what families here have dealt with.  I know more Japanese families in Eastern Washington that farm and their families were also put in internment camps.  They went on to serve in the military and they’re Trump supporters, for a reason.

        • Rhonda February 20, 2024 (10:00 pm)

          I’m a U.S. military combat veteran, Brian.

        • 937 February 21, 2024 (2:17 pm)

          What an awful take.

    • 937 February 20, 2024 (12:20 pm)

      “White Supremacists”??

      DJT did more for POC than his predecessors.

      Your rhetoric is tired and misinformed .

      • Pete February 20, 2024 (1:52 pm)

        What specifically did Trump do for POC? I can’t remember any landmark legislation. Genuine question.

        • 937 February 20, 2024 (3:02 pm)

          Simple “Alphabet” search:


          Plenty of other info – if one’s willing to spend the time actually researching and not listening to outdated and tired and (frankly) misinformed rhetoric.

          • Pete February 20, 2024 (4:11 pm)

            Thanks, I had a quick read. Some good numbers no doubt, but just a continuation of a trend. I’ll try to read a little more when I have time.

          • Jort February 21, 2024 (8:30 am)

            Oh, hey, interesting, you must be referring to the black unemployment rate that has been lower under JOE BIDEN than it was under Donald Trump? ( https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS14000031) Looks like Joe Biden has done more for POC than his predecessors, except, um, maybe, you know, ABRAHAM LINCOLN? Maybe?

        • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (3:27 pm)

           Pete, It was brushed off by the media, but he did spearhead prison reform.   Even some of his detractors grudgingly gave him credit.   

  • HS February 20, 2024 (7:12 am)

    They need a permit like the rest of us.

    • Mike February 20, 2024 (5:49 pm)

      As do all the “vendors” along alki all spring/summer….

  • Lucy February 20, 2024 (7:20 am)

    I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.  

    • 937 February 20, 2024 (8:41 am)


    • Scarlett February 20, 2024 (9:23 am)

      Thanks.  Let’s all be consistent with this message, and lets make sure we apply it without  caveats.  

    • BlairJ February 20, 2024 (9:28 am)

      Agreed.  But if they’re going to sell stuff in a public park, I’m going to expect them to get the proper permit.  And if they’re going to sell stuff on private property, I’m going to expect them to get the property owner’s permission.

    • Rhonda February 20, 2024 (2:34 pm)

      Amen, Lucy. You’re a great American.

    • Pelicans February 20, 2024 (6:32 pm)

      Haven’t heard that in ages. Something my American history teacher used to say back in the ’70’s.  It’s well worth repeating often.

    • Karl February 21, 2024 (8:00 am)

      I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to sell it.

      Fixed it for you, Lucy.  Now you really are a great American!

  • GalacticMoobs February 20, 2024 (7:58 am)

    Shut them down or burn this trash. We don’t want your hate and lies here. Too bad I didn’t see this so I could laugh in their face.    

    • 937 February 20, 2024 (12:05 pm)

      The irony is thick with this one!

    • April February 20, 2024 (12:30 pm)


    • Alki resident February 20, 2024 (1:13 pm)

      You sound so hateful and angry. Trump 2024,

  • Westseattlegurl February 20, 2024 (9:13 am)


  • DrRobert February 20, 2024 (9:17 am)

    I can’t understand supporting Trump. He’s a grifter and always has been. My family owned a construction company in New York, and they eventually refused to work with him because he NEVER, EVER paid a bill or took responsibility for anything. Flash forward to now, decades later, and he still refuses to take responsibility for anything. A vote for him is a vote for a whiny, immature conman, who plays the victim card the minute he feels slighted. Considering he feels slighted when anyone disagrees with him, he’s in a constant downward spiral of whining that he is being wronged. I often think the antidote to him would be to simply chant “liar” and “whiner” to drown him out wherever he speaks. His infantile mind would crack if he faced a chorus of this at every stop. I still can’t believe that he’s been able to dupe so many people and continues to do so. They are neighbors and friends, relatives, intelligent people. It’s sad. You’re not making America “great” again, you’re telling the rest of your country that you want it white and Christian again, and you want a reset back to the ‘50s mentality. Grow up. The world has changed. Being Christian implies that you follow the beatitudes, and this man is not capable of compassion and clearly does not adhere to any Christian beliefs or tenets. The man is morally bankrupt, a disgusting misogynist, a racist xenophobe, and a greedy simpleton who continues to shirk responsibility. He doesn’t care about you, this country, or its problems. He cares about himself. Period. 

    • Brandon February 20, 2024 (1:35 pm)

      Many people can look past the man. And at the policy approach instead. Dude is a grifter, sure. Doesn’t every politician pander too? Ultimately we’re left with is he a lesser of two evils? People value things different. Want tuition forgiveness at the expense of others? Or lower gas prices and less subsidies? Everyone had a differing of opinions, and many will ask themselves if the country is better now or then for x or y reasons. And many would have a political sense of what works vs what doesn’t. People surely held that logic to vote in the last election, and likely justified why they voted ways in which your neighbors wouldn’t understand, and if they didn’t they probably do now. They won’t sit back and say I’m not voting person X because person X is this that and the other thing. Do you think people are 10 year olds? Voting person X because they look nice is a popularity contest approach and runs the risk of going against your best interest on things that matter more. The person can be an idiot, but the policy could be less damaging to the country in the long run. Much better to ignore the media propaganda and spin on both sides and look at the track records of each without bias, but people are too lazy to do that and that’s why we end up with terrible candidates after primaries in local to national races. People can hate on the politicians all they want, it’s not going to change historical evidence of successful vs unsuccessful policy which is at heart of the race.

    • Danimal February 20, 2024 (2:29 pm)

      THIS! That man has single handedly destroyed so many families in this country, including mine, by just being an arrogant, misogynistic, lying bully. For some strange reason, that attracts people to him. It makes me think that all the Trump supporters are not good people. They don’t care about others. Because, and read this carefully, if you’re truly a good person, you would not support a man who acts, thinks, and speaks like he does, and especially not for the Presidency of the United States. Defending or supporting him implies a lack of morality, and yep I’m gonna say it, intelligence. Just reading through this thread makes my jaw figuratively drop, when I see the utterly sycophantic things many of the Trump supporters weighing in here say. It’s astounding! And I also have to say, it’s great that all of these Trump-ites are ratting themselves out, because now we know who to ignore – we know their thought processes are already definitively faulty if they’d support someone like this criminal charlatan and grifter. I can’t wait until they lock him up.

      • 937 February 20, 2024 (5:13 pm)

        After reading your declaration… I must ask – WHAT exactly did DJT do to “destroy your family” by “being an arrogant, misogynistic, lying bully.” Did YOU (Danimal) bring up your incredible bias to your family and they chose to ignore or disavow your feverish rantings?

        It seems to me you need to do a whole lot of reflecting. You are choosing to alienate 50% (and probably 62% or more in November) with your rantings. Of course, Washington will probably be 30%-37% for Trump – still a deep blue state here. But Reichert is going to win (I digress)

        No Danimal, I would venture a guess that your histrionics about the 45th president and your negativity about your fellow Americans probably turned your family against you. Your rabid hatred of a person (and a politician no less) is very off-putting. You should apologize to your family and leave politics where it belongs – the garbage heap of the other Washington. Those in the other Washington don’t care about you. At all. Why would you forsake your family for them?

        • Danimal February 21, 2024 (10:23 pm)

          “937.” What an arrogant, ignorant, and evil thing to say to a person whose family history you know nothing about.  Not to mention, you know nothing about me and how deeply and negatively my family’s past choices and, now new path, have affected my adult life.  You might be shocked to learn I’m having to “pull myself up by my bootstraps.” I’m not going to give you the respect of defending myself point by point against your ignorant attack, but I will say that my hatred for Trump is because my family began the process of pushing ME away back when I marched in the Obama victory parade to Capitol Hill, a moment of sheer joy for many people.  Expressing my dismay at their obsequience to Trump from the very start only served to drive them to drive the nail in the coffin of our relationship.  You can pretend, as so many of you sycophants do, that it’s the fault of the “bleating libs” when something goes wrong, but you’re obviously not even considering that there could be nuances that absolutely change the story. There is nothing nuanced about Trump, fellow American.  To support him is to paint yourself into a corner with bad lighting in a dark, stinking alley.  He’s the scum of the earth, and my story is the story of thousands of families across this nation, although mine has many more twists that make it immeasurably more unacceptable for my family to support that scumbag.  Trump himself has stoked these fires, along with his cronies Putin and the Russians that idolize him, his cult members in the federal government and the citizen populace of the US, and his fawning lie-for-money corporate media machine. If you deny these things, then you deny facts.  And that paints you in an ever darker corner.  You are way WAY out of line, and YOU are the one who owes me an apology.  Everything I think about Trump supporters is confirmed by what you just wrote to me.  And do you not see that you’re doing exactly what Trump wants you to do? He’s ginned you up to hate me because I don’t like him and won’t tolerate his criminal, misogynistic, sexist, bullying ways.  If you can’t see that you’re wrong here, I can’t help you.

          • 937 February 23, 2024 (10:07 am)

            Dearest Danimal – I don’t “hate you”. I don’t hate ANYONE. I pity you, really. First off. I am not going to apologize to you. YOUR decisions led you to where you are in life. I had nothing to do with them. And if you take offense to my queries, I would advise you to limit your participation outside of your self induced “echo chamber” –

            NOW that being said – It is obvious after reading your diatribe that you have issues with your family. HOW, dear friend is that DJT’s fault? It’s POLITICS – ever heard of blood thicker than water? Politics is far more viscous than water. Why “lose family members” over it? Methinks that “politics” is a placeholder for something MUCH larger and more important. You should be honest with yourself and them in this regard.

            You (along with many) marched for Obama – great. Good for you. Catharsis is certainly soul cleansing (at times). Did it sadden you to find out that an unproven senator (again, honorific removed by me) turned out to be “just like the rest”? Late night deals… Drone wars, unsanctioned killings. Cash payments to terrorist leaders? You’re welcome search these up. Or consider them unfounded – just like your misinformed take on DJT with Putin (debunked – ad nauseum) “Russian” idolaters. etc. BTW – so what if “Russia interfered with our election”?? They have been doing it since Glasnost. So have the Chinese and north Koreans. Hell – so have the British, Israelis, French… Basically EVERYONE meddles and we “meddle back” – it’s the way of…. POLTICS….. Want to do something about it? Here’s the fix 1) make election day a National Holiday. 2) Voters vote IN PERSON with VALID US ID. Done. No fancy machines. No online accounting. Analog voting. We are not talking about American Idol here….

            I’m terribly sorry your life is so rough. Me? I rarely talk to my family. I love them, their politics mirror mine (but I don’t care about that) I am just TOO busy with my own life. Sure I see them from time to time and we discuss things like kids. And grandparents. And cousins and the like. How’s Aunty Betty…. We don’t let something is ridiculous as politics ruin what otherwise would be a GREAT time.

            Speaking of that “busy with my own life” I need to get off this and generate some revenue. Best of luck to you, Danimal – sounds like you need it. Again, I do not “hate you” – I wish all the best for you.

          • Danimal March 3, 2024 (10:52 pm)

            937- your response is so arrogant, and so telling. You Trumpers are all the same. To a T. I’ve never met one that has compassion, and anything but pity and derision for anyone who didn’t or doesn’t have the wonderful life you all SAY you’re living, while so often faking your moral indignance and then doing your best to spin it when you get caught, just like you accuse people who aren’t like you of doing, when we push back against your hate and intolerance and arrogance. I have to say, as a final word and an aside, you do a great job of calling yourself out on this blog. Why and how do you even stand living here? Is it just to troll people who don’t think like you? Come to think of it, it must be that. I have more knowledge of your probable reasoning than I’m interested in explaining to you.

      • Lucy February 20, 2024 (6:24 pm)

        Please refrain from telling me what I think or what my motivations are for voting for anyone you disagree with.  I am not evil or stupid or transphobic if i vote for Trump.  Nor am I holy and just and all loving and caring if I vote for biden.  If you wish to know what I think, ask me.  

        • Danimal February 20, 2024 (7:29 pm)

          Lucy, if you vote for that lying, cheating, stealing, criminal gasbag, then you are giving your tacit approval for all of those people who ARE what you say you AREN’T, to enact policies based on hatred, white supremacy, misogyny, male egotism, sexism, and unfounded fears. Therefore, those who vote for him get judged. Because their moral and ethical standards are severely lacking, promoting and supporting somebody like that.  It’s not really deniable. The credibility of people who preach certain things and then support that absolute LOSER is gone, because he says one thing and then acts the exact opposite way. And you and others like you give him an unconscionable pass for it. 

        • Husky February 20, 2024 (8:36 pm)

           “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.” – lol, that sure didn’t last long 

          • Karl February 22, 2024 (12:07 pm)

            Indeed!!  SE Dick, others, I see you thoughtfully reaching out and trying to engage, but be warned that commenters like Lucy do not want to (cannot?) engage in discussions–they just don’t run that deep.  They dip in to troll and rile up, then refuse to even read–let alone process–what people might say in response.  Not worth it.

        • Se Dick February 20, 2024 (10:58 pm)

          Ok golly, Miss Lucy, an with all due respect, I’ll bite. So: what do you Lucy think abt Dump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” (your man, Alki; don’t come hypocritically after my “foul mouth”) comment? What do you think abt his conviction for rape? Abt his conviction for defaming the woman he’d raped? Abt his attempting to slime her (age) as not being ‘his type’ and on being shown a (youthful) photo of her being sure it was his (ex-)wife? Abt his gold-plated toilet, and his slavering caricature of all-consuming love of money? Abt the idea that love of money like that may be the root of all evil? Abt his gluttony? Abt his covetousness, esp of women? Abt his consorting with a porn star, and then paying her to help him hide that fact from good Christian voters? What do you think abt his insulting Republican John McCain, the very embodiment of American courage sacrifice and service (and lord knows I’m no damn Republican all the way back to Nixon, and (neither is Donald Dump and) Sen. McCain absolutely commanded my respect)? What do you think, Lucy, about the sprawling, damning findings of the Jan 6 Committee? What do you think about all the reasoned, grieving stateswomanlike words of Senator Cheney (daughter tho she is of the black heart of poor posturing Scarlett’s military-industrial-complex and sinister puppetmaster of dumb W)? What do you think of the pig champion sitting eating burgers, demanding Pepsi and watching the chaos he’d orchestrated unfold on teevee while uniformed peace-keepers were being overwhelmed and killed by his supporters outside? What do you think about his drawing a bead for that bloodthirsty idiot mob on his own VP? What do you think of his saying he’d encourage Putin to attack any and all NATO members who ‘didn’t pay’? What do you think of the fact that he barfed that out with no grasp of what he was addressing just as he does everything virtually 24hrs a day? What do you think of his mocking disabled people? And Gold Star Families? And servicemembers of the military of the U! S! A!? Remember? Hot mike, i think. “Losers,” he called em. I mean don’t get me started, Lucy, I have barely scratched the revolting surface of this fall-of-Rome disgrace! But here’s the great thing: you don’t have to throw incomprehensible nonsense up in defense (denial) of every nitpicking point I’ve just wiped like spit or grease or corrupt flesh off a bloated corpse, you don’t even have to offer any unimaginable explanation of what you think abt each of those things–bc your vote won’t. And I don’t want to know anyway, if I’m being honest (and I am). I just want to know from you, Lucy, personally–and yes! pls read em again!–about all of those things, and a thousand times more: is that a 👍? To you? Lucy? Is that your vote? or is that a 👎? And that’ll do ‘er, that’ll be a wrap and thx fr sharing. What it makes you is only any God’s to judge, if we’re anything more than cells. (And part of me kinda prays we have the same one.)

          • lucy February 21, 2024 (8:29 am)

            Personal attacks used to be discouraged on this forum.  As for your rant, I could barely get through the first “sentence” because your spelling and grammar were so horrendous.  Please, make a cogent argument, without name calling and hyperbole and give facts and back them up with evidence.  Otherwise, please be careful not to bang your head too hard or hit yourself in the face whilst flailing about.

          • Atheist February 21, 2024 (1:39 pm)

            Lucy. There is no option to reply to you so this is as close as I can get. SE DICK did not call you any names. He did state clear facts and asked that you answer his questions.  These are legitimate questions. Now it is your turn to answer the questions. 

          • Scarlett February 22, 2024 (8:47 pm)

            Next time, Se Dick, don’t hide a weasly jab at me in the middle one of your unweeded rambling comments;  have the spine to address me directly.  

        • Bill February 21, 2024 (3:36 am)

          You are wasting your time!

        • CatLady February 22, 2024 (1:47 am)

          “I am not transphobic if I vote for Trump.” Yes, you very much are. 

  • evanpetersnottheactor February 20, 2024 (9:30 am)

    I would guess this person was out there to “trigger some liberals,” and it clearly worked. Instead of complaining about it on the blog, go out to that corner next time and hold up signs that you feel better represent west seattle! 

    • Evan’s Peter The Dragon February 20, 2024 (11:35 am)

      Um, I could be wrong (but I’m not)……isn’t free and protected speech right here in this forum going ‘out to that corner next time and hold up signs that you feel better represent west seattle (sic)’?

      • evanpetersnottheactor February 22, 2024 (4:09 pm)

        Oh, I was actually pointing out that a lot of people immediately come to the blog just to complain about things and never take any action to produce change. So, instead of all these complaints about how awful it is to see a Trump tent in West Seattle, they could go and actually do something about it. Does that help clear up my comment?

  • wetone February 20, 2024 (9:43 am)

    Permits ????  I haven’t seen this city or state hold people accountable for most all public impacting protests, large impacting group gatherings, pop up’s including food sales over last couple years. This city government picks and chooses those that are held accountable, using their own bizarre logic. Whether I agree or not with this Trump merch tent I see no issues from it and think it’s comical that people get so worked up, if someone had a Biden tent there, it probably wouldn’t be mentioned……. And to call the cops……. WOW…..Just helps Trump’s campaign/ego even more…..good or bad he just smiles the more his name is mentioned…..

    • Alki resident February 20, 2024 (1:10 pm)

      BINGO wetone 

    • JDB February 20, 2024 (2:16 pm)

      Sounds like you are picking and choosing what laws you want to follow. Aren’t you supposed to be the party of law and order? More like the party of selective rule following if we feel like it.  Silly antics from the “do as I say not as I do,” generation – just follow the rules!

  • Community Member February 20, 2024 (10:14 am)

    First Amendment rights (free speech) apply, so it’s actually easier to get a permit for political vending than for general sales, but there are still rules and steps: https://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/SDOT/PublicSpaceManagement/dr_SED%20Director's%20Rule%2094-2.pdf     The downtown waterfront used to have multiple tee-shirt stands in public spaces that had managed to get permitted based on the political speech on the t-shirts.That said, it seems pretty clear that these vendors are not in compliance.

  • April February 20, 2024 (10:22 am)

    Go Away!!! Your Orangeman is delusional, a rapist,  a racist and many many more despicable things.

  • anonyme February 20, 2024 (10:38 am)

    If justice prevails, this merch could be highly collectible should Trump become the first president to do prison time.  I don’t contest their right to sell the stuff, but they have to get the proper permits.  This is what happens when your idol is a criminal.  Hopefully, the Teflon Don won’t escape this time, and y’all can write him love letters in prison.

  • flimflam February 20, 2024 (11:12 am)

    Ooh I see this post will be a challenger for the most comments ever record!

    • sw February 20, 2024 (12:48 pm)

      Unlikely.  Still a long ways to go before you hit “cars vs. bikes” or “another pizza place” numbers.

      • flimflam February 21, 2024 (5:42 am)

        sw, I was thinking this could over take the pickle ball at Lincoln Park post or maybe even a power outage one…

    • Jissy February 20, 2024 (2:00 pm)

      Was just thinking the same thing, flimflam so I’ll add one:  KENNEDY 2024!!!  Declare your independence!!  

      • anonyme February 20, 2024 (4:06 pm)

        Thank you, Jissy.  Democrats quashed Bernie’s chances last time, and they’re doing it to Kennedy now.  We need an alternative to Biden, and Kennedy could be it.

        • Danimal February 20, 2024 (7:31 pm)

          Absolutely not. Anyone who promotes thoroughly scientifically debunked anti-vax policies doesn’t have the best interests of the country in mind.

          • anonyme February 22, 2024 (12:48 pm)

            Danimal, you may be right.  To be honest, I haven’t looked deeply into Kennedy.  I guess my reaction was because I think both Trump AND Biden are horrible choices, and I wish we had alternatives.  I don’t trust the selection process of either party.

        • Bill February 21, 2024 (3:45 am)

          Oh No!!! — Poor, poor Bernie!

  • Shanti February 20, 2024 (11:18 am)

    So WSB will cover a small stand with Trump paraphernalia and most everyone in the comments will be enraged by it. BUT the anti-semitic propaganda that has been absolutely papered all over West Seattle for the last few months gets zero coverage and apparently zero outrage from my fellow citizens.Has anyone noticed or even cared that the lovely Jewish family that used to sell Challah bread at the Sunday Farmers Market hasn’t been back since Oct. 7th?Do you even care?

    • WSB February 20, 2024 (12:10 pm)

      (a) What anti-semitic propaganda and where? We can’t cover what we don’t hear about.

      (b) Regarding the challah-bread booth, do you mean the Torah Learning Center of West Seattle’s challah-breading demonstrations, which they do occasionally, usually close to major holidays, and which have been listed in our calendar and event rundowns? They usually send us advance word so we can mention. The most recent scheduled appearances, per our archives, were October 15 and December 3. – TR

      • 937 February 20, 2024 (12:24 pm)

        I made a comment a while back – even posted in “community forums” to no avail. 12/21/23


      • 937 February 20, 2024 (5:20 pm)

        I’ll try this again.

        I made a comment and even posted about some anti-semitic graffiti on the WSB Community Forums page (maybe the last post did make it through the filter because I attached a link)

        12/21/23 – One response (asking what it said – and I was not about to repeat it) Nothing further. No followups.

        The graffiti is now gone – but it WAS up – on the Keybank for a good week and a half.

    • JDB February 20, 2024 (2:24 pm)

      Shanti, the WSB does an incredible job of independent and unbiased reporting. Often times they require assistance from the community, so if you see some antisemitic propaganda – take a photo and send it to them with information about where you saw it. Don’t take to the comment section to scold the people who are truly doing their best to inform us of everything related to west seattle.

      Always appreciate the work you do WSB!

    • waikikigirl February 20, 2024 (3:08 pm)

      Challah bread IF these are the same people they are selling it at home now per requested confirmed orders, saw it posted on ND last week . ( Alki area).

    • Walker February 20, 2024 (4:49 pm)

      i walk frequently, so i’m thinking you’re conflating antisemitism with pro Palestinian? i’ve seen many “Free Gaza” flyers, and have yet to see anything antisemitic.

    • anonyme February 21, 2024 (8:45 am)

      I shop at the Farmer’s Market every single Sunday, and I have never seen a booth run by a Jewish family selling challah bread.  Never.  And I would have noticed, as I currently take the bus all the way to Ballards’ Tall Grass bakery to get challah for my French toast.  As long as the bread is organic and the booth has a permit (wink) I don’t care who makes it.  And I agree with Walker: accusations of anti-semitism seem to follow any assertion of Palestinian rights or objections to genocide.  They are not even close to being the same thing.

  • Human zoo February 20, 2024 (1:00 pm)

    The United States is a constitutional republic and a democracy…the word democracy is not in the constitution for a very good reason.

  • Patty February 20, 2024 (1:47 pm)

    Back to the question bout the Muffler Shop in WC. Please report to KC Code Enforcement who can “site” them with a warning to clean-up or be fined. Thank you for noticing in WC

    • waikikigirl February 20, 2024 (3:12 pm)

      @Patty, Thank you we will contact KC Code enforcement. 

  • Admiral-2009 February 20, 2024 (2:01 pm)

    I suspect that there are a lot of people like me that find the choice between Trump and Biden horrific.  I really hope that a viable alternative choice is available come election time.

    • Derek February 20, 2024 (3:58 pm)

      Need Bernie to run again 

    • Bill February 21, 2024 (4:08 am)

      Ah! – The old “lesser of two evils” excuse! —  Too bad there isn’t a “Jesus” on the horizon!

  • Jort February 20, 2024 (3:24 pm)

    Great comments! It’s just great to see so many familiar names unambiguously confirming their political allegiances and alignment! This is super helpful clarifying information for future engagement! Meanwhile, here is a helpful and informative piece of digital journalism that some folks might find interesting: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/upshot/2020-election-map.html — this map shows a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of the 2020 election results. You can see that your West Seattle neighbors voted by, on average, an 80 point margin in favor of Joe Biden. 

    • Alki resident February 20, 2024 (5:44 pm)

      Well Jort everyone knows who you are too so it doesn’t much matter does it? One thing I don’t do is judge someone by who they vote for. I judge them by what they are about, their successes and who they are as a person. I have an entire an entire neighborhood full of different walks of life and we all get along and have a great time together. Sounds like you just want to continue being your judgy self, so nothing much will change. 

      • Neighborly February 20, 2024 (7:42 pm)

        Clearly “Alki Resident” struggles with the understanding of how to measure one’s character by their actions, else they wouldn’t be a Trump supporter. Facts, discourse, citations, reference, evidence and comprehension matter not to these Maga/Fox/oan/drudge-report/tucker propagandized cultists. They saw the Jan 6 insurrection live, and they won’t change unfortunately. Let them fester in their conspiracy laden echo chambers as their families, colleagues & friends abandon them. Obama musta really pissed them off most likely, I wonder why ;)

        • Alki resident February 21, 2024 (6:10 am)

          Thanks for the laugh. I’m sorry you’re so miserable that you feel the need to insult people you know nothing about. I have a great life and I’m sure that burns to hear that. Just because you’ve been abandoned by people in your life certainly doesn’t mean others have, lol

          • evanpetersnottheactor February 22, 2024 (4:48 pm)

            AlkiResident: “I’m sorry you’re so miserable that you feel the need to insult people you know nothing about.”

            Goes on to insult someone they know nothing about.

    • Rosey February 20, 2024 (5:55 pm)

      Yup, somehow now surprised to see a number in this thread show their willingness to stand behind professional grifters.

      • Alki resident February 20, 2024 (7:37 pm)

        Yet you have no problem what Biden has done to this country, how sad. 

        • Laurel February 20, 2024 (8:41 pm)

          I’m here with you, Alki Resident. I think many don’t realize the amount of people who think this way – but afraid to speak up. If this was Biden gear, guess what? I’m pretty sure the Trump supporters would pass by and let it go. But, it’s amazing how many people are frazzled up by someone with a tent with some shirts. But, they’re totally cool with a bunch of tents littered with trash, drug needles, and alcohol minis. Personally, I think both of them need to retire. But, it does make me wonder if some are even following all of the things going on right now and that our country is being led by someone who can’t be held accountable because he’s not cognitively “there.” 

          • Jort February 21, 2024 (3:41 pm)

            If this was Biden gear, guess what?

            Great point! I wonder, though — I never seem to see this so-called “Biden gear” around. You know, the flags, the tawdry computer computer-art of Biden riding a tank, the uncensored profanity flapping defiantly in the wind — I wonder where all that “Biden gear” is at?  Maybe this widespread affection for political “gear” is actually just, really, localized in one party/candidate. I wonder why that might be? That’s a really interesting question to ponder, don’t you think? Why might that be? Hmmmm….

          • Jay February 22, 2024 (2:27 pm)

            People don’t have Biden gear and make their whole life about politics because they’re not in a cult. I wish everyone could have a moment of sobriety and understand that this level of love and adoration and basing your whole life and identity on a politician isn’t normal or healthy.

        • JDB February 20, 2024 (9:46 pm)

          Funny you should mention it, AlkiResident, but I don’t tend to hang around with or support sex offenders. And I definitely judge people who do.

          – and before you come swinging at me politically, I’m not a Biden supporter. Neither candidate is cognitively sound enough to run the country for 4 more years, especially with everything going on. Let’s get some age limits in the government and stop allowing these people to run the country from their death beds!

        • Rosey February 21, 2024 (11:46 am)

          Yeah, turns out I have no problems with the hundreds of millions WA state has gotten for infrastructure repairs under the Biden admin and even though his failures on policy in the name of bipartisanship has been disappointing and his recent rightward shifts WRT Israel and border policy really suck, I still prefer his 4 years compared to Trump pardoning a bunch of criminals and instating terrible judges.Weird, huh?

    • Dub February 20, 2024 (6:01 pm)

      Honestly felt the same way reading the comments today. Finally know where some of the more forceful voices here stand in regards to their larger worldview, it’s provided some helpful context in the future. Thanks for the data, wild to see folks here talk as if Trump and the GOP have any meaningful support here in West Seattle.

      • Scarlett February 21, 2024 (7:19 pm)

        Why don’t you just present some sort of an argument instead of worrying what others thinking or “reading the crowd?” This is junior high school stuff, frankly. 

        • Dub February 22, 2024 (12:01 pm)

          I’m not here to argue, this is a comment thread for commentary. My comment was an observational comment. I’m not worried about what others think, but I find it helpful to digest and understand the context under which people express their views about local and national issues. It helps me frame my community more accurately knowing where certain voices are coming from and reconciling it with everything else I understand about our community. But I guess trying to understand people is ‘junior high school stuff’. I hope you feel better insulting my commentary, I found it unproductive and hurtful but you do you… wish you the best of luck!

          • evanpetersnottheactor February 22, 2024 (4:39 pm)

            Dub, I fully agree with you on this. As someone who reads the WSB comments regularly I feel that viewing this kind of dialogue is helpful in processing past conversations, as well as for engaging with people here in the future. I don’t see your observations as “junior high stuff,” it is all quite beneficial to our interpersonal understanding. 

  • Mike February 20, 2024 (3:57 pm)

    I have no problem with them being there, on a short-term basis and assuming they don’t damage the property. I will personally ignore them, but support people expressing opinions different than my own. 

    • Bill February 21, 2024 (4:15 am)

      A voice of sanity – Thank You!

  • Joe February 20, 2024 (5:18 pm)

    What’s the point of Trump supporters spending their time and energy here? We’re not a swing state. There’s about zero chance of our electoral votes going to them. This isn’t mean to be political. I’m actually not a Biden fan. It just makes no sense. It would be like Democrats campaigning in Alabama. Why?

  • Grilled Cheese February 20, 2024 (6:58 pm)

    Wow! The hate flows strongly from the left and the right in this post. This a perfect example of the division in America today. Sad. Hopefully, we can move on from this hate. I worry for my kids. 😥

    • Danimal February 20, 2024 (7:33 pm)

      That’s the result of Conservative lie media under the direction of Herr Trump. We’ll never come back from it.

    • Ivan Weiss February 21, 2024 (9:38 am)

      @ grilled cheese: I don’t have to be motivated by “hate” to be repelled by a candidate for president who is an adjudged rapist, deadbeat, and tax cheat. Adjudged, I say, by juries of his peers, and already on trial for attempted bribery, election interference, etc., etc., etc. It doesn’t have to be “hate” to react in disgust when people think, and state publicly, that this person is worthy to lead our government, or that there is little difference between him and the incumbent president. If those who support Trump aren’t ashamed of themselves for doing so, I am ashamed for them, and of them.

      • MyThruppence February 22, 2024 (5:38 pm)

        Ditto Ivan. Thank you for saying out loud what some among us desperately need to hear and understand.

    • walkerws February 21, 2024 (12:39 pm)

      False equivalency. The right spreads hate, and the left speaks out against it.But this thread is great because we get to see gullible and/or horrible (hard to tell, could be both) chumps like Alki Resident exposed for their true, despicable selves.

  • Admiral-2009 February 20, 2024 (7:20 pm)

    Derek a big no to Bernie who is 82.  It’s time for a fresh face between 40 and 60 years old that is a centrist that does not pander to the hard left or hard right!

    • 937 February 21, 2024 (2:29 pm)


  • RobMePucee February 21, 2024 (5:53 am)

    Both parties need new candidates.   America needs a redo. 

  • Immigrant February 21, 2024 (8:12 am)

    You know how Trump rants about immigrants spoiling the blood of our country, they come to America & have children (who aren’t really American)?  C’mon you’ve all heard that before. 

    I will remind you that Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka had an immigrant mother.  And young Barron also has an immigrant mother who was undocumented, i.e. an illegal alien before she married the Don. 

    But those are silly facts that should not apply to Trump … he’s special.

  • Scarlett February 21, 2024 (7:12 pm)

    Last time I checked, it wasn’t the former president who is sending aid to Israel to support what is becoming a genocidal war with thousands of Gazans caught in the crossfire of Hamas and the IDF, many of them children.  Remind me again, who is currently the POTUS? Last time I checked, it wasn’t Trump who was restocking Zelenksy’s war pantry with ever more sophisticated weaponry, prolonging what is a bloody, never-ending meat grinder of a war. It’s become such a hopeless nightmare, that Ukrainian men are fleeing the country or going into hiding to avoid being forcibly conscripted.    

    But Trump is a patsy for tyrants and he offered no resistance when Putin rolled into Crimea and did too little too late when he was told that Russia was meddling in U.S. elections – that we know for sure, right? 

    Oh wait, that was Pres. Obama.   

  • 1994 February 21, 2024 (10:50 pm)

    Mitt Romney said it best: Trump is nothing but a con man.  Why are so many people loving a con man?  Try to remember all the  lies he told & scams he has run. Here are few to refresh memories. Trump University – shut down and fined. Mexico is gonna pay for that wall!  Trump says he is against ‘chain migration’ but that is exactly what happened with his 3rd wife’s parents who were granted US citizenship. Nothing but con jobs and lies from Trump. His biggest success is driving a wedge between the citizens of this country.

  • Scarlett February 22, 2024 (9:14 am)

    Politicians are a reflection of society, not the other way around.  How many of you out there with the fine-sounding, indignant political soliloquies are actually putting your principles into practice?  One commenter spoke of the dangers of “compartmentalizing” geopolitical concerns or economies by elections or presidentents.  True,  but how many of yo do the same thing with your so-called principles?  How many of you moan about a deteriorating society and yet profit from the same elements that are producing those conditions, “compartmentalizing”  your principles safely away from  your monetary self-interests?  Change comes from the ground-up, not the top-down.  And once again, in a time of inflation, talk is still very, very cheap.    

  • Felix Grounds February 23, 2024 (6:59 pm)

    Brandon’s economy must be kicking ass if people can afford $399 to buy some cheaply made sneakers or some useless crap merch NOT made in America by hard working americans.Biden Harris 2024!🇱🇷

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