Protecting part of Fauntleroy Creek – with volunteers and coconuts

(Photo by Judy Pickens – volunteers Steve Winter and Tim Wulfekuhle)

Coconuts are tropical, but here in the decidedly non-tropical Northwest, they’re helping save a stretch of West Seattle’s Fauntleroy Creek. The photo and update are from Judy Pickens:

Several years ago, increased flows during the rainy season began eroding a section of bank in lower Fauntleroy Creek. In response, the Fauntleroy Watershed Council got state approval to install coconut-fiber coir logs to stabilize the bank and encourage vegetation. Today, volunteers Steve Winter, Mark Sears, Tim Wulfekuhle, and Pete Draughon lugged five replacement logs down to the creek and staked them into place.

Private donations to the Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship Fund enable the council to respond before such small problems seriously threaten restored habitat. Find out more about this fund at

2 Replies to "Protecting part of Fauntleroy Creek - with volunteers and coconuts"

  • Fan of Kelp Forests July 22, 2022 (4:02 pm)

    Great work!  

  • Rosalie July 22, 2022 (10:32 pm)

    Thank you Judy and volunteers for getting this essential work completed. 

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