MARINERS MANIA: Watching Tuesday’s game; West Seattleite’s role in ‘rally shoe’

With that amazing comeback win on Saturday, the Mariners have made it to Level 2 of the playoffs – the American League Divisional Series. Their best-of-five series against the Astros starts at 12:37 pm tomorrow at Houston. If you’re looking for someplace to watch the game, we’re building a list again, and so far have confirmed four West Seattle venues that’ll be open:

The Bridge (6301 California SW), open at noon
Admiral Pub (2305 California SW), open at 12:30 pm
Larry’s Tavern (3405 California SW), open at 12:30 pm
Circa (2605 California SW), where co-proprietor Gretchen promises, “Sound on and $13 burgers & fries with $5 Manny’s pale ales”
Poggie Tavern (4717 California SW)
Highland Park Corner Store (7789 Highland Park Way SW)
Talarico’s (4718 California SW), open at noon

Got someplace to add? Let us know, in a comment or via email (, so we can add to the list – thanks! (We’ll also include the updated list in our Tuesday morning “what’s happening today” roundup.)

No watch party at T-Mobile Park this time, as the stadium is preparing to host Game 3 (and if all goes well Game 4) of the series, but there’s a West Seattle tie to a memorable element of the watch party for Saturday’s victory. The “rally cap” is well-known in baseball lore, but one fan there decided to put a shoe on his head when the Mariners were still four runs behind – and as they kept making up ground, the “rally shoe” caught on. WSB reader Doug pointed out this Seattle Times story tying the “rally shoe” to Ben Cox of West Seattle. He told The Times that he was inspired by someone else he saw do it earlier in the season. After the M’s completed their 10-9 victory, Cox turned the shoe over to the M’s, who tweeted that the shoe (which, they said, actually belonged to Cox’s wife) would go into the team Hall of Fame.

12 Replies to "MARINERS MANIA: Watching Tuesday's game; West Seattleite's role in 'rally shoe'"

  • KT October 10, 2022 (5:54 pm)

    Love the #RallyShoe.Go Mariners.

  • Tisha Contreras October 10, 2022 (7:28 pm)

    POGGIE TAVERN will have the game on with sound. Come hang out with us! 

    • WSB October 10, 2022 (7:51 pm)

      Thanks! What time are you opening?

      • Tisha Contreras October 11, 2022 (4:22 am)

        We open at noon. The sound will be on, beers are cold and the pull tabs are ready!

  • Meaghan Haas October 10, 2022 (9:05 pm)

    We’ll have the game showing – with sound – on our patio at Highland Park Corner Store! Happy prices on draft beers too!

  • Jenn October 10, 2022 (9:33 pm)

    Talarico’s is opening at 12p Tuesday and Thursday.  11a on Saturday.  And I’ll open the bar at 9a on Sunday if enough people want me to. 

    • WSB October 10, 2022 (10:32 pm)


  • Taylor October 10, 2022 (10:18 pm)

    Ahem, if “all goes well” we will win the first 3 games and not need a 4th game at T-Mobile park 🤓

    • WSB October 10, 2022 (10:31 pm)

      Good point!

    • CBOB October 11, 2022 (7:12 am)

      Came here to say this too! Go Ms! ⚾

  • Mike October 11, 2022 (9:29 am)

    I have watched all the playoff games at the beer junction. They open at 11.

  • james lee October 11, 2022 (1:39 pm)

    The Maha is the best spot to watch the game With SOUND

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