UPDATE: West Seattle’s two pre-Thanksgiving turkey giveaways

If you could use a little holiday help in getting a turkey on the Thanksgiving table, now’s the time. Above, Eastridge Church started its annual giveaway at 9 am – 40 volunteers giving out 700 turkeys and tote bags of groceries, according to Pastor Craig Mathison:

Just walk up to the front of the church at 39th/Oregon. Meantime, the West Seattle Food Bank‘s annual drive-up/ride-up turkey distribution has just started in the north lot at South Seattle College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor):

(Photos added)

The Food Bank tells us demand is “way up” this year:

If you can’t get to either event this morning but you need pre-Thanksgiving food help, the WS Food Bank’s headquarters at 35th/Morgan will be open noon-7 pm Monday, 10 am-2 pm Tuesday and Wednesday.

11:17 AM: The WSFB just called to let us know they’re out.

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  • WSFB-Tapped-Out November 18, 2023 (11:07 am)

    The car line for the WSFB Drive-Thru stretches back at least a mile and one of the flaggers discouraged me from getting into the line.  Eastridge had zero wait and no line, Pastor Craig was gracious enough to greet me at the door, shake my hand,  and send me on my way with a bag of groceries and a turkey. Thank you very much to all the gracious people volunteering at Eastridge.

    • WSB November 18, 2023 (11:16 am)

      The WSFB just told us they’re out as of 11:15.

      • WSFB-Tapped-Out November 18, 2023 (11:27 am)

        I’m not sure how much Eastridge Church had left, I saw a flatbed trailer of frozen turkeys but I couldn’t tell if they were being loaded or unloaded. The only hindrance was finding parking but that was relatively easy.  We’ll be sure to keep them in mind when we’re in shape to pay it forward. They were very friendly folks and I’m very thankful. 

  • Rick November 18, 2023 (11:52 am)

    Gobblers just gobbled up!

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