UPDATE: Standoff ends at 34th/Morgan

6:48 PM: Thanks for the tips. The big police response at 34th/Morgan was because of a person in crisis outside the Stewart Manor. He was believed to have possibly had a knife. Police have just ended the standoff and taken him into custody after using a beanbag round. The scene should be clearing soon.

ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: The police-report summary says they first got a call at 3:06 pm:

Officers arrived and located the suspect in an agitated state holding a stick and claiming to want to fight the reporting party. The suspect was observed while the victim was contacted. The victim reported that the suspect had approached his apartment door brandishing a knife while making threats to kill the victim and causing damage to the door. Probable cause was established for felony harassment. The suspect was advised he was under arrest, but he retreated further into a contained rear fence area. The suspect produced a knife and waived it at officers while stating he wanted to fight and was planning suicide by cop. After verbal communications broke down, HNT was requested. A lengthy standoff ensued until the subject’s behavior escalated. After breaking a window with a large rock, the suspect removed his belt and held it as a whip in one hand while waiving the knife around in the other. The suspect began cutting himself with the knife causing multiple lacerations to his torso and arm. In an effort to take the suspect into custody, a less lethal launcher was used resulting in a type II Use of Force. The suspect became compliant shortly thereafter and was taken into custody without further incident. The suspect was transported to HMC for medical treatment before being booked into KCJ.

(HNT = trained officer[s] from the Hostage Negotiation Team.)

2 Replies to "UPDATE: Standoff ends at 34th/Morgan"

  • Rose June 23, 2022 (10:57 am)

    This is super sad. I hope they can get the help they clearly need. Very sad because we have so many in our community that need help.

  • The irony June 23, 2022 (12:47 pm)

    So is admitting one is attempting suicide by cop the only way to incite these officers to actually follow protocol under state reforms to use less lethal action? Granted as of lately SPD has avoided being under fire for at least any new recent police involved shootings at least that I know of but the fear of being gunned down by these officers is still a huge fear of hundreds of thousands just within the city limits. This is exactly the type of response citizens would prefer law enforcement use instead of their actual firearms. There are many alternatives to taking a suspect down that would be very effective while being non lethal all the same. It’s unfortunate that the city hasn’t looked into implementing these methods.

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