READER REPORTS: Found tennis bag (update: owner found). Plus, illegal dumping in the street

Two reader reports this afternoon:

IS THIS YOUR TENNIS BAG? Sent by Jonathan – could be lost, could be stolen-and-dumped:

Discovered this apparently discarded tennis backpack at 3 pm Sunday on the sideway just west of the intersection of 42nd Ave. SW and Findlay St., just off the alleyway behind C&P Coffee.

All the zipper pockets were opened. I peeked inside for ID but found none. Maybe someone can be reunited with their tennis gear, which included two racquets, can of tennis balls and shoes.

If you’re missing this, email us and we’ll connect you. (UPDATE: Owner found, reunion in progress. The bag fell off her motorcycle.)


Someone dumped a large amount of junk in the middle of the road at the intersection of 37th and 102nd SW around 7:30am. Looks like they stole a random pallet worth of literal trash, found nothing valuable, and just randomly jettisoned it. Neighbor said he saw a white truck driving away.

If you see something dumped in the public right of way, you can report it to SDOT – 206-684-ROAD or, after hours, 206-386-1218. If urgent and causing a major safety hazard, you also can call 911.

4 Replies to "READER REPORTS: Found tennis bag (update: owner found). Plus, illegal dumping in the street"

  • waikikigirl November 19, 2023 (4:33 pm)

    Illegal dump happened in our neighborhood a few years back, just like this one, right in the middle of the road. We called the City and they came immediately and picked it up.

  • josiah November 19, 2023 (8:52 pm)

    He probably cleaned up his yard and didn’t wanna pay the fee to go to the dump. 

  • 22blades November 19, 2023 (9:00 pm)

    That whole boat on Alki was crazy.

  • Chris November 20, 2023 (8:50 am)

    A white truck frequently dumps stuff on our street because it’s fairly secluded. From the items left, it looks like someone gets paid to do apartment cleanouts at the end of a lease, pockets the money for the dump run, and I loads the stuff on the neighborhood.I know there are a lot of white trucks out there, but who knows? Someone down the block has camera footage of our scofflaw.

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