READER REPORT: West Seattle ultra-runner Riley Nachtrieb takes on Whidbey Island

Another achievement for Riley Nachtrieb, whose running and filmmaking achievements we’ve noted in recent years. The report and photos are from her family:

On Monday, 20-year-old West Seattle-based ultra-runner Riley Nachtrieb set out to run non-stop from the northern tip of Whidbey Island, Hoypus Point, to the southern tip of the island, Possession Point. The route was established by Greg Nance as a 54-mile FKT (fastest known time) Route where Greg set the male FKT of 10 hours 7 min, on January 15th, 2022.

Riley started the route at 7:30 am on April 4th, with the intention of setting the first female FKT. Although an FKT is a “solo” run, food and water support can be given. Riley was supported by friend and local WSHS student-athlete Herman Meyer, who followed her in a truck with food, water and moral support, as well as jumping out to pace her into the finish.

After 11 hours and 10 minutes of constant running, Riley succeeded in being the first woman to record the 54-mile FKT, which will soon be officially recorded here

Riley is the Social Media and Community Manager for the West Seattle tech startup and a prolific runner in West Seattle often running with the “West Seattle Runner” group organized by Lori and Tim McConnell of the West Seattle Runner store. This coming May on the 14th and 15th, Riley will be attempting to run 135 miles non-stop across the Olympic Peninsula from Port Townsend to La Push setting the first overall FKT, male or female, which she was forced to abandon at mile 82 in 2019 due to a fractured foot.

Riley will soon announce her ODT (Olympic Discovery Trail) FKT website, where you will be able to follow her live. If you see her running around West Seattle or hanging out with her sister at West Seattle Runner, she’s always down to share miles with you!

10 Replies to "READER REPORT: West Seattle ultra-runner Riley Nachtrieb takes on Whidbey Island"

  • StopCuttingDownTrees April 7, 2022 (11:56 pm)

    I got tired just reading about her distance achievements. I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes recently and it was a max effort. I’m glad to see someone so young doing so well in a sport dominated by folks age 40+.

  • Marina April 8, 2022 (12:46 am)

    Congrats Riley!

  • Tiffany Case April 8, 2022 (2:59 am)

    Well done, Riley!  Nice to see our girls come in first!  Proud!

  • Alki resident April 8, 2022 (7:16 am)

    I climbed three set of stairs yesterday 😳, but in all seriousness, Whidbey Island is a beautiful place to choose, good luck and go get em.

  • Blinkyjoe April 8, 2022 (8:43 am)

    Congrats Riley!!

  • Joe Drake April 8, 2022 (9:16 am)

    Awesome Riley!

  • Lane April 8, 2022 (9:50 am)

    Glad to see you thriving Riley! Awesome work!!

  • Patti Shuster April 8, 2022 (12:04 pm)

    Great work!

  • snowskier April 8, 2022 (12:11 pm)

    That’s a ton of miles.  Great job!!

  • JenFin April 8, 2022 (2:44 pm)

    So cool!  We saw her you tube show / film a while ago and then spotted her in WS so were able to congratulate her.  Such a huge achievement, and more to come!

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