Here’s what Metro’s next new electric buses will look like when they enter service

Just unveiled this morning – the new look for the new electric buses Metro puts into service. According to the announcement:

… The new design is the first major change for the look of Metro’s fleet since 2004 and is intended to be a visual reminder of the transition away from Metro’s hybrid (diesel-electric) buses to the zero-emission fleet. There will be two separate designs: a color mix of blues, yellows, and greens across the top of Metro’s standard fleet, and the color purple joining the familiar red that represents Metro’s RapidRide fleet across the top of those buses. Metro’s original zero-emission fleet, the electric trolleys, will continue sporting purple. … The new liveries will be phased in as the new battery-electric buses start going into service, which is scheduled to begin in 2025. The new design will be painted at the factory for new vehicles as they replace the hybrid fleet.

This is just for new buses – it will NOT be painted on any of the ones already in the fleet, Metro’s Al Sanders confirms.

3 Replies to "Here's what Metro's next new electric buses will look like when they enter service"

  • DC September 27, 2023 (2:58 pm)

    Any news on why we’ve seen so many non-RapidRide busses running the H Line?

    • Marina September 27, 2023 (6:46 pm)

      I’ve noticed this with the c line as well. Maintenance? 

  • PDiddy September 28, 2023 (1:13 pm)

    I am curious what the range is on these and how often they will need to
    recharge and how long that takes. Certainly wont miss holding my breath
    over diesel fumes….

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