UPDATE: Power outage in West Seattle

10:06 AM: Thanks for the tip. Power is out for 122 customers southeast of The Junction, centered near Fauntleroy/Edmunds, according to the Seattle City Light outage map. SCL attributes it to “bird/animal”; a squirrel, to be specific, reports a texter.

2 PM: According to commenter Lauren, power came back on just after noon.

8 Replies to "UPDATE: Power outage in West Seattle"

  • Greg March 26, 2023 (10:33 am)

    I have been warning folks for years about the potential threat squirrels actually pose.  Selfish hoarders, the lot of em’!!!

    • richwseattle March 26, 2023 (11:59 am)

      They’ve taken to operating in gangs, as well. I watched several squirrels carry off a neighbor who refused to give them food. Horrifying. Now they’ve progressed to sabotaging infrastructure.

      • WS Dreamin March 26, 2023 (6:11 pm)

        There’s a Go Fund Me started to raise the ransom to free our poor neighbor. If I find the link I’ll post it. These squirrels aren’t messing around – they’re demanding Macadamian nuts! 

      • Hank March 26, 2023 (6:33 pm)

        Ha ha, thanks for the laughs guys

  • chas Redmond March 26, 2023 (11:40 am)

    if it were not for the electric wires, the squirrels would have no freeway so hoarders or not the electric wires are equally important to the squirrels. They don’t care where there’s power in them or not they just care  that they’re there.

  • Lauren March 26, 2023 (12:08 pm)

    We just got power back! 

  • Kersti Elisabeth Muul March 26, 2023 (12:47 pm)

    SFD was looking at a sparking transformer 

    • Greg March 27, 2023 (5:34 am)

      That transformer was obviously more than meets the eye!

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