From steampunk to dog treats @ Arrowhead Gardens holiday bazaar

Josephine Delellis‘s “steampunk” creations – lots of gears! – are among the unique handmade items filling the rooms and hall of the Arrowhead Gardens Welcome Center right now during this year’s Holiday Bazaar. There are treats for people and pups, too, and preserves – or maybe you need something to stay warm, in which case Gail Jackson‘s hats and scarves might be just right.

Mary Hostetter‘s wreaths are not to be missed (we bought a glorious purple one a few years ago and it’s a holiday fave:

Mary Wood‘s colorful creations caught our eyes too:

Arrowhead Gardens is at 9200 2nd SW, at the end of the SW Roxbury corridor just before the hill that takes you to Highway 509. The Welcome Center is on the east side of the complex. The bazaar (one of the events featured in our WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide) is today only, continuing until 3 pm.

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