FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Water Taxi to keep all-day, every-day service again this fall/winter

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1:43 PM: One of the questions remaining unanswered after the West Seattle Bridge reopening was whether the West Seattle Water Taxi would go back to limited service this fall/winter. In pre-pandemic times, the standard fall/winter plan was to reduce service to am/pm commute weekday service only, but last year the 7-day-a-week, all-day service was maintained through the chillier seasons. We asked recently what the plan was for this year and the answer was that it was still being finalized. Now, the announcement is just in:

On Monday, Oct. 17, the West Seattle Water Taxi will continue providing midday and weekend sailings between downtown Seattle’s Pier 50 and Seacrest Dock in West Seattle.

The seven-day-a-week service will run from approximately 6 a.m. weekdays (8:30 a.m. weekends) to 7 p.m. Weekday sailings leaving the dock every 35 minutes during peak commute hours and every hour during the midday, and on weekends. There will be no Friday or Saturday sailings after 7 p.m. …

During commute hours, riders can take the free Metro shuttles to and from the Water Taxi landing at Seacrest Park. Route 773 serves the West Seattle Junction. Route 775 serves the Admiral District and Alki. …

During the repair of the West Seattle High Bridge, the Water Taxi provided a choice for those not wanting to drive to and from West Seattle. There was enough ridership during the winter season that Metro has chosen to maintain service for riders who want to continue using the Water Taxi instead of returning to their vehicles with the reopening of the High Bridge. This pilot program for this fall and winter, which will also provide more consistent scheduling for Water Taxi crews, will be used to evaluate potential ongoing year-round service.

In preparation for the start of the winter sailing schedule, Water Taxi staff will be conducting vessel maintenance on Oct. 15-16, so West Seattle service will be canceled for that weekend.

Last year, the extra service was maintained with extra funding from the city; we’re checking on whether that’s how they’re covering the cost this year, as the announcement did not say.

3:16 PM: Metro spokesperson Al Sanders says this time it’s all Metro (county) funding.

10 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Water Taxi to keep all-day, every-day service again this fall/winter"

  • Lucy September 22, 2022 (3:14 pm)

    The Water Taxi is fantastic.  The crew is friendly and efficient, the ride is beautiful and Jort approved!

  • sam-c September 22, 2022 (3:38 pm)

    That’s great news. Thank you Metro!

  • ACE September 22, 2022 (7:21 pm)

    Fantastic news! Such a pleasant way to get to work.

  • Mike September 22, 2022 (10:45 pm)

    Love the Water Taxi and I do around 3 round-trips per week.  WSB, thanks for keeping us updated!

  • Karen September 23, 2022 (6:36 am)

    👏👏great news!!

  • Reality Chick September 23, 2022 (7:34 am)

    Great news–with the 37 unlikely to ever return and further cutbacks to the 56 & 57, northwest WS neighborhoods need all-day, speedy connections out of West  Seattle. Sorry, the 50 is not it…and the C line is at capacity (and had routes reduced, too). 

  • Don Brubeck September 23, 2022 (7:43 am)

    Great news for the few who ride the water taxi at those hours in winter. Not so great for the many who pay the taxes that heavily subsidize this service. The RapidRide C serves basically the same route at far less public cost and far wider access.

  • Joyce Pugh September 24, 2022 (8:28 am)

    Thank you, Metro! Alki Beach is beautiful year round, and riding the wonderful water taxi, then catching the free shuttle at Sea Crest Park, is my favorite way to visit it!

  • Steven September 24, 2022 (9:22 am)

    It’s a great way to get into downtown and reduces traffic on the roads.  The bus service is great too and I don’t mind paying additional sales tax to fund the bus system -even though I don’t personally use it.The more transportation options the better!

  • LarsGO September 30, 2022 (12:29 pm)

    What are the chances the taxi runs during the Mariners playoff games?

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