BIZNOTE: Here’s what the new – but not-so-new – owner is planning for Nos Nos Coffee in High Point

Thanks for the tips. Almost four years after opening Nos Nos Coffee at Upton Flats in High Point (35th/Graham), Khalid Agour has sold the shop to his longtime coffee provider, QED Coffee. Contacted by email, QED’s Matt Greenfield explained why it’s been a low-key transition and what’s ahead:

Having worked as Nos Nos’s coffee partner for years, when Khalid approached us about taking over Nos Nos we were both excited and honored. Nos Nos has a special place in the community and my partner lives only a few blocks away, so it is also part of our personal neighborhood. We took over Nos Nos on somewhat short notice because we did not want to see it sold off to some random “no longer local” group.

In the short term we will be transitioning to QED signage in the next few weeks and will slowly be expanding Nos Nos’ beverage and food options. However, it is our intent to keep most of Nos Nos unchanged. We were lucky enough to retain the same kitchen staff and our in-house food options will continue to be the same.

So Nos Nos may be transitioning to QED, but we intend to retain the things that made Nos Nos the special place that it is.

QED actually had a West Seattle shop for a while last decade, in the space now occupied by (for a few more weeks) Youngstown Coffee.

P.S. Nos Nos founder Agour continues to work on an expansion of his original West Seattle establishment, Itto’s Tapas on the north end of The Junction (California/Genesee). He says that “will be more of a wine bar with different food than Itto’s.”

2 Replies to "BIZNOTE: Here's what the new - but not-so-new - owner is planning for Nos Nos Coffee in High Point"

  • K September 2, 2023 (7:11 pm)

    Wow lots to take in here! Nos Nos has the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, and Itto’s is a gem. Finding out they share a founder is 🤩!

  • Me mama September 5, 2023 (9:57 pm)

    Whoa. Ittos is expanding? I freaking love that place! I hope the expansion doesn’t negatively impact Ittos! 

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