Don’t need it? Don’t toss it! Recycle Roundup under way in Fauntleroy

(WSB photo)

Electronics are just part of what they’re taking this time around at Fauntleroy Church‘s Recycle Roundup, continuing until 3 this afternoon. We stopped by in the first hour, and the crews from 1 Green Planet were already busy. Here’s one more reminder of the will/won’t-take list:

It’s a free dropoff service in partnership with 1 Green Planet, but if you can make a monetary donation, the church’s Green Committee will accept it to help cover expenses. Again, this continues at 9140 California SW [map] until 3 pm – lots of time, so unless you truly can’t get there until the last minute, they ask that you go sooner rather than later.

7 Replies to "Don't need it? Don't toss it! Recycle Roundup under way in Fauntleroy"

  • Toni Reineke April 24, 2022 (11:54 am)

    Just returned from there–drove right in an unloaded (no line!).Thank you Fauntleroy Church for this great service!

  • anonyme April 24, 2022 (12:15 pm)

    It would be great if there were some kind of low-cost pickup service for those with no car and little money.  The city fee of $30 is more than a lot of people can afford for a single item.

    • alki_2008 April 25, 2022 (7:03 pm)

      What type of item?  If you post it for free on Craigslist, then you may find someone will pick it up and take it away for you.

  • Cathy in Seaview April 24, 2022 (1:06 pm)

    1:00 PM  We just got back.  No line, quick drop off.  Plenty of room left in their trucks. Be kind and leave a donation.

  • Janine April 24, 2022 (3:52 pm)

    I JUST found about this at 2:30 today so I very quickly loaded up an old washer, a stereo, air filter (they no longer sell the filters for) and as many computer cords and old charges I could find. I arrived right at 2:45 and they were putting up the cones to close it down but they let me in. Whew! So happy to get rid of a few things! I only wish there was more visibility to this event so I was aware a few days or a couple weeks ahead of time. I was happy to donate my items and make a monetary donation to this organization. What a great event!Thank you Fauntleroy Church for hosting this!

    • WSB April 24, 2022 (8:11 pm)

      We’ve been promoting it for a month and a half (with many recent reminders too). Pre-pandemic, Fauntleroy UCC hosted one in the spring and one in the fall each year, but the pandemic of course disrupted many things – though they did manage to host one last spring. We will of course announce fall plans as soon as we get word – TR

  • KT April 24, 2022 (4:02 pm)

    I walked down a broken rice cooker around 9:30.  They already had a lot of stuff in the containers that early!

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