READER REPORTS: Business burglary, car down park slope, laundromat theft

Three reader reports this morning:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: The photo is via Twitter/X, at the strip mall on the northeast corner of 35th/Roxbury:

We’re going by a bit later to try to find out more (and we’ll update this when we do). The police-call log shows a burglary report just before 5:30 am. The incident number is 23-246128. 2 pm update: The break-in was at Global Smoke & Vape, which hasn’t yet completed inventory of what was taken.

CAR DOWN SLOPE: Thanks for the tips and photos of this – a Hyundai down a Westcrest Park slope:

We don’t have police info on this yet but there’s been at least one past instance of a stolen car “disposed of” this way.

OLYMPIC HEIGHTS LAUNDROMAT THEFT: Via email from a customer of this laundromat on the northwest corner of 35th/Webster: “Work clothing placed in locking washer and started and when returned at the end of cycle; clothes and basket were missing. Owners of laundromat are not forthcoming with contact information in the laundromat to get a hold of them to get digital camera evidence. Submitted a report to SPD and awaiting approval but I heard from another person that there was another recent theft there.”

2 Replies to "READER REPORTS: Business burglary, car down park slope, laundromat theft"

  • bolo August 26, 2023 (5:26 pm)

    And wasn’t (immediate nextdoor neighbor) A Pizza Mart burglarized fairly recently?

  • 1994 August 26, 2023 (5:44 pm)

    The Sub shop at Westwood Village was broken into this week…..seems to be a never ending cycle of breading into small businesses and stealing.  We can only hope karma will catch up to these thieves.

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