WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning gunfire; stolen boat found on the rocks

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports today – both the results of multiple tips (thank you!):

EARLY-MORNING GUNFIRE: In the 3 am hour today, multiple 911 callers reported hearing gunfire, from Westwood to north Arbor Heights. In one case, police were able to confirm gunfire, by finding shell casings. Officers reported finding six 9mm casings at 34th and Trenton. No injuries or property damage reported, so far. Neighbors reported hearing vehicles speeding off, but police were still looking for any home security video that might have caught one or more associated vehicles on camera.

STOLEN BOAT RECOVERED: This started out mysteriously – a boat on the rocks at Don Armeni Boat Ramp on Tuesday, as the tide went out. Readers sent photos starting with this one from Jeff:

Police were having trouble finding information for us, though it was clear from one photo from Stewart L. that officers had responded at some point:

SPD spokesperson Officer Shawn Weismiller found the report today, and tells WSB: “Boat was stolen out of a marina in Lake Washington. Officers responded to an abandoned boat at the ramp, but the tide was out, so they had to wait for high tide to recover the boat. While waiting to recover the boat, officers learned someone was in the boat. Officers responded and arrested a 58-year-old-male for possession of stolen property. The boat was recovered,”

16 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning gunfire; stolen boat found on the rocks"

  • miws June 7, 2023 (2:20 pm)

    Something for the Puget Sound old-timers:  Boat on Rocks=Elwha II? —Mike

    • CarDriver June 7, 2023 (5:46 pm)

      MIWS. Elwha captain was showing his girlfriend the sights. Wonder if they got married…………

      • Henny Youngman June 8, 2023 (9:26 am)

        I heard it was a rocky relationship. Sorry, the door was open. I just had to walk through it!

  • don June 7, 2023 (3:25 pm)

    Someone sleeping in that little boat up on rocks.   Wow, you can’t make this stuff up.  

  • anonyme June 7, 2023 (3:25 pm)

    Another candidate for a Darwin Award!  Doesn’t quite beat the guy who burned down his rental house while trying to kill a spider with a blow torch, but it still qualifies.

    • Alki resident June 8, 2023 (7:33 am)

      That happened in Arbor Heights and I still laugh about that. I talked to the guy after he did it. 

  • Seth June 7, 2023 (4:32 pm)

    Id there any info on what marina it was stolen out of and how it was stolen?  

  • RickB June 7, 2023 (5:05 pm)

    “stolen out of a marina in Lake Washington” means that he would have had to go through the Locks, right?

    • WSB June 7, 2023 (5:20 pm)

      Not if it was initially stolen on a trailer…

      • RickB June 7, 2023 (9:16 pm)

        Good point, I didn’t think of that. Probably more likely actually. 

    • 22blades June 8, 2023 (6:25 am)

      Same thought… It was stolen from a marina so he had to go all the way through the locks! Looks like he might have snagged a kayak along the way too. There’s probably security footage of his leisure cruise. Not likely trailered. Too much work, too much time, too much skill needed but not enough smarts.

    • my two cents June 8, 2023 (6:21 pm)

      What makes it any easier to report/disseminate and act on auto – and boat thefts. The locks are maintained by Army Corp of Engineers. They can report but not act in a case like you proposed. They would have to have a report of the boat stolen and either check the registration number or visually identify. The boat looks run of the mill. So, with all of that – just how do the Locks fit into anything? Asking for a friend.

  • Chris June 7, 2023 (5:35 pm)

    I guess they found him…Sound Asleep. 

    • Elliott B. June 8, 2023 (8:57 am)

      HAHAHAHA, I SEA what you did there. Good one

  • 1994 June 7, 2023 (10:08 pm)

    About 3:30ish this morning I heard 2 sets of what I wondered was gunfire. I heard a series of shots – maybe 5 or so – rapid firing.  Then it was quiet for some minutes, then a 2nd volley of  another rapid fire 5 to 6 shots. I am in the vicinity of SW 100th and California. I would have guessed the sound was coming from about 35th & Barton area. Sounds travel far in the quiet of the night. Just too many guns out there.   

  • Alki resident June 8, 2023 (7:34 am)

    Here’s your sign. 

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