GRATITUDE: Pet rescue gets plenty of paper for puppies

Two months ago, we published a call from Jennifer for no-longer-needed newspaper, to help Smidget Dog Rescue handle a plethora of puppies. This week, on behalf of the now-adoptable dogs in her collage (and others), she sent this message of thanks:

A HUGE thank you to readers! Over the last weeks I’ve picked up and delivered an entire shed full of newspapers for the puppies (40+ of them now) to Smidget Rescue! We are so grateful. The oldest ones are ready for applications!

Email for applications:

Thank you for the boost [on the newspaper needs]. It’s a rough time for rescues and this was a big help.

1 Reply to "GRATITUDE: Pet rescue gets plenty of paper for puppies"

  • CJ October 8, 2023 (7:55 pm)

    Great news, thanks for all you do!! To anyone looking for a furry companion, I bet these dogs will be very loyal to their owners.  Unfortunately, we are at our max right now.  Good luck with the adoptions!  

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