Transit-rewards program spotlighted during West Seattle Bridge closure expands countywide

If you tried Flip Your Trip during the West Seattle Bridge closure, you know how the transit-rewards program works. Metro is now expanding it countywide, as announced today. The announcement explains you “can earn points and then redeem them for discounts on future trips, and bike- and scooter-share services.” To participate, you start by downloading the Transit GO app.

2 Replies to "Transit-rewards program spotlighted during West Seattle Bridge closure expands countywide"

  • DC October 13, 2022 (4:14 pm)

    I hate using this app but do because of the many financial incentives. I was honestly looking forward to the program expiring so I could go back to using the orca card. It is so much more convenient to tap and go than to pull up the app before boarding, select and activate the ticket, and pull it up again once the bus arrives. Not to mention the clunky ticket purchase/redemption process. Why can’t they just role these benefits into the app for the orca card?

  • anonyme October 14, 2022 (6:51 am)

    I agree with you, DC.  “Clunky” is an apt way to describe it.  I was able to get a limited $ amount transferred to my ORCA card, but it was very difficult.  I also think that the increasing reliance on phone apps is not only short-sighted but leaves a lot of people (those who most need help) out in the cold.

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