TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash beneath west end of bridge

Thanks for the tip – we’re hearing the dispatch on this too: A crash is backing up traffic on the ramp/turn from southbound Admiral to eastbound Spokane Street under the bridge. No word yet if anyone’s hurt. The crash is described as involving at least three vehicles.

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  • Ridiculous May 14, 2022 (8:04 pm)

    If one of them includes a souped up red and black sports car I won’t be surprised. Someone came up 48th from Lowman and then east on Graham to California at a very high rate of speed (and race track loud) about that time. 50 mph is my guess. No cops, no speeding enforcement, no worries. Great time to be a punk on the peninsula these days. Hope those in the accident are fine. If this speeder didn’t cause it (no idea) it’s just a matter of time until he does it somewhere else.

    • Lyn May 14, 2022 (9:09 pm)

      Familiar red and black sports car? Sounds similar to a red and black sports car that swerved around me the other day as I was stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian. Almost hit the person, almost hit me, almost hit the car in the center turn lane ahead of me.

      • Ridiculous May 15, 2022 (2:07 pm)

        I didn’t get a great look at it but would guess it to be a Nissan 300zx or similar low-profile Japanese sportster. It had a black sunroof and the sound of a street racer—i literally heard it coming from 1/4 mile away. No regard for anyone’s safety—and at a time when families are out walking! I suspect that the kids who like to show off their cars (and race) who hang out at Alki are using a back way home to wherever they are headed; they used to take the bridge. I’ve just seen too many “race cars” headed to Beach Drive and Alki via California down Graham to 48th then Lowman. The complete lack of any speeding enforcement is just one of (how many?) failings of our police department under the direction of an incompetent city council (esp Lisa) and as yet-to-be-heard-from Mayor. And we haven’t even hit the crazy warm months yet. Be safe everyone. 

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