BIZNOTES: TACOntainer’s future; Gigi’s Café; Rue Therapeutics

Lots of biznotes to report today – we’ll start with these three (with three more later this afternoon):

TACONTAINER’S FUTURE: When Victor closed the unique taco truck on Alki two months ago (aside from occasional openings), he said someone was preparing to take it over. That fell through. So it’s available – here’s his pitch:

Available for lease right away and up until March 2023. It may be possible to extend, but that is uncertain as the container might need to be moved to a different location in spring of 2023. Water, electrical and sewer is connected. All equipment and kitchen supplies included. Everything is up to code, licensed, permitted and last inspected by Seattle Public Health in March 2022. Self ordering kiosk and the kitchen display system for automated orders can be included as well. For lease amount and terms please contact Victor at 808-352-1779 or

GIGI’S CAFE: Chef Gino Williamson says his hopes of taking over the Super 24 building on Delridge didn’t work out, because he couldn’t work out the lease terms with the owner, so he’s still looking for somewhere to open a bricks-and-mortar restaurant (to be named Gigi’s Café, after his daughter). Meantime, his mobile food business is continuing to rove – you might have seen him recently on Webster by The Home Depot and Southwest Precinct, and he is taking nightly call-in dinner orders online.

RUE THERAPEUTICS: Josie emailed the announcement of her new business:

Rue Therapeutics: Massage and Pilates open in the Morgan Street Junction!

Located in West Seattle Pilates (6521 California SW); Rue Therapeutics offers gentle myofascial and Swedish massage paired with private Pilates instruction.

6 Replies to "BIZNOTES: TACOntainer's future; Gigi's Café; Rue Therapeutics"

  • K April 26, 2022 (2:47 pm)

    So the tacontainer needs a new tenant and Gino needs a location?  Match made! 

  • Neighbor April 26, 2022 (3:46 pm)

    I still don’t understand the hours at the Tacotainer.  It opened after lunch.  I tried to go several times around 11:30 and it was never open.  A taco stand should open no later than 11, otherwise lunch regulars learn to just go somewhere else.

  • Greg April 26, 2022 (6:10 pm)

    I wish there was a legitimate hoagie spot in WS.  We miss Subshop on California.  But they didn’t carry hoagie.  Maybe an enterprising rival to subway could take on the Tacontainer!

    • Auntie April 26, 2022 (6:23 pm)

      I second that motion! Real subs with actual meat. Imagine it! They could even do hot grinders.

  • Stacey Sterling April 27, 2022 (8:37 am)

    Vegan Taco Truck would be great!  There is definitely a need since Chaco Canyon and Allyum closed. Healthy food for a healthy planet!

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