WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red Lincoln (update: found)

11:30 PM THURSDAY: Just sent by Joellyn:

My sister’s car was stolen sometime between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm tonight.

Parked on California Ave in front of California Nail Salon and across the street from Soundview Apartments at the south end of the Junction.

Red 2017 Lincoln MKZ
License Plate: BWU 9390

Police Report 22-067080

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Car’s been found.

7 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red Lincoln (update: found)"

  • Phil March 18, 2022 (6:30 am)

    Vehicle was impounded for blocking a fire hydrant. Call Lincoln Towing.

    • Jort March 18, 2022 (12:57 pm)


    • No way really March 18, 2022 (7:03 pm)

      Are you serious ?Too funny,  karma ?

    • JRD March 20, 2022 (5:19 pm)

      Hi Phil. Wondering how you knew where to find the car? My sister couldn’t get confirmation from Lincoln Towing until about 8am. 

  • Beto March 18, 2022 (8:57 am)

     I always wonder how do they steal something that new, that modern?  Was it unlocked?  How do thieves manage to bypass all the electronic safety features those vehicles have now?  Scary and frustrating!

    • skeeter March 18, 2022 (12:23 pm)

      I’m with you Beto.  My understanding is that modern cars are really, really difficult to steal.  Certainly possible, but the thief would need access to advanced electronics to override the anti-theft devices.  It’s not 1985 when you can just hotwire a stolen car.  Anyway, glad the car was recovered and I hope the police can catch the thieves!

  • WSB March 18, 2022 (10:27 am)

    As noted above, the stolen car has been found. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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