ART: Student show hosted by Westside School opening at Museum of Museums

(Photos courtesy Westside School)

Student artists from Westside School (WSB sponsor) hope you’ll take a journey to explore a view into their journey. They’re hosting a four-school show at the Museum of Museums, titled “Emerging Attitudes.” Their announcement explains that it’s “based on the many different perspectives into the middle-school journey.” The exhibit also features work by students from SAAS, Lake Washington Girls School, and University Prep, in multiple mediums, and was organized by Westside’s middle-school art teacher Colleen Barry.

Westside students and family are getting their first look at the show tonight, and then it’ll be open to the public June 3rd-July 13 at MoM, which is at 900 Boylston Avenue, just east of downtown.

2 Replies to "ART: Student show hosted by Westside School opening at Museum of Museums"

  • Jenben June 1, 2022 (1:10 pm)

    Oh we LOVE the Museum of Museums!! We are members. This is a favorite exhibit room 

  • Westside-MoM June 2, 2022 (4:06 am)

    It was a fabulous evening that showcased the beyond-their-years talent of thoughtful artists from across Seattle. Also included were a rousing performance by the up-and-coming duo, Slip Dress, and an interactive sharing of some truly impressive Westside academic 8th grade capstone projects. Way to hit it out of the ballpark, #Westside! A true showing of emerging attitudes from all angles and embracing of the authentic vibe of middle school in the 2020s. 

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