WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 more robberies. Plus, car theft and package notes

More Crime Watch reports before the night’s out:

THREE MORE ROBBERIES: We don’t have a ton of details on these – the radio transmissions are spottier than usual tonight. Here’s what we have: A street robbery was reported around 8:30 pm in the 4400 block of 44th SW – not certain whether that is where it happened, or that’s what their victim reported it from. This reader photo shows part of the police response:

A white vehicle (not the one in the photo) was reported associated with the robber(s), possibly a RAV-4. Items taken were reported to have included a phone. … Then just before 10 pm, an armed robbery was reported at the 35th/Avalon 7-11. One robber, described as a Black man, 20 to 30 years old, 5’10” to 6 feet, in a blue hoodie and black ski mask, got away on foot. If you have any information, that robbery’s SPD incident # is 23-271572; the 44th case is 23-271510.

Then as we were writing this, around 11:50 pm, word came in of a “purse snatch” in the 4500 block of California, with a “silver car” possibly involved. We’ll add anything more we hear. Meantime, three other reports, all via email:


At 5:45 pm tonight, my husband witnessed three teens, get off the bus on SW Barton, head to the Target parking lot, and steal the ehite Hyundai on the picture below.

He tried to video it, but had trouble due to a truck in the way. The police incident report is 23-271416. The police sent someone to check out the area.

Finally, two package-related notes:

FOUND ON THE STAIRS: Chris found these on the Spokane Street Stairs:

He said they were “all Amazon” and he planned to take them to Alki Mail and Dispatch, so if you’re missing an Amazon package, you might check there tomorrow.

PACKAGE THEFT: A different Chris reports:

We had a package theft on September 11 but just discovered it today. We live in the Endolyne area near the ferry dock. We scanned our security camera and have photos of the gray car and the thief.

This clip shows the entire theft.

42 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 more robberies. Plus, car theft and package notes"

  • Brandon September 19, 2023 (12:32 am)

    So, if I were a cop and allowed to do all this… based on that witness account, Id contact metro, ask if they have on board cameras, figure out which busses stopped outside westwood at 5:45, ask for them to pull the film for 3 teens that match this witness account.  Retrace the route to where they got on to narrow the search potentially validating another witness account suspecting the highpoint neighborhood. And if things start making sense, post pictures if within the law (Can you do that for minors?). Seriously asking if this is a possible route.

    • WSB September 19, 2023 (1:09 am)

      They DO contact Metro. In fact, in robbery #2 tonight, there was a possible suspect aboard a bus in The Junction. They brought him out, brought the clerk/witness to the scene, but he said it was the wrong guy. And yes, they canvass for cameras in a variety of circumstances.

      • Brandon September 19, 2023 (2:36 am)

        Awesome thanks for the answer. Also, curious. Seeing as how these people are joyriding these cars flying them down streets and what not being reckless….

        I’d expect them to be abusing the audio equipment in these cars and playing music with the joy rides too. How do these cars hook up to modern day electronics?  Bluetooth or Aux? Any remaining signifiers left on the autos when they bail? I know when I pick up rental cars people forget to remove their device information all the time.  So, I wonder if they slipped up and forgot to forget the apple device if they connected, and if there’s any lead that can be drawn from a device name. Can you trace with an apple play system?  Would be hilarious if they named their device “john doe’s iphone” or something obvious and thats how they ended up getting caught.  Maybe I shouldn’t say that in case they read this and try to implicate me by using my name…

        When my brother had his jeep stolen years ago, the jerks were playing their own music and CDs on his deck unit.  Granted they rolled the vehicle when running from the cops, so they couldn’t clean it down.  Technology may have advanced, but criminals are still doing crimes, maybe signatures are left behind.

    • Rhonda September 19, 2023 (2:10 am)

      Yes, if we have the time, resources, manpower, available witnesses, etc…

  • Plf September 19, 2023 (12:39 am)

    It feels like events are escalating both in numbers and the brashness of eventsI don’t frighten easily but this feels totally out of control 

    • Benjamin September 19, 2023 (1:15 am)

      Well, we’re down literally hundreds of deployable officers right? Every criminal in this city knows that, and it’s basically a free for all.The technology companies aren’t going anywhere, so the property market up here will continue to boom. People will keep moving up here for the high wages and economic opportunities, and the crime, homelessness and drug abuse will continue to escalate in the background. The ugly truth is until there’s enough deployable officers to actually enforce the law this is going to continue to be our reality more or less. It’s sad.

      • Brian September 19, 2023 (8:30 am)

        What if we improved material conditions for working class people instead?

        • really? September 19, 2023 (11:32 am)

          It seems like this isn’t the case with some of these crimes though.  That fellow sauntering off with the packages is driving a nice car and seems healthy and well-dressed.  He seems like a guy who could have a decent job instead of thieving.  Maybe the car is stolen too though. And the kids stealing cars and all that, they seem like thrill crimes rather than stealing to provide for themselves and their families?  Maybe I’m wrong! 

      • WS Res September 19, 2023 (8:36 am)

        Police don’t prevent crime. They spend most of their time on officer-initiated traffic stops. 

        • SlimJim September 19, 2023 (9:51 am)

          Police don’t prevent crime huh? What fantasy. They don’t prevent all crime, but there’s a reason the word “lawlessness” exists. It wasn’t a word invented with no real world reference point, it’s a real world phenomenon. Join the real world. Police actually *are* necessary. I can’t believe  it’s necessary to say that, but apparently it is.

          • WS Res September 19, 2023 (10:34 am)

            You could read the article and the associated research, but it would contradict your assumptions, so…

        • Odd son September 19, 2023 (10:35 am)

          Traffic stops? They actually can’t stop people for as many things as they could in the past.  Plus they don’t have staff to pull people over. I know from talking with Lt Kim and others in police leadership that there isn’t a traffic division anymore and I believe it has been reported here in the past.

        • sgs September 19, 2023 (11:01 am)

          The article reflects the hollowed out, restricted policing policies/staffing levels that our  city councils have put in place, and the disrespect for laws that has become our nation’s norm.  From the white house to our middle schools, it’s a free for all, get what you want at any cost, life.  Traffic stops may not be the most important priority, but I love it when the traffic slows to the speed limit and stops weaving dangerously when police cars are present.  Yes, I would wish that more violent crimes were solved, but the justice system just lets them out to offend again.  Maybe police don’t prevent crimes, but I sure hope that consequences still would. 

          • J September 19, 2023 (4:26 pm)

            Traffic cameras with fair warnings they’re there. 

        • rpo September 19, 2023 (11:47 am)

          Traffic stops? When was the last time anyone saw someone pulled over on the side of the road for a traffic stop? I think it was pre-pandemic the last time I saw that in Seattle.

  • Benjamin September 19, 2023 (1:03 am)

    Wow. That’s really all I can say at this point.

    • so sad September 19, 2023 (7:51 am)

      Right – as a mom of teens, the videos and pics are really sad to see.  I would be so horrified if those were my kids doing that.  I know there are all sorts of explanations but it is hard to imagine why people decide to behave like this.  Zero self respect. 

  • Odd son September 19, 2023 (2:15 am)

    We need different leadership.

    • Dooh September 19, 2023 (10:10 am)

      And how do you think that would work. If you can’t hire officers,  not leadership fault.  Look at the past mayor, police chief,  and sh–ty council. There are the ones that were the problem. How about the PARENTS of these gangster wannabes, actually do some parenting. So blaming city officials for BAD PARENTS. 

  • Seattlite September 19, 2023 (2:47 am)

    Crime will continue to escalate in West Seattle and greater Seattle due to current policies regarding law enforcement and law and order.

  • they September 19, 2023 (4:37 am)

    Policing is a down steam issue. Sad to say,  

  • Rob September 19, 2023 (6:14 am)

    Also the vape shop at 35th an Roxbury was hit again this morning.  3 cops were there at 530 am as I drove by. This place can’t catch a break.

  • Chicago September 19, 2023 (7:15 am)

    Remember Brendan Kolding?  He was a pro-police/public safety candidate who ran against Lisa Herbold for city council. District 1 voted for Lisa instead. The behavior of Lisa and her city council colleagues played a roll in the demoralization of Seattle’s police. If you value safety, you can’t keep voting for “progressives” like Lisa. 

    • Benjamin September 19, 2023 (9:32 am)

      My husband has been vehemently against her, and Costa. It’s easy to see why. When I looked online, and I saw she was one of the city councilors who voted against adopting the state’s new law on public drug use back in June because it was “reactionary” it told me all I need to know about her quality of leadership. This is scary. 

    • Jeff September 19, 2023 (10:23 am)

      Lisa is not progressives. Progressives would combat crime by fighting landlords and social inequality. Not doing whatever Big Developers say, like Lisa. I am voting Maren. 

  • WS Resident September 19, 2023 (7:22 am)

    When is SPD going to use bait cars? These thefts are too brazen for there not to have been multiple arrests already.

    • Jeff September 19, 2023 (10:22 am)

      Might want to read up on Entrapment laws.

      • flimflam September 20, 2023 (10:43 am)

        It’s entrapment if someone decides to try and steal a car?

  • JW September 19, 2023 (7:40 am)

    ENOUGH ENOUGH  ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HPResident September 19, 2023 (11:06 am)

      Feel better? Now maybe either propose a workable solution or run for city council yourself. If you just need to vent (and I get it, believe me) maybe do it to your friends and family, not in the comment section of a news blog.

      • Brandon September 19, 2023 (12:22 pm)

        Therein lies the conundrum.  Evidently people still need a workable solution proposed as if it isn’t already obvious.  And those with the solutions know that is ridiculous in and of itself so they don’t bother running for city council because they’ve either given up on the people who got themselves in this mess or left.

  • BlairJ September 19, 2023 (8:09 am)

    The Who’s “Another Tricky Day” comes to mind when I see these reports.

    • Jeepney September 19, 2023 (10:20 am)

      Also keep in mind “Won’t Get Fooled Again” when casting your vote.

  • Socialcontract September 19, 2023 (8:48 am)

    I keep expecting someone to write a “bait car” app for Kia/Hyundai owners. Give them control over the ECU. Setup auto-lock at night. GPS tracking. Police already have this tech so it should be possible at a consumer level.

  • Pdavis September 19, 2023 (9:03 am)

    Almost always the Amazon delivery truck has their motor on and even the door open.  Obviously, the delivery person thinks they’ll be just right back…. but I mentioned to the delivery person:  somebody can come in here and steal packages from your truck.  She did not take me to seriously..  so welcome to where those packages likely came from.  Next will probably be seeing the Amazon trucks physically stolen.(as has happened with the mail trucks.)  due to lack of caution from Amazon drivers..  what do they care? It’s not their stuff.? if anyone from Amazon, it’s reading this, please pass it along to management that this is a common practice: Amazon vehicles, with the key in the ignition, motor running, and the delivery person gone. Brilliant.

  • Alkibean September 19, 2023 (9:49 am)

    Anyone else seriously considering moving out of the city? I’m 65 and a life-long Seattlite. Crime is just getting to be too much and combined with the outrageous amount of money we pay for taxes and utilities the city is fast losing its luster.

    • rico September 19, 2023 (12:44 pm)

      I did leave the city two years ago for the reasons that are clear to those with open eyes.   There are drawbacks to living in Federal Way, but the police do enforce basic laws, the DOT has mostly pothole free streets and the city regularly weeds medians, mows grass on city property and even run street cleaners.  Almost like an alternaitve universe.

    • Ex Seattleite September 19, 2023 (11:20 pm)

      I moved out of the area almost a year ago, and have no regrets. I lived in West Seattle almost 20 years and thought I’d spend the rest of my life there. But over the last few years, I just didn’t enjoy living in Seattle any longer, family and friends no longer wanted to visit, and long-term friends were moving away. It was the right choice for me, but I do have great memories of the first 15 years or so that I lived there.

  • Rhonda Porter September 19, 2023 (10:41 am)

    We had a neighborhood meeting about a month ago which included Crime Prevention Officer Danner. I highly recommend that you gather your neighbors and organize a meeting. I’m sure Officer Danner would be happy to attend and address concerns. It was sad to learn how limited our police force is and how enforcement will continue to dwindle with many retiring or opting for other careers. We need leadership that has a balanced view that will support law enforcement or we’ll continue to have crime elevate.  

  • Dan-O September 19, 2023 (12:03 pm)

    I have attended these neighborhood meetings and all the SPD seem to do is blame staffing and pursuit restrictions for lack of enforcement.  
    Sure the officers will recommend installing anti crime devices and video surveillance, but neither accomplish much in the issue of lack of enforcement.  
    Simply survey the daily display of crimes recorded on video here on WSB, to realize the crooks are not concerned with either being recorded or SPD showing up to apprehend them..  

  • Junction Neighbor September 19, 2023 (2:02 pm)

    I just had an unpleasant encounter with someone who looks very similar to the Endolyne package thief.  He whipped in front of me in a White SUV (obviously not the car in the video but he was a passenger in that one) to grab a parking spot I was pulling into behind Chase Bank in the Junction and went inside.  But when I went in right after, he was not in the bank, seemingly walking through to the California side.  When I was leaving the bank and getting into my car, he came around the side of the building and was seemingly angry and changed his direction towards me.  I got in my car and locked the doors and he maintained eye contact and then got in his car and watched me from inside his car.  Same long hair, glasses, facial hair and pants.  Maybe Chase has video footage if you want it?  This just happened around 1:40 today.

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