WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Alleged rapist arrested, accused of ‘terrorizing’ local businesses

An accused rapist is in the King County Jail after being arrested in The Junction early Saturday. We first learned of the arrest from this SPD summary:

It has been reported that, every weekend for weeks, a suspect has been terrorizing patrons and employees of various Admiral/Alaska Junction establishments and venues. Officers have become familiar with the subject and staff have formed a loose community advising one another whenever the suspect or his vehicle come into the area. Generally, suspect takes off prior to police arrival. On 06-25-2022 at 0149 hours, officers received a similar call for service. Officers determined that the suspect had a rape warrant with a $1,000,000 bail, formulated a plan and took suspect into custody without incident.

We’ve learned that the suspect is 29-year-old Domanick A. Gaskin; we obtained the photo at right from the state Department of Corrections, which had it because he has served time in state prison. Most recently, that was for a South Seattle case in 2018 that made regional news – in a domestic-violence incident in which he was described as both suspect and victim. Court records show he pleaded guilty to reduced charges in 2020 and was given a three-year sentence with credit for time already served. He had two prior robbery convictions a decade ago, as well as a domestic-violence conviction in 2016. The new rape case against him was just filed Friday and it too involved domestic violence, according to the court documents, in an incident that happened in North Seattle earlier this month. Now that he’s in custody, we’re waiting to hear back from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office about what happens next, and will add anything more we find out.

17 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Alleged rapist arrested, accused of 'terrorizing' local businesses"

  • Tim June 27, 2022 (6:44 pm)

    Is he out already?

    • WSB June 27, 2022 (7:43 pm)

      No, still held in lieu of $1m bail, you can even check the jail roster yourself.

  • flimflam June 27, 2022 (7:32 pm)

    If he was “terrorizing” the area for weeks why was he not arrested?

    • WSB June 27, 2022 (7:42 pm)

      As noted in the story, police say he was usually gone before he get there. That aside, I don’t have additional info on these weeks of terrorizing – first time I’ve ever heard of this particular person, and I don’t know which incidents of street disorder this referring to. Hopefully subsequent court documents will shine some light.

      • flimflam June 27, 2022 (8:45 pm)

        Whoa. “Usually gone”? I’m curious about the times he wasn’t gone…

        • momosmom June 28, 2022 (6:34 am)

          Flimflam- its not like the Police are just around the corner or staked out in anticipation he would return.

          • flimflam June 28, 2022 (9:03 am)

            Momo – no, of course not. The phrase “usually gone” seems to imply that there were times where he was not gone…

    • Bartender June 27, 2022 (10:47 pm)

      This guy absolutely was an unpleasant sack of s–t. He would show up in bars, harassed women, picked fights, he shot someone over an argument, he dealt drugs, he robbed a woman of her purse and dropped his phone. Don’t be so surprised about how it took weeks to get him and that he was usually gone, police response times are currently at rock bottom in Seattle. We were also shocked that such a total walking garbage heap like him could keep walking the streets. Fortunately, we got him after all.

      • MartysGirl June 29, 2022 (8:59 am)

        I’m curious why police would not charge him with shooting someone? He’s in on one charge but I would think that shooting someone would be high on the priority list of charges to be held accountable for. Do they know? 

  • Marina June 27, 2022 (9:37 pm)

    Can’t say I feel sorry for him, he got what he deserved in 2018. Hopefully the brother didn’t see much jail time. 

    • m June 28, 2022 (9:24 am)

      Although well deserved, repeated strikes to the head probably won’t help this nut case.  

  • Zipda June 27, 2022 (9:42 pm)

    Both a suspect and a victim? Seems the suspect part clearly won out again.

    • Bartender June 27, 2022 (10:49 pm)

      Rest assured this guy was not a victim and is definitely a terrible person. I’ve seen first hand who this “victim” is. Hope he spends the next 20 years away from women.

  • Balderdash June 28, 2022 (8:29 am)

    I am applauding the fact that he’s in jail.

  • Cranky June 28, 2022 (8:52 am)

    Gaskin… such a nice person.  “Gaskin allegedly beat his 18-year-old girlfriend, busting her lip, slapping her, elbowing her in the face and choking her.”

  • Scubafrog June 28, 2022 (9:20 pm)

    This is truly horrendous.  The ‘alleged’ rape part alone is enough.  Then the stalking….  Those two pathologies, if not addressed by mental health professionals geared toward that end  in a long-term facility, can obviously be disastrous.  Although we’ve reached disastrous with Gaskin, haven’t we.  He needed to go away for a long time, last time. Pleading down the  violent charge/s toward a woman should’ve been avoided, last time.  Naturally I wouldn’t have class this man as a “victim”, ‘last time’, or anytime.   It sounds like he was prevented from murdering the sister, and properly restrained until law enforcement arrived.   One has to congratulate whichever judge issued the hold.

  • Pessoa June 29, 2022 (1:31 pm)

    Precisely why we should never infringe on a responsible gun owner’s right to possess a firearm, even if never, hopefully, never needs to be pulled from the holster.  On this subject, the CA Dept of Justice just recently “accidentally” released personal information of everyone in CA with a concealed weapon permit – names, where they live, etc., etc.    Many of  those with permits have been victims of spousal abuse, or are high profile individuals like judges, or celebrities.   There is understandable outrage and fear from those whose personal information has been compromised.  Better think again if you think gun registry laws are the way to go. 

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