SPEED HUMPS: More coming soon to Harbor and Alki Avenues

(WSB photo, September)

For many years, Harbor Avenue/Alki Avenue residents have been asking that action be taken to deter reckless driving. In September, two sets of speed bumps were installed in the Alki business district. Tonight, SDOT tells us that more are on the way to the east Alki area. We got the news this evening from SDOT spokesperson Ethan Bergerson:

We are planning to build safety enhancements along Harbor Ave SW and Alki Ave SW between the West Seattle Water Taxi and Luna Park in response to reckless and illegal driving incidents. We have received several requests from neighbors asking for safety improvements such as speed humps to help address this problem.

We will install about a half dozen sets of speed humps, as well as a raised center divider to prevent people from illegally driving the wrong direction to pass other cars. … We will prioritize completing this work as soon as we can. The work requires a few days of dry weather, so we will be watching the forecast closely and ready to mobilize our crews quickly if there is a break in the rain and snow. If the current forecast holds, there may potentially be an opportunity to complete this work within the next week.

Bergerson said they’re also talking with Parks about added speed humps in the Don Armeni parking lot (which already has some bumps). We’ll be following up Monday for more details, particularly where the “raised center divider” is planned.

38 Replies to "SPEED HUMPS: More coming soon to Harbor and Alki Avenues"

  • Danimal December 2, 2022 (11:27 pm)

    This raised center divider idea is ridiculous and totally unacceptable!! Far too many people drive way under the already lowered speed limit because they have no idea what they’re doing, where they’re going, or are just looking at sights and not paying any attention to the traffic they’re impeding, sometimes egregiously. This road is used by locals as an arterial to get to and from their homes in an expeditious manner. They have no alternative. It’s unacceptable to prevent people from legally passing those who cannot or will not drive with attention to their effect on others around them. Where and how exactly is it illegal to pass other cars when there is a single dashed yellow line?? Absolutely stinking ridiculous! How do we get this stopped?

    • Alki resident December 3, 2022 (10:38 pm)

      I’m with you on this. We lived down there for six years and had no issues driving around someone who was sightseeing. Just more ways to mess with car drivers. I’m so sick of it. What they did on Delridge is beyond stupid. 

    • Lynn Bursten December 6, 2022 (1:35 pm)

      Really? Crime, noise, dangerous activity, burglaries, vagrancy, homelessness, all of that is acceptable to you because you want to be able to pass a slow driver?  Come on.  The point here is SOMETHING — admittedly probably the least costly option– is being done.  Is it the solution? No.  But at least it is an official acknowledgment that the status quo is not going to be tolerated any more. Here’s a thought: all of you who are upset about being inconvenienced, please come up with a better solution and get it implemented.  After you have eliminated all the problems along this stretch, I am sure the rest of us locals will  gratefully help you get the humps removed.

  • Rhonda December 2, 2022 (11:34 pm)

    Simple enforcement would take care of ALL the speeding and reckless driving without wrecking every Alki resident’s and visitor’s suspensions. Don Armeni Park is already infested with speed bumps and they haven’t stopped the lawlessness.

    • Don Brubeck December 3, 2022 (8:28 am)

      If by “simple enforcement” you mean enforcement by traffic police, that would not be simple, or cheap. Seattle residents cannot afford to pay for sets of police officers to spend multiple shifts every day on one little stretch of street, and SPD does not have the capacity.  Speed humps are simple as it gets. They work 24/7/365.  They cost less to install than just one enforcement emphasis period. They don’t profile or discriminate . They don’t wreck anyone’s suspension who is driving at speeds that make it safe for pedestrians and other drivers. 

      • Seattlite December 3, 2022 (8:51 am)

        Agree with your comment Don.   Seattle’s police officer shortage impacts all facets of law enforcement which impacts citizens’ lives.

        • car500 December 4, 2022 (11:43 am)

          I’ve watched the traffic conditions deteriorate badly over the 16 years that I’ve been here on Alki.  I’m on a portion that has a curve and then straightens out for a nice racetrack…unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed 3 drive-by accidents and 2 where the people had to stop because of damage to their vehicles.  My boyfriend’s car was totaled on Halloween of last year by a hit and run.  As much as I don’t care for the speed bumps, they are desperately needed…before the next accident takes out a person!!!!!!!

      • Rhonda December 3, 2022 (2:24 pm)

        A vehicle owned by an Alki resident who has to drive over 5 or 6 speed bumps twice a day for several years is going to wear out their suspension much sooner than an owner who doesn’t. It’s simple physics. Vehicle suspension components have a useful life under normal driving conditions.

        • WestSeattleBadTakes December 4, 2022 (2:02 pm)

          Keep reaching for the straws Rhonda, one day you just might get’em.

      • wetone December 4, 2022 (1:37 pm)

        DB, so with your thinking as with many others on here including SDOT,  on/with using speed bumps and signs to control lawbreakers, are you planning on pushing same thoughts for all roadways accessing Alki area such as  Admiral wy, Beach dr, California ave, Fairmount ave,  SW Orleans, just to name a few ? along with all other Seattle roadways having same issues as Alki ?  I have to say I see zero common sense with this thinking. People will continue to find the many ways to access where they want to go.  Should we push for speed bumps in bike lanes also to control the few that don’t follow the rules ? I hope not because I would need to buy a new bike with suspension ($$$) and hopefully that would help as I have bad back.  Just something to think about….. you can’t speed bump and install signs everywhere to solve deeper issues. This process only penalizes the law abiding…….. Go Hawks ;)

  • PD December 3, 2022 (2:19 am)

    These speed bumps are are blight to the city.  They do way more harm than good. 

    • Jort December 5, 2022 (12:12 pm)

      On what planet do you think that speed bumps literally cause more “harm than good?” Seriously, please answer this.

  • SpencerGT December 3, 2022 (2:28 am)

    I understand Alki, but why Harbor?

    • Kalo December 3, 2022 (8:15 am)

      Harbor Ave has the same issues as Alki when it comes to bad driving behavior. It’s a miracle no one has been injured on this particular stretch of roadway.

  • Chels P December 3, 2022 (5:26 am)

    The speed ‘humps’ that are already down here are a joke because they are only about half an inch high and are easy to roll over without reducing speed. Maybe take the time to make an actual speed bump that cars have to slow down for🤔

  • DLH December 3, 2022 (7:12 am)

    This is great news for our group of neighbors that has been working hard to decrease the danger along Harbor and Alki Avenues. If you’re not aware, there is a chronic problem with street racing and stunt driving in this area. This issue runs from Jack Block Park along Harbor Ave all the way to Alki. It is so encouraging to see the city listen and take action to protect the safety of the many visitors and residents along the historic Alki Trail.

  • Morgan December 3, 2022 (7:35 am)

    The real blight was thousands of little plastic signs down the middle of streets—those were horribly ugly. Humps are better.safety And aesthetics don’t have to compete here. They can even help each other!no Apologies for demanding a rare street with natural splendor have a thought for beautification alongside traffic calming.

  • Alki Jack December 3, 2022 (8:37 am)

    You hardly notice the speed bumps if you are doing the speed limit (25 mph), or if you have altered your suspension by lowering your vehicle from the way it was built by the manufacture and or are speeding that’s a different story. 

  • Joe December 3, 2022 (8:54 am)

    I wonder how much fuel gets wasted when everyone has to slam on their brakes and then speed back up for all of these humps.

    • Frustrated December 3, 2022 (11:23 am)

      If you’re slamming on your brakes for those speed bumps, you’re going way too fast to begin with.

    • Alki Stu December 3, 2022 (3:02 pm)

      Also when you slam on the brakes you are leaving metals behind that are being washed into Elliot Bay that are harmful to all that live under the water.  I guess sitting comfortably in a car is not enough to just slow down, take it easy, be alert and don’t stress out so much.

    • BlairJ December 3, 2022 (6:42 pm)

      Just drive the speed limit -no need to slow down or speed up.  If you are following someone who is slowing down and speeding up, allow a bit more following distance. 

  • John Murphy December 3, 2022 (10:38 am)

    Last summer I was told by a prominent attorney The City was going to restrict traffic into the area per residency qualifications  and remove even more public parking to stop the crime.  She spoke of draconian measures that were borderline shocking.  It’s good to see it did not happen. It would be nice if the offenders would stop their behaviors so the general public can enjoy summers in Seattle. I have faith in humanity that the best is yet to come for EVERYONE.  Seattle is a beautiful city. 

  • wetone December 3, 2022 (1:21 pm)

    ALL this work being done with signage and speed bumps will do nothing to stop issues at Alki and elsewhere. People causing issues could care less. They can still do burn-outs, donuts, play loud music, fight, shoot and whatever they want, because there are no repercussions and accountability in Seattle. Another waste of taxpayer dollars and so called feel-goody for city…..These so called city/SDOT  improvements are only affecting law abiding  people. As one that has lived at  Alki for over 60yrs, the only way to stop most all the problems there and elsewhere is for state and city to hire more police officers and allow them to write tickets to ALL causing the problems then prosecuting, whether fines or jail.  From what I saw this summer and past,   not allowing/ limiting beach fires had little impact on criminal activity,  the added signs ….. what a joke , police officers staged around area yet not able to enforce laws…… until there is accountability, lawlessness will continue downward slide and spread…..

    • Alki December 4, 2022 (9:47 am)

      I 100% agree with you and I wish more people would see this as the reality. Without repercussions nothing will change. It’s only affecting the law abiding citizens 

  • Mike December 3, 2022 (2:24 pm)

    Would be nice to extend the bumps further East on Harbor.  I agree with Don, above.

  • DH December 3, 2022 (2:27 pm)

    The need is extreme on Harbor BETWEEN Seacrest Pier (the water taxi) and the north end of the diagonal parking area, This parking area and stretch of road from Don Armeni northward is perfect for racing and stunt driving. This activity happens every night of the week until the early morning hours year round. Other activities that occur while the reckless driving is going on is LOUD music, partying, fighting, gunplay, drug deals and usage, drinking, vandalism and racing the rental bikes and scooters. 

  • Emm December 3, 2022 (3:40 pm)

      Good start and much needed action. Let’s continue making progress to bring Alki to safety. It would be great if all of Alki would be a healthy keep moving street. Recognizing what a gem the area is for everyone (except the scofflaws) is a very good thing.

  • Ridiculous December 4, 2022 (2:13 am)

    I think it’s time for all of us whom have been here our whole lives and are just sick to our stomach with what has now become this place we hardly recognize need to come together and see what can be done to put a stop to all of this. Tearing down homesteads for micro housing they claim to be affordable but is no where near reasonable narrowing our streets making it almost impossible to run local errands without it taking twice the amount of time. And lastly there has got to be something done regarding the nonstop expanding population there is absolutely far too many people here. I mean at what point does a line get drawn. It’s beyond crazy the amount of people all cramming into areas that just doesn’t have the capacity. Dropping our speed limits to 25 a mere five rpm above the 20mph school zone crawl wasn’t enough? They have to waste all this money taking ease of access around idiot drivers locking us into what feels like a rat maze trapping us all into gridlock cause god forbid we get to and from in a decent time frame. I’m sorry but all these Karen’s and Jody’s that are so scared of everything in the world with to much time on their hands so they write letter after letter bitching are better off just never leaving their homes cause no matter what fate is fate and there is no way around cheating the inevitable.

    • WestSeattleBadTakes December 4, 2022 (10:56 pm)

      You’ve got the symptoms right, but I you don’t understand the problem and certainly not the cure. I could see you turning the corner if you stop being a hateful person though.

  • Alki December 4, 2022 (9:45 am)

    Please for the love of god no more speed bumps… The boat launch and Jack Block feel horrible with how many they installed. Just occasionally enforce the speed limit on Harbor Ave because no matter how many speed bumps you add people are still going to do reckless things. All it’s going to do is annoy the rest of the responsible drivers who will have to go over these every day.. 

    • WestSeattleBadTakes December 4, 2022 (11:00 pm)

      Speed bumps don’t bother me. I agree they are a poor solution, but you wouldn’t like the actual solutions so this is all we can get.

  • Carol Frillman December 5, 2022 (7:53 am)

    This is fantastic news. We have been asking this for years. this is a safety issue for everyone using the Water Taxi or visiting Marination or just strolling along the Sound. Thank you for taking action SPD!

  • Pamela A December 5, 2022 (1:24 pm)

    ALL efforts are appreciated.  Speed bumps are a deterrent to excessive speed.  It is a beginning.  As a resident on Harbor Ave  for over 2 decades I have witnessed changes in the past 3 years that I never thought would happen here.  We used to walk our dog after dark and no longer feel safe to go outside after dark for any reason.  This is a beautiful area that many come from far and wide to enjoy.  Let’s return it to the safe place it used to be.  If that includes speed bumps, so be it! 

  • JMA December 5, 2022 (3:32 pm)

    Please keep going with the speed bumps and place some between the diagonal parking party zone and the “downtown Alki” area.  This straightaway sees cars parked on the side smashed by speeding cars, drag racing in the wee hours of the night, and motorcycles doing wheelies, speeding, and at least 2 crashing in the night hours.  Not to mention the speeding during the daytime hours where I have seen families and others trying to cross the street at crosswalks, while a car or truck speeds through and almost hits the pedestrians.  It’s just not OK.  Please continue the speed bumps along the long straightaway.  We need to keep this area safe.  

  • DF December 5, 2022 (7:23 pm)

    For those of us that live directly off of Alki and Harbor streets, this is an answer to our concerns. We have witness firsthand the late night racing and accidents.  For those of you who are doubters…just look at the many tire rubber marks on the street…which continue to multiply! While this may not be the ultimate solution, hope is that it will start to reduce the racing and above all help to prevent potential loss of lives and property.

  • Carl December 6, 2022 (8:56 am)

    You can hump us all you want and you may slow down some racers here and there but for the true racers, they will come to know the no bump no hump spots and hit the gas peddle in between.  The motor cycles can mis the bumps all together as they just go in between – it’s easy!Time will tell if these humps in the road will help or hinder!  Personally I feel once again we are simply saying stop doing this or else!  NOTHING????We simply need more police presence with the authority to ticket, arrest, keep them in jail – like it used to be – You do the crime, you do the time!A stern talking to and instant release to offend once again before the ink is even dry is just plain not working and never will.  Too many people are like crazed animals out there and are out of control figuring they can do exactly what they want too!  Unless we control them, these few bad apples are going to continue to use, abuse and destroy what all the good people have worked so hard for generations to build and provide – a wonderful place to live.  We are allowing the select few to not only ruin what we have built for today but also they are destroying what we have built for our future generations to enjoy and build on.  We need to bring back Law and Order – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASETAX PAYING, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN,CarlPS And yes, I have been broken into, had $$$$ stolen, damage done and of course to top it all off some lovely Graffiti work done to leave their mark and rub it in just a bit more to let us know who is in control!

  • Kraig Kennedy December 7, 2022 (7:33 am)

    Thank you – Thank you – Thank you for the speed bumps on Harbor and Alki avenues. You probably will save lives since the speeders can no longer do 60 + mph making it dangerous for pedestrians. We have needed this kind of action for years!

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