WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4 bicycles stolen, 1 bike found

Two reader reports:


My wife and I live close to The Junction (40th and Oregon) and we discovered (Friday) that we had four bikes stolen. Someone went through our gate and broke into our shed.

Could you please report this and ask people to keep an eye out for these bikes, and to contact me if they’re found anywhere?
– Giant TCR road bike, white, size L
– Liv Avail road bike, gray, size L
– Jamis Quest road bike, blue, 60cm
– Jamis Renegade S4 gravel bike, gray, 58cm

Contact: Graeme, gtruschel@gmail.com

FOUND BIKE: Danielle in North Delridge says this Specialized bicycle was dumped in her yard this morning:

If it’s yours, contact us and we’ll connect you.

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4 bicycles stolen, 1 bike found"

  • Mj January 22, 2022 (1:25 pm)

    Behind a gate and locked shed, the thief must have scoped the situation and new there were some nice bikes.  I hope the perp is caught and thrown in jail and that the SPD finds and returns the bikes.

  • CarDriver January 22, 2022 (1:43 pm)

    WSB/Others. What # of stolen bikes get recovered-in ridable condition? What % of thieves get caught/sentenced??

  • Chris January 22, 2022 (2:02 pm)

    Drive by the RV camp next to west seattle health club and look for your bikes.

    • cheeseWS777 January 23, 2022 (9:29 am)

      Yes please do. And also if you find it somplace else, tell this guy so maybe he can apologize for profiling the way he is.

      • Graeme January 28, 2022 (3:38 pm)

        Chris’ hunch was correct actually – that’s where my Giant TCR was.

        The other three bikes are still missing. If anyone sees any of them around, please contact me, the Seattle Bike Recovery Action Team (bikerecoveryactionteam.seattle@gmail.com), or SPD, Case #2022-901656. Thank you.

    • sb2780 January 27, 2022 (2:57 pm)

      I saw the white bike yesterday while driving past the RV camp next to the West Seattle Health Club at approximately 11:30 am. Someone was wheeling it along next to one of the RV’s. I thought to myself at the time that it was probably stolen…and guess what it is.

      • Graeme January 28, 2022 (11:51 am)

        Owner of the bikes here! You probably saw that person on his way to meet with me. I was able to successfully and peacefully retrieve it yesterday, thanks to the Seattle Bike Recovery Action Team tracking it down and lining up the exchange. The other three bikes are still missing though.

  • BikeIndex January 22, 2022 (5:28 pm)

    :( please be sure to register all these bikes as stolen on bikeindex.org – and be sure to monitor offerup, since a bunch of stolen bikes always show up there

    • Graeme January 28, 2022 (12:02 pm)

      Hi, owner here! Love your service, it helped me track down my Giant bike with the help of the Seattle Bike Recovery Action Team – they are wonderful. Thank you for what you do.

  • flimflam January 22, 2022 (8:59 pm)

    Any news regarding the copper wire thefts from under the WS bridge? Cable outages?

      • bill January 22, 2022 (10:45 pm)

        Theft of the wires powering the lights along the West Seattle Bridge Trail is a historic problem. I have not biked through there at night recently so I don’t know the state of affairs presently. From time to time I see people (rough looking guys) stripping insulation off hefty wire on SW Marginal Pl — just a block from the recycling business. In broad daylight. Even Inspector Clouseau could connect those dots. 

      • flimflam January 23, 2022 (7:27 am)

        oh jeez. My bad. i thought it was odd there wasn’t coverage here and (DUH!) that’s why. thank you.

  • MALOU January 24, 2022 (4:44 pm)

    Try to check  offer up on daily basis, there is that all stolen bicycles for sale are published

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