YOU CAN HELP: Get involved with Watershed Woof! – starting with West Seattle event this afternoon

Speaking of clean water … if you share your life with a dog, there’s easy action you can take. A local student is teaming up with West Seattle-based Poogooder for a new initiative that includes a community event today. Just out of the WSB inbox:

Watershed Woof! is a local community engagement initiative to help raise awareness of stormwater pollution and simple ways we can all help keep our waters cleaner and healthier, such as reducing the amount of wayward dog poo left on the ground. It’s a collaboration between Lori Kothe from Poogooder and Mac Callahan, a West Seattle resident and Maritime High School student who is focusing his freshman end-of-year project on preventing dog-poo pollution in our Duwamish River Watershed. Includes an informative web page with videos by Mac and others (, a fun event today (June 4) from 3-6 pm at Ounces (3809 Delridge Way SW), and a Poogooder prize drawing with goodies from Poogooder, Pawsitively Kleen, and Good Dog Daycare (enter on the website by June 5). We ask everyone to visit the Watershed Woof! page and share what they learn with others for a happier, healthier community and planet.

2 Replies to "YOU CAN HELP: Get involved with Watershed Woof! - starting with West Seattle event this afternoon"

  • bolo June 4, 2023 (3:03 pm)

    Judging by what I see when walking around the neighborhood, many make a halfway attempt at responsibly disposing of their dogs’ poop. I see numerous poopbags full of poop strewn about the sidewalks, alleys, lawns, landscapings, etc. What’s up with that? They did the hard work (bending over to grab up the dog’s poop into the bag), only to casually toss it on the ground?

  • DB40 June 4, 2023 (5:43 pm)

    Years and years ago, when I was a kid, my friends and I picked up the dog leavings an owner didn’t bother with, put in a paper bag, took it to his door step, lit it on fire, and rung the doorbell. Away we hid, laughing hilariously when the doggie person opened the door, alarmed, and stamped on the bag to put out the fire.

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