WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mystery stabbing; catalytic-converter theft; two package thieves

Four notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:

MYSTERY STABBING: Shortly before 3 this morning, police say, they got a report of a stabbing victim in the Home Depot parking lot, and found the victim “a block away at a gas station” with a stab wound to his left arm. However, police add, the victim “would not. provide specific details about the incident,” and they couldn’t find evidence of a scene. The victim, they say, “stated reeatedly that he did not want to ‘press charges’.” Nor did he want SFD to take him to a hospital; according to the police summary, he “opted to self-transport to Harborview for treatment.”

CATALYTIC CONVERTER STOLEN: Via text: “Our catalytic converter was stolen in 1700 block Alki Ave SW. 2007 Hyundai Tucson. Between the 14th & today. (We don’t drive often).”


I watched this woman park and scope out three of my neighbor’s porches on 46th off Admiral around 10:30 am. I confronted her when I saw her take a package. She initially said she lived in that house then admitted she didn’t but said she lived in the neighborhood. Then she dropped the package and ran. Sadly I didn’t get a good picture of her but did of the car.

Unfortunately she removed the license plate prior to the prowl.

PACKAGE THEFT #2: From Monte:

3:17 am Tuesday morning, thief left a half-eaten creamsicle in exchange for my package. Dark-skinned male, around 6 feet, average/slender build. Winter coat with a fur-lined collar, flat-brimmed ball cap with the sticker still on it.

The package contained replacement straws for a water bottle.

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  • JustAJ January 20, 2022 (9:54 pm)

    Oh my gosh, is this the car that was stopped in the middle of the road blocking traffic in front of the 7/11 on Admiral and California this afternoon?  A couple of us called 911 to report it but I left before the police came.  Do we know if the police showed up and found someone in the car? 

  • Lindsey January 21, 2022 (7:34 am)

    That half painted car is stolen. I called police when I saw them painting it but they peeled out before the cops arrived. It’s case 22-12944. Call 911 if you see it. 

  • Dan January 21, 2022 (7:41 am)

     Yep…same car. I watched as 3 SPD cruisers sat in the Chevron lot “making a plan” and then as they pulled up around the car (which was running), approached it shining lights in and knocking on the driver’s side window. The car suddenly just began rolling away and they each went back to their cars and just let it drive away. Just a weird scene. A neighbor who’d coned off the car for safety in the traffic lane said he thought the person might’ve had a heart attack or some other medical emergency as they were slumped over the wheel. After watching this unfold and now reading the porch pirate story, I’m thinking she was passed out from ???? Neighborhood vigilance is the only way to  stop this, folks. Look out for one another. 

  • Lola January 21, 2022 (8:05 am)

    The Grey car was probably stolen as well.  We have to be extra vigilant as they are coming out of the woodwork now.  My neighbor was at Rite-Aid on Calif. Ave the other day in line to buy something.  Two women came in went over to the booze Aisle and took a couple of bottles and walked out with them as the Cashier was yelling at them to come back.  This is our world now. 

  • Jamie January 21, 2022 (8:14 am)

    I have seen that silver Lexus aggressively driving around West Seattle without a license plate at least twice this week. She went screaming down Genessee towards Delridge, easily exceeding 70 MPH, and was weaving in and out of traffic.

  • DelridgeMom January 21, 2022 (8:59 am)

    Question about that Lexus…..was it spray painted? Is the base/original color silver? If so, there was a silver Lexus suv being spray painted at the encampment on 26th and Juneau yesterday.

  • RT January 21, 2022 (9:29 am)

    Quite likely the car was stolen too. 

  • Lindsey January 21, 2022 (9:33 am)

    This car is entirely spraypainted black now. We just saw it and call 911 but they didn’t come in time.

    • flimflam January 21, 2022 (3:31 pm)

      Spray painted newish car? Nah, nothing suspicious about that!

  • momosmom January 21, 2022 (10:33 am)

    WSB, some people have said there was some police/helicopter action happening last night over by Cascade/Evergreen High had you heard anything about that?

  • MyThruppence January 21, 2022 (12:35 pm)

    May I suggest if one sees this vehicle, a spray painted black, hatchback Lexus with no license plate, just stab one or two tires and call the police. In the unlikely event that it is in the possession of the registered owner, then you can pay for a tow and two replacement tires for the owner. In the VERY likely event it is a stolen car being used in crimes, and driving recklessly on neighborhood streets, then let’s make sure it is taken out of circulation.

    • anonyme January 21, 2022 (1:37 pm)

      That is one seriously delusional suggestion.  How about just calling the police without stabbing the tires and causing felony damage? I for one, could not afford to pay an unnecessary tow and new tires just to feel like a badass, in addition to possibly going to jail.  One crime does not justify another.  On another note, maybe this vehicle is an example of why missing license plates should still warrant a stop by police, despite the further reduced enforcement recently announced by SPD?

      • WS Res January 21, 2022 (11:01 pm)

        Do you understand the difference between “we won’t stop any vehicle with missing plates” and “we won’t stop any vehicle ONLY because it has missing plates”?  “This vehicle matches the description of a vehicle used in committing crimes” is a reason for a stop. They don’t need the missing plate as a pretext.  The new policy is not to use ONLY a missing plate (etc) as a reason for a stop.

        • anonyme January 22, 2022 (7:34 am)

          Yes, I do understand, thank you.  I read the article quite carefully, and the parameters are actually a little vague.  My point is that a missing plate should be a primary reason for a stop, as it is often evidence of a stolen vehicle.  I also stand by my assertion that slashing tires is not a good way to be a good samaritan.

        • Pessoa January 22, 2022 (1:33 pm)

          WS Res: Perhaps, but the read-between-the lines warning issued to police officers along with these guidelines is this:  Don’t stop non-white motorists for any reason.  If these new guidelines were to be enforced strictly and without prejudice for all, there are good things to be said on their behalf;  unfortunately, I doubt this will be the case. 

    • Hmm January 21, 2022 (2:33 pm)


    • westwood January 21, 2022 (6:30 pm)

      Quite possibly the stupidest thing I have read today…and I’ve been on Twitter.

  • drahcir61 January 21, 2022 (3:44 pm)

    Yeah … probably not a great idea to “stab one or two tires and call the police”.  Stupid me, I leave my Ginsu knife in the kitchen … what am I thinking, I should obviously have THAT in the front seat of my car … you know, to stab random tires!

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