DEVELOPMENT: Key approval for South Delridge mixed-use project

(9218 18th SW rendering by Caron Architecture)

Last December, the mixed-use project proposed for 9218 18th SW [map] got final Southwest Design Review Board approval (WSB coverage here), and today, after staff review, the city has published a key decision for the project, which is summarized as “a 5-story, 48-unit apartment building with retail,” with 28 offstreet-parking spaces. Publication of the decision opens a two-week appeal period; this notice explains how to appeal. The project still needs other permits/approvals before construction can begin.

BACKSTORY: The proposal for this site first appeared in city files in March 2020; it was originally envisioned with up to 76 units, but that number dropped as the project went through reviews. The triangular site was upzoned during the HALA process.

7 Replies to "DEVELOPMENT: Key approval for South Delridge mixed-use project"

  • Resident July 7, 2022 (12:31 pm)

    Yay for more housing/density and mixed retail/residential! The neighborhoods around white center are a great spot for pedestrian-friendly, high-density development. Unfortunately it’s currently very car-centric and dangerous for pedestrians/cyclists so hopefully that can be improved as density increases. 

    • Delridge Homeowner July 7, 2022 (4:56 pm)

      Agreed, Resident! I live nearby and would love for more walkable retail in the area. In addition to convenience, these mix-use buildings offer the comforting sense of “eyes on the street” that South Delridge currently lacks. I’ll admit, I sometimes drive through the neighborhood when I don’t need to, just because I feel safer in the car.Now, how do we convince a small business to take a chance at this location? I’ve seen these retail units sit empty for years in some buildings, only to be filled by an Xfinity store.

      • Dustin July 7, 2022 (7:23 pm)

        The best way to convince small business to take a chance on White Center (South Delridge) – move there! Patronize the local businesses that are already there. Why would a business take a chance their potential customers aren’t willing to take? Many might not want to live there until the neighborhood has been cleaned up, but that kind of thinking leads to sort of a chicken and egg problem where people who avoid the area can’t do much to improve it.

      • D-Ridge July 8, 2022 (2:58 pm)

        It’s really unfortunate that more crossings weren’t added to this section as part of the Delridge reconstruction, it’s a huge gap!

  • Bus July 7, 2022 (5:07 pm)

    I wish there were fewer parking spaces, but excited for the increased density in the neighborhood.  Excited for the ground-level retail too.

  • Sigh July 11, 2022 (9:11 am)

    Sigh. This place has been a food desert for over two decades. It’s sad that the only way to get any kind of additional retail is to gentrify it to high hell. 

    • Resident July 19, 2022 (8:44 am)

      How is it a food desert? We have a Safeway and a QFC in walking distance and a pretty good selection of restaurants 

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