Question for your state legislators? Send it now for Tuesday’s online town hall

With another six weeks to go for the State Legislature, our area’s three legislators are planning an online town hall Tuesday (March 14th) for updates and Q&A.

State Senator Joe Nguyen and State Representatives Joe Fitzgibbon and Emily Alvarado represent the 34th Legislative District, which includes West Seattle. They’ll be online live at 6:30 pm Tuesday, on YouTube via the WA Senate Democrats and WA House Democrats channels, as well as on their social-media pages. You can send questions in advance now – use this form. (Want to know what each legislator has sponsored so far this year? Use this search.)

4 Replies to "Question for your state legislators? Send it now for Tuesday's online town hall"

  • Alki resident March 11, 2023 (9:32 am)

    I’ll be asking why our rep Joe Nguyen is sponsoring a bill to eliminate “life without parole”, the alternative to the death penalty (which was eliminated in Washington), for the very worst and most violent offenders. He’s decided that serving a life sentence (25 years) is enough, and that criminals should be able to go free after that. It makes our cities even more unsafe, and is another handout to criminals. I voted for him, and I’m regretting it! 

  • Jon March 11, 2023 (10:18 am)

    Here’s a few, for anyone struggling or asleep at the wheel:Question #1: Why did you vote to shred the Constitution (Article I Section 24) by disarming lawful Washingtonians while also rejecting enhancement charges for criminals discharging and stealing weapons, as introduced by Lynda Wilson? Follow-ups: How do you justify this under Bruen? As the Pro-Crime Party, who repeatedly passes bills benefiting recidivists, does the recent stalking-murder case in Redmond solidify the point to you that our personal protection is ultimately our individual responsibility, and that laws are simply ignored by criminals?Question #2: Why did you all vote for the obviously dangerous anti-pursuit bill in 2021, and how responsible do you feel for the deaths of two children, last week, after police were unable to pursue a vehicle traveling 111mph, which then drove the wrong way down the highway? Why did you fail to resolve this in the House (is it because it was a “bi-partisan” bill, and you’d prefer to play partisan politics with our lives, instead of giving Republicans any credit)?Question #3: Why have you all worked to raise taxes (including an income tax) and make housing more unaffordable, if the goal is to rapidly create more housing? Follow-up: why would you ban natural gas, especially for construction projects already underway?Question #4: How have you still not corrected Inslee’s Neverending Emergency Powers?There are dozens of questions worth asking the Supermajority Party (and you should all be asking these questions), particularly with their child indoctrination, failing schools, and the unsafe environment they create for us; but, they will all go unanswered, because they don’t care about your safety, your kids, or your future.

  • Sandra March 14, 2023 (7:29 pm)

    Thank you to WS Blog for the heads up on this legislative town hall.  I just watched it and appreciate the updates on legislative matters in WA.  

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