WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mail, lacrosse gear, more stolen in vehicle break-ins

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports about vehicle break-ins:

MAIL STOLEN: A reader tells us that he saw someone stealing mail from a parked U.S. Postal Service truck this morning around 10 am near 37th/Warsaw [map] in Gatewood. He alerted the carrier and called police. The SPD incident # is 23-85951.

LACROSSE GEAR STOLEN: Ketsy is hoping what her son lost to car prowlers might turn up dumped somewhere:

It’s the middle of my son’s senior lacrosse season and now all of his West Seattle gear has been stolen from his locked car. Prowled last night and they took his whole lacrosse bag similar to the bag pictured. If you see any abandoned gear, please let us know! Car was parked south of Morgan on 38th. SPD incident #23-905222.

CAR BREAK-IN: Another car break-in was caught on camera – Paul sent the video, which also partly shows the getaway vehicle:

We don’t have the police incident # for this one yet. (Update: This happened in the 6000 block of Beach Drive SW and what was taken from the car was a window washer’s professional gear, in two backpacks, while they were at a residential job site.)

8 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mail, lacrosse gear, more stolen in vehicle break-ins"

  • Chief March 31, 2023 (5:01 am)

    Believe the US Postal truck drivers are supposed to lock the vehicle if they’re to step more than a few feet away.  

    • WSB March 31, 2023 (9:34 am)

      I don’t have details on whether this was or wasn’t locked, sorry.

  • Sillygoose March 31, 2023 (8:00 am)

    Oh how I wish there was an apple tag in those items.  Isnt he a little old to be doing this crap!!

  • 22blades March 31, 2023 (8:41 am)

    Prowler in a Lexus. Either times are hard or business is good (probably the latter with no front plate or dealer plates on a “test run”.)

  • 22blades March 31, 2023 (8:49 am)

    Nice haircut.

  • Mike J. March 31, 2023 (8:51 am)

    The Southwest Titans Lacrosse Club has loaner lacrosse gear if needed! 

  • zephyr March 31, 2023 (3:24 pm)

    Regarding the stolen mail:  Have the post office folks announced which streets’ mail was taken?  There are a number of carriers working Gatewood Hill.   Thanks.

  • HoneyBun March 31, 2023 (5:12 pm)

    The Lexus driving thief seems like he targeted that car specifically well before arriving and parking. Maybe that is the result of a lookout individual having noticed the susceptible window covering and then relaying that to the Lexus driver for the “nab”. What seems more likely to me though is the victim vehicle owner and the perpetrator in the video have an association of some sort and Lexus driver was exacting revenge or otherwise seeking remuneration from that specific individual for some unknown reason. The third possibility is that Lexus thief, with/or without footbound assistance, is repeatedly targeting Beach Drive specifically. Regardless, I would love to see that dude be charged for his crimes.

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