WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red F-150 (update: found)

Via email:

Stolen from 32nd Ave SW. Truck is a maroon-red 1997 F150 with spare on driver’s-side back
License plate : C98438M
Has black toolbox on back window
Police report 2022-209762

UPDATE: Per a comment, and a call from the owner, it’s been found.

11 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red F-150 (update: found)"

  • g h August 10, 2022 (3:26 pm)

    32nd Ave SW and what cross street?

    • A August 10, 2022 (4:19 pm)

      Close to 32nd Ave SW and SW Raymond St.

  • WS Native August 10, 2022 (5:45 pm)

    Just saw a truck like this without plates pulling into the Burien Safeway parking lot.  128th & 1st.  The one I saw had some turquoise paint splatters on the tailgate.  

    • A August 10, 2022 (6:10 pm)

      Did it have a spare tire or toolbox on the back ?

  • sbre August 10, 2022 (6:59 pm)

    My ’98 F150 was hit by an inept theif about two months ago (Loman Beach area), all they did was completely destroy the passenger door lock and tried to use pliers or channel locks to turn the ignition, but they didn’t get anywhere.They didn’t disturb or steal any on my few belongings to include the garage door remote that I forgot to remove when I last parked it.

    • waikikigirl August 11, 2022 (8:36 am)

      That pic doesn’t look like an F-150. Is it just pertaining to the guy who broke into your truck? AND this guy’s pic has been on the WSB before, can’t remember what it pertain to but certainly I assume it wasn’t for anything GOOD! 

      • A August 11, 2022 (10:01 am)

        The pic is 100% a f150 I’ve never posted on the west Seattle blog before this is my first time & I don’t have any full photos 

        • Lindsey August 11, 2022 (2:07 pm)

          Hey! I’ve seen this car, exact plates and all, at the RV encampment at 26th & Juneau. It’s not there now so I can’t call 911 but I’ve also seen it at Longfellow creek apartments as well.  I hope you get it back. If you do, it would be the seventh stolen vehicle recovery from these RVs in the last four months.

          • A August 11, 2022 (4:21 pm)

            Thank you very much car was found it sucks we work so hard just for someone to steal are property 

          • A August 11, 2022 (5:03 pm)

            And he got arrested !

          • Jacob August 13, 2022 (9:36 pm)

            Hey me my girl and dog and cat live there too .I don’t steal nothing we live there because her cancer treatments. I don’t bother anybody so please don’t judge us by other people’s actions if you have a problem with us I drive a red bronco and blue and white f150 both mine have a good night. 

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