WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 more thefts – van with rock-star history, truck with tow package, 18 gallons of gas

Three thefts in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

VAN WITH ROCK-STAR HISTORY: That’s Easy Street Records proprietor Matt Vaughan with the van he reports has been stolen. It’s a black 2005 Chevy Express passenger van, license plate BUB3110, stolen in the Alki area Saturday night/early Sunday morning. This is not the old Easy Street-branded van you might have seen in the area, he explains::

This new van was gifted to us by Brandi Carlile. They put over 180k miles on it, the first thing they bought when they got signed. All their early tours were in this van.

We painted it black. It does not have any logos/branding on it. Has a Brandi Carlile/Maple Valley sticker on the back panel window and two Easy Street stickers on the driver’s side. Has a slight scrape on driver side, where you can see the original white paint underneath.

This has been our daily driver for the last two years. It has been very good to us. Last seen near Alki Beach.

He’s offering a $1,000 reward.

TRUCK WITH TOW PACKAGE: Via email from Abby:

Stolen! 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500
Tan. Light bar & tow package
Saturday night/ Sunday am

License plate C80169L. The note didn’t mention the area in which it was taken so we have a followup question out.

18 GALLONS OF GAS: That’s how much Eric estimates was stolen by whoever drilled this hole in his 2015 Toyota Tacoma’s tank:

This too happened last night, in the Fauntlee Hills area near 40th/Barton.

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 more thefts - van with rock-star history, truck with tow package, 18 gallons of gas"

  • Chris Petty August 14, 2022 (6:04 pm)

    Bet they stole the gas cuz Matt’s van was empty.  Sorry to all. 

  • Seaside August 14, 2022 (8:09 pm)

    Policies make or break crime.  It looks like crime is being done all around WS and greater Seattle.  Situational Awareness is key during these high-crime times.

    • Pat davis August 14, 2022 (9:12 pm)

      The best thing that we can do is vote in a new prosecuting attorney. And start getting people in the city Council who are into enforcing the law. There’s no consequences to these they WS

      • JTinWS August 15, 2022 (9:50 am)

        The city did vote in a new city attorney, Ann Davison-Satler. She was the hardline law-and-order candidate. Nothing has changed. So, what now? 

        • EJ August 15, 2022 (2:10 pm)

          City Attorney=Misdemeanors. Prosecuting Attorney=Felonies (which includes theft of a motor vehicle/possession of a stolen vehicle). The PA is on the ballot this fall.

        • WSEARES August 15, 2022 (3:46 pm)

          She is a city attorney. City attorneys only have authority to prosecute misdemeanors that occur in the city limits of Seattle. An election is coming up for King County Prosecutor soon and from what I can tell the two candidates are opposites so pick which one you want based off if you want criminals to be held liable and serve time or you want more of the same (slap on the wrist, little to no real punishment, etc). If the voters vote for the latter then citizens of Seattle/KC only have themselves to blame for the increase in felony level crimes in our city and county. I think the bigger issue we have is our judges! The cops arrest, prosecutors prosecute and the judges give lax punishment to criminals including some prolific repeat offenders and some who commit egregious acts of violence towards others in our city / county. Judges are elected in as well so make it be known we are tired of the soft of crime, criminals are victims of poverty approach and let’s put them behind bars before they do more harm to innocent civilians ! 

  • seaspades August 14, 2022 (10:55 pm)

    Wasn’t that what we did with Ann Davison?

    • Kadoo August 15, 2022 (7:21 am)


      • EJ August 15, 2022 (2:18 pm)

        The City Attorney’s Office does not prosecute felonies; that’s the role of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The PA is on the ballot this fall.Also important to point out the role judges play in setting bail/releasing defendants pending trial. So when a judge is on the ballot, folks really need to consider their judicial record. 

  • Bryce August 15, 2022 (1:24 am)

    My catalytic converter was stolen from my Kia on Holden St. in West Seattle. 

  • TM7302 August 15, 2022 (2:45 pm)

    Thieves got about 20 gallons of diesel from my F-250.  I have a locking gas cap now…

  • Xana La Fuente August 15, 2022 (10:15 pm)

    LOVE Brandie Carlisle. Other than the theft, that’s a great story. Has Eddie Vedder ever given Easy Street anything I wonder? He lives in West Seattle. You would think he would be very supportive. Also of School of Rock West Seattle, 2 blocks away. I would support a Go Fund to buy you a brand new truck. 

    • Emma-Lou August 16, 2022 (8:12 am)

      Are you seriously coming for Eddie freaking Vedder?! Facepalm! Okay, Negative Nancy pants not sure why you feel the need to take something positive Brandy C did for Easy Street and turn that into a neg comment about Eddie Vedder, but lame! Super lame, and just straight ignorant because the answer is plenty. Yes, in fact he has done plenty for Easy Street, West Seattle, and Seattle proper, and many many people outside the city as well. Find a better, less hilariously awesome target for your attitude, or here’s a brilliant idea, spend 5 mins time doing a Google search and read about Eddie Vs outreach work instead of spreading misguided pointless negativity. Plus, it’s kindof hard to miss him sporting the classic Easy Street hat like, everywhere. Duh!

  • Tracy D August 16, 2022 (10:13 pm)

    Im pretty sure I saw the Easy Street van on the Southworth ferry heading toward Gig Harbor a few days ago. 

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