WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Building burglary; catalytic-converter theft; warrant arrest

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

BUILDING BURGLARY: Brandon reports another condo-building break-in, this time in the 3200 block of Harbor Avenue SW reporting that a man first broke a door to get into the building, then broke into a car in a secure garage, and tried to burglarize other areas of the building. Plus: “Around the same time, someone (perhaps the same person) attempted to break into an office suite that provides mental health therapy to the community in the same building. Brandon says there’s video from the break-in; we’ve requested an image and will add it if we get it. Police incident # is 22-010698.

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFT: We just got word this week of one that happened December 29th. Paul reports, “The catalytic converter was sawed off my Honda Element on December 28th. I was parked outside the Chelan while eating lunch. I was one space from the bar door. … We sure could use some political action to stop buyers from abetting this crime.” We checked the Washington State Legislature database and so far for this year’s session, four bills have been introduced related to catalytic-converter theft, including one co-sponsored by West Seattle-residing State House Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, HB1815, which would establish a “pilot project” and task force focusing on ways to make it easier to track stolen catalytic converters, including a free ID-etching program.

WARRANT ARREST: We got a tip Thursday afternoon about a large police presence at 24th/Holden. Police were gone when we arrived, but we learned today that it was a warrant arrest. 20-year-old Kevon J. Givens was arrested on warrants from two 2020 cases in which he had been charged, second-degree robbery in a backpack theft at a Kirkland youth-activities center, attempted first-degree robbery in a backpack theft in South Seattle. The jail roster shows he is also under investigation for an alleged firearms violation. Court documents from the 2020 cases list Givens as a Beacon Hill resident.

6 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Building burglary; catalytic-converter theft; warrant arrest"

  • Question Authority January 14, 2022 (9:28 pm)

    If you can cut out a cat you certainly can remove an etch, if you gut it for the innards and dump the shell the etch is irrelevant aways.   You have everyone from unscrupulous scrap metal companies and metal smelting firms involved in this mess.

  • Westseattlitetony January 14, 2022 (10:51 pm)

    My catalytic converter was sawed off overnight monday outside my house in the junction, be careful and dont own a prius i guess

  • 1994 January 15, 2022 (2:53 pm)

    Another commenter mentioned a couple months back that some of these stolen cats end up being trafficked to California so a state regulation really would not be sufficient deterrent.  A nationwide regulation would be perhaps more effective.

  • Stuck in West Seattle January 15, 2022 (4:42 pm)

    I feel bad for this guy. There is a site that sells catalytic guards. See below I saw they have it for his specific model.https://getcatsecurity.com/purchase-online

  • Robert January 15, 2022 (9:30 pm)

    We don’t need more laws, we need the police to investigate who is buying these things.  This can’t be that difficult.  

  • Auntie January 15, 2022 (9:54 pm)

    It seems this is a nation-wide problem, so why don’t our senators and congressional reps get together (gasp!) and pass interstate laws that control who can sell them and restrictions on buyers, as well? 

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