WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Brewery prowler; business-district vandalism; car with gunfire damage

Three cases in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

BREWERY PROWLER: From Best of Hands Barrelhouse proprietor Nicholas Marianetti:

Last night/this morning between 4 & 5 am we caught … a prowler on our outdoor cameras.

Looks to be white male in his 40s-50s. Blue Seahawks beanie, gray puffy coat, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He broke parts of our fence in order to gain access to our back deck where our outdoor walk-in sits.

No further damage was caused as we believe he was deterred by the bar-lock on our walk-in. We’ve had our walkin broken into, and product stolen before. We’d like to ask our neighbors to help us in remaining vigilant.

If you have any tips – or new suspicious activity to report (Best of Hands is at 35th/Webster, in the building with a cow on the roof), you can refer to SDOT incident 22-900827.

BUSINESS-DISTRICT VANDALISM: Michelle sent the photos this morning after noticing this scene outside businesses on the east side of the 2300 block of California SW:

This was “mid-cleanup,” she explained, adding that she reported it to police and described it as including planters, trash, and excrement. One business in that block has reported a chronic problem with the latter. We don’t have a police report number on this but will add it if we get one.

CAR DAMAGED BY GUNFIRE: This is from a preliminary police summary: A car was damaged by gunfire while parked for a week in the 6300 block of 16th SW (the report doesn’t specify whether it was on the street or in a private driveway). The car was parked on January 2nd or 3rd; a friend of its owner reported seeing the damage on January 4th. The owner returned to her car late last night and reported the damage. The police summary says, “The vehicle sustained numerous bullet impacts to the driver-side rear passenger window and door.”

17 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Brewery prowler; business-district vandalism; car with gunfire damage"

  • 935 January 11, 2022 (8:26 pm)

    OH NO!!!!! Not New Leaf….

    Well, guess I know where I’m having lunch and dinner tomorrow….

  • Mj January 11, 2022 (10:34 pm)

    Operating a restaurant is hard enough without the added cost of vandelism.  It would be nice to see the perp(s) caught and made an example of via pay restitution or sit in a jail cell.

    • Lucy January 12, 2022 (8:13 am)

      That would mean judgement and punishment, that’s not who we are.  The person was simply frustrated and seeking help.  We must get to the root cause of their disillusionment.  Punishment doesn’t solve the problem. 

    • James January 12, 2022 (10:53 am)

      Sometimes and likely it’s someone with mental illness. This isn’t fixed by throwing in jail. Have we not learned?

      • Guy January 12, 2022 (11:35 am)

        So what’s your realistic and immediate solution? We can’t just let this conduct continue and allow people to destroy others’ property without consequence, can we?

      • Axe January 12, 2022 (12:32 pm)

        Or just childish behavior and/or drugs. Jail time would suit him just fine. He can get his therapy and mental health services there.

  • North Admiral Neighbor January 12, 2022 (4:22 am)

    I walked by there a few times yesterday. The individuals responsible are pictured above. They’re sleeping in the entrance to New Leaf under a blanket. 

  • Mike January 12, 2022 (6:20 am)

    “One business in that block”I assume that’s the laundromat

    • WSB January 12, 2022 (1:32 pm)


  • Admiral Mom January 12, 2022 (7:11 am)

    I would just like to add that New Leaf Bistro is having trouble with the homeless population that lives in the neighboring laundromat. They sleep in their business area, leave trash everywhere, and we’re part of the destruction of their flower pots all over the street. If you recall, the owner of this business passed away from cancer about 4 years ago leaving his widow and children to run this business. She works very hard to provide for her family. To go through the loss of you husband, running a restaurant solo, parenting your children alone, and a pandemic, would be unimaginably hard! Please help to support this business if you can!

  • I'm not kidding January 12, 2022 (7:46 am)

    There is a serial sidewalk pooper in N. Admiral. I noticed it perhaps right before Christmas. First, it was at the bus stop at California and Massachusetts. Then at the postal drop box at California and College, and then outside the Yoga studio. The other day, I noticed outside the emergency door on the backside of Met Market on 42nd and in the potted tree at New Leaf. I can say I honestly don’t know what to do. This is definitely human feces and totally gross that I would notice, but I’m certain the same person.   

    • k January 12, 2022 (8:13 pm)

      For starters, our society could acknowledge that public restrooms are a necessity, especially for people living unsheltered. 

  • RT January 12, 2022 (8:42 am)

    There has been a fellow taking shelter periodically by the front entrance to New Leaf and sleeping there at times. Outreach to see if he can be linked to services and care would be great, if this is possible. 

  • I love beer January 12, 2022 (9:23 am)

    As for the Best of Hands beer heist, does anyone know if Brett Kavanaugh has an alibi? I see “#Where’sBrett?” trending

  • Sarah January 12, 2022 (10:08 am)

    The gunfire incident sure sounds like it’s related to this: Thursday – January 6, 2022 – SPD Blotter (seattle.gov)Maybe not the same incident specifically, but the timing and locations are close enough that a connection is likely. 

  • CarDriver January 12, 2022 (12:20 pm)

    James. Why is it better to let these people free to burglarize and vandalize?? Your message to the victims is to suck it up and not hold the perpetrator accountable?

  • Ron M January 12, 2022 (1:34 pm)

    In the pictures of New Leaf, it actually looks like someone is camped in their little door nook. Looks like their sitting with a bunch of blankets and a bottle next to them. Could that be the person responsible for the damage? It is quite a shame that those businesses and especially New Leaf has to suffer from this. I believe New Leaf is POC woman owned, wonderful staff and food. It seems like the person vandalizing these businesses is taking advantage of their kindness.

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