BIZNOTE: West Seattle restaurant for Lily’s Salvadorean

2940 SW Avalon Way, until recently the home of Allyum, has a new tenant – someone you might already know from the West Seattle Farmers’ Market: A liquor-license application this week revealed that Lily’s Salvadorean is taking over the space. A note on the window confirms it:

The note promises Mexican food as well as Salvadorean. Founder Lilian Anaya Quintanilla‘s business is more than a decade old. We briefly made contact at the market today, where Lily’s booth was very busy as usual, and we’re working on a followup conversation for details.

18 Replies to "BIZNOTE: West Seattle restaurant for Lily's Salvadorean"

  • OMG February 13, 2022 (4:04 pm)

    I look for their empanada’s every time I’m at the market. SO good. Very happy for them. 

  • Patrick February 13, 2022 (4:49 pm)

    I hope this place thrives, and I plan to do my part to make it so. Wonderful news!

  • WS Res February 13, 2022 (6:18 pm)

    Fantastic!  I looooove their pupusas.

  • NW February 13, 2022 (7:10 pm)

    Felicidades!!!! 🇺🇸 🇸🇻 

  • Mike February 13, 2022 (8:45 pm)

    I will be there!

  • Sweetiebee February 13, 2022 (10:10 pm)

    I plan to do my part to make sure she stays in business as well. Just please have  veggie options 😋

  • Chris K February 14, 2022 (7:49 am)

    Best of luck to them.  That is a challenging location.

    • Maria February 14, 2022 (10:28 am)

      You’re right – That section never feels like a destination, which is unfortunate because the patio looks cozy. I can at least bike there, and I hope they somehow continue to incorporate the Vespa mural.

      • WSB February 14, 2022 (10:54 am)

        Somehow Luna Park Café two doors down has managed to survive, and also note that residential development continues in the area, including the new apartment building that’ll be under construction soon at Harbor/Avalon (plus a few other projects on Avalon), so the nearby customer base continues to grow.

      • MV February 20, 2022 (8:37 pm)

        The Spot, just down the block, seems to be thriving too. If people like it, they will come. 

  • CarDriver February 14, 2022 (11:07 am)

    WSB. Speaking of businesses…any updates on the former Top Pot and dry cleaners spaces on Alki?? Also, any word on the Quality Cleaners space at Calif. & Admiral?

    • WSB February 14, 2022 (12:58 pm)

      No, they’re stilll on our watch list.

      • momosmom February 15, 2022 (1:03 pm)

        Hi how about the Mexicuban in White Center looks like they’re just about ready to open, there’s food pics on their windows? 

  • WGA February 14, 2022 (1:20 pm)

    I noticed someone painting over the scooter girl mural on Sunday. Sigh.

    • WSB February 14, 2022 (4:28 pm)

      Our photo is from Sunday noonish so it would have been after that. The mural dates back to four tenants ago, Café Revo in 2008.

      • WGA February 17, 2022 (12:42 pm)

        Ahh, Café Revo!

        The south facing mural held up fairly well after 14 years.
        For me, that mural was a bright spot on the WS Bridge detour.

        I drove down Avalon around 3pm and someone was just starting to paint over the mural. Driving home at about 5pm, I could see in my mirror they had painted over about a third and left for the day.

  • deathfromabovekitty February 15, 2022 (11:53 am)

    My son and I live for her fresh pupusas.. I’m so happy they are coming to the neighborhood!!

  • DGA February 15, 2022 (4:45 pm)

    Our townhome is up the hill from this restaurant. My wife and I are very excited. We will go there every week!

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