BUS CHANGES: Here’s what Metro’s next ‘service change’ does in West Seattle, besides launching RapidRide H Line

Metro has published the list of which routes will be affected by its next twice-yearly “service change,” which happens on Saturday, March 18th. Three West Seattle routes will have changes this time:

*RapidRide C Line – “On weekdays, two southbound and three northbound trips will be added, on Saturday & Sunday, two southbound trips will be added.” (See the timetable here.)

*Route 50 – ” On weekdays, two eastbound trips will be added, on Saturday & Sunday, two westbound trips will be added.” (See the timetable here.)

*Route 120 – Will be replaced by the RapidRide H Line. (See the timetable here.)

The full citywide list is here. You can read more about RapidRide H Line, and see the list of stops, here.

12 Replies to "BUS CHANGES: Here's what Metro's next 'service change' does in West Seattle, besides launching RapidRide H Line"

  • GF March 8, 2023 (6:14 pm)

    Sure wish the 56 would run all day again…

    • West Seattle Coug March 8, 2023 (7:12 pm)

      Sure wish the 56 would run at all! Waaaay too many daily cancellations in the morning and afternoon. 

    • newnative March 8, 2023 (7:56 pm)

      The 56/57 need to be restored. 

      • Herongrrrl March 9, 2023 (4:20 am)

        And the 37….

        • Me March 13, 2023 (1:53 pm)

          37 – Yes!

    • MB March 9, 2023 (7:35 am)

      KC Metro, you are making our work life difficult. We need reliable bus service – now. The 56 and 57 routes are, at this point, unacceptable. We’ve waited as patiently as possible for you to work out your repair and workforce issues, and you rewarded us with some restored service. Please hear us: We are asking you to finally and consistently restore full service to the 56 and 57 routes. Not two morning buses scheduled 10 minutes apart; not some mornings there will be three or four busses, and not afternoon busses that are equally insufficient and sporadic. While we celebrate your expansion of the new H line, we are begging you to also commit to fully servicing your existing routes, too. Please restore the 56 and 57 this month, or tell us why you can’t and when you will. At the very least some true transparency on your part would be appreciated. What we really need is reliable transportation. 

  • 1994 March 8, 2023 (10:38 pm)

    The Rapid H has its own dedicated bus lane south of White Center but it does not look complete in that S curve section with the highest curbs ever seen. Does not look like Rapid H will have a dedicated bus lane through that S curve section, from the looks of it now. As it remains a work in progress guess we will find out later.

  • DC March 9, 2023 (8:20 am)

    Looks like better evening and weekend coverage for the new H Line. Excited to be able to take it to watch a movie or grab a drink downtown some evenings. 

    • foop March 9, 2023 (9:31 am)

      Im excited to not have to play the transfer gamble when coming home from Kraken games and getting to virginia on a cold winter night just to have to wait 25+ minutes for the next bus.

  • Chris Hoffman March 9, 2023 (8:20 am)

    I’d like to know when the long-closed off bus only lane on southbound Delridge near the Department of Child and Family Services building will be repaired. That closure causes bottlenecks during the evening commute. Generally, it seems like they should finish the route before relaunching as RapidRide.

    • foop March 9, 2023 (9:33 am)

      Absolutely not, we’ve waited long enough. The only real ‘change’ here is more frequency, which we absolutely shouldn’t wait for some concrete to see. The new busses will likely even take time to roll out.

  • StuckInWestSeattle March 10, 2023 (7:05 pm)

    Saw the delridge park stop finally got its glass and signage. The other ones headed north toward the bridge are still missing but I suspect will get it shortly. I think this will be nice because I notice traffic is getting bad again so if I want to go pubbing downtown its on. If only downtown Seattle were safe again I might even go there….

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