On White Center Now: Vegan pizza, from the founder of Full Tilt Ice Cream

Even more food news tonight – Justin Cline, who founded Full Tilt Ice Cream in downtown White Center 14 years ago, just announced he’s adding something new at the same storefront: Elder Gods Pizza, which will serve vegan pizza, Detroit pan style. Pre-ordering starts tomorrow. The story’s on our partner site White Center Now.

7 Replies to "On <i>White Center Now</i>: Vegan pizza, from the founder of Full Tilt Ice Cream"

  • Marianne February 23, 2022 (9:10 am)

    How exciting!  I preordered a “Moss and Ruby” a few weeks ago.  I have never had Detroit style pizza before and it was delicious.  I am thrilled to have another yummy vegan option in the neighborhood.

  • Luke February 23, 2022 (9:12 am)

    Just placed my order! Thanks for the heads up. Go vegan!

  • Lynda B February 23, 2022 (11:05 am)

    Yes!  Thank you for offering this.  We would occasionally pickup Vegan Pizza Pi or from MOD. Haven’t tried other pizza places in the area that have vegan cheese/protein offerings.  Love having another place to try!

  • Lisab February 23, 2022 (2:45 pm)

    Can’t wait for this….great to have more vegan options. 

  • Patrick February 23, 2022 (5:50 pm)

    Yes! Going to hit this place right away for some β€˜za

  • Jyl February 24, 2022 (1:58 pm)

     So excited for for pick up Friday! Thanks for doing the crossover posting!

  • Stephen February 24, 2022 (7:07 pm)

    Detroit-style-vegan-pizza is a word combo I can’t get behind.  You all do your thing, though–enjoy!

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