WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 robberies, 1 arrest

Two robberies in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

SUSPECT ARRESTED: If you noticed a police response in the Jefferson Square area this past hour, police were called after a reported robbery, and arrested a suspect. We’re still working to get specifics on what happened beyond “robbery at knifepoint” with the robber demanding the victim’s (corrected) wallet and phone; the suspect was arrested near the north side of the shopping center and some items were found in a subsequent search with a K-9. Thursday update: Police say the circumstances were as follows: “An employee was outside on his phone when a guy approached him and told him to hand over his phone and wallet. When the employee refused, the suspect pulled out a knife and repeated his demands.” The 35-year-old suspect is likely to have a bail/probable-cause hearing this afternoon.

STORE HOLDUP: Thanks for the tip on this – someone driving by the 35th/Barton 7-11 around 6 am noticed police cars and crime tape. According to archived dispatch audio, a store staffer called 911 around 4 am to report a robbery at gunpoint about half an hour earlier. The robbers were described as white, male, masked, about 18 years old, and in a black 4-door car. Police were working to get access to security video.

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  • Sam June 14, 2023 (10:32 am)

    Is there any word on whether the waffle was homestyle or buttermilk

    • Rhonda June 14, 2023 (1:03 pm)

      There’s been a rash of Belgian waffle robberies all over the world lately.

    • WS4life June 14, 2023 (1:26 pm)


  • Steven June 14, 2023 (10:33 am)

    Demanded a waffle and phone?

  • Scott Sunde June 14, 2023 (10:52 am)

    You mean wallet and phone? If not, was there syrup on the waffle?

  • WS4life June 14, 2023 (10:56 am)

    Demanded the victim’s “waffle”?

  • V June 14, 2023 (10:59 am)

    Really?! A waffle at knife point? I don’t remember Jefferson Square being this bad pre-COVID…just me? 

    • Eddie June 14, 2023 (12:29 pm)

      (Joking) Have you been to Portage Bay Cafe’s waffle bar?

  • WSB June 14, 2023 (11:01 am)

    Sorry, it was supposed to be wallet, not waffle. Fixed.

    • WS4life June 14, 2023 (1:27 pm)

      Thanks for the typo, it gave me the chuckle I needed this morning.

  • WestSeattle June 14, 2023 (11:05 am)

    • Rick June 14, 2023 (12:53 pm)

      It’s the vortex!

  • HS June 14, 2023 (12:00 pm)

    As a daily pedestrian in that area, kudos for the quick arrest. And I am dismayed to read that a third business (both Tony’s Market and Super Deli & Grocery prior) have been robbed at the corner intersection of 35th and Barton. I believe two of those businesses are locally owned small businesses. perhaps the 7-11 is franchised locally but I don’t know. I can share that Tony’s market has great produce from Pike Market, a selection of local honey, some snacks and healthy plants for your garden. I’ve gotten my tomatoes and herbs there for years. You can often find your neighbors at Super Deli & Grocery eating a sandwich or drinking a tap beer after kids events at the neighboring parks. Stop by if you’re in the area.

    • WSB June 14, 2023 (2:01 pm)

      As we reported in our recent coverage of the Boss Drive-In ninth anniversary, Boss is owned by the same family that owns the 35th/Barton and South Delridge 7-11s.

      • Wsrez June 14, 2023 (2:43 pm)

        How long had Boss Burger had these owners? I was there last week and didn’t recognize any of the employees that night. I don’t go there too often, so it might just be my irregular timing. 

        • WSB June 14, 2023 (3:15 pm)

          I believe the owner’s son, who was our interviewee, said about a year and a half?

    • TS June 14, 2023 (7:04 pm)

      +1 the super deli has great sandwiches. I didn’t realize they were robbed. I will make sure to support their business since they’re great and nice. 

  • Matteo June 14, 2023 (1:07 pm)

    Where is Jefferson Square? 

  • barb June 14, 2023 (3:28 pm)

    JEFFERSON SQUARE is on the corner of 42nd & Alaska – this used to be Jefferson grade school back in the day.

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