What a day! Paddleboarding pilots’ trip around Vashon Island

The photo and report are from Margot Newman:

Paddleboarders successfully circumnavigated Vashon Island in one day! Is this a “world record??” Has it been done? :)

West Seattleites:
Alec Newman
Pat Ninburg

Nick Moore
Severin Knutsen

Left Point Beals, Vashon Island at 07:00. (East side) Headed south to portage at junction of Vashon and Maury. Headed around south end (past Tahlequah) then up west side. Got off boards for brief lunch break at Lisabeula Park on west side. Headed north until hit north end. Crossed ferry path, then along east side to return to Point Beals. Arrived at 16:45,

Only got off boards twice – to portage and for lunch/ bathroom break at Lisabeula.

Careful navigation of the waters, including reading current and wind, was paramount to their success. All four paddlers are Puget Sound Pilots and have extensive knowledge in navigation, current, wind, etc.

7 Replies to "What a day! Paddleboarding pilots' trip around Vashon Island"

  • Kalo September 28, 2022 (7:15 am)

     Congratulations Captains! Quite the feat!

  • Leif Knutsen September 28, 2022 (8:49 am)

     Good effort gentlemen. I don’t know about a “world record” but surely a bench mark for Vashon island. 

  • burglerbustindad September 28, 2022 (12:10 pm)

    Another voyage around Vashon Island was made in 1938!George McCormick walks around Vashon Island on March 23, 1938. – HistoryLink.org

  • Also John September 28, 2022 (1:02 pm)

    Congratulations!   I have a cousin currently training to paddle board around Vancouver Island.

  • Graciano September 28, 2022 (2:31 pm)

    Congrats on the trip around Vashon. Anyone know the actual distance they paddled?

    • Margot September 28, 2022 (3:29 pm)

      29 miles

  • 1994 September 28, 2022 (8:43 pm)

    Thanks for sharing your adventure and fun news!! 

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