TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: Friday notes and weekend alerts

8:58 AM: There’s word of a possible power line down near West Marginal/Highland Park Way.


6:03 AM Good morning!


Wind and rain are forecast to continue into this morning, with some easing before the day’s out. A bit of snow is possible tonight.


-Today, the first cargo ship calls at Terminal 5‘s first modernized berth (watch for coverage here later).

-Saturday, work at the 5-way. Here’s the advisory from SDOT:

We will have signal crews working to replace overhead signs on Chelan Ave SW (in front of the Chelan Café). The work is anticipated to begin Saturday as soon as 5 am and conclude as soon as 5 pm. Traffic impacts include lane closures below the signs as they work to make updates. Please navigate the area with caution.

-Sunday is the first of four Sundays this month with low-bridge closures for pre-repair testing.


West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxi routes are on their regular schedules.

Metro is on its regular weekday schedule. Watch @kcmetrobus for word of trip cancellations.

Ferries: WSF continues a two-boat schedule on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run. Check here for alerts/updates.


654th morning without the West Seattle Bridge. Traffic cams are working again:

Low Bridge: Automated enforcement cameras remain in use; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends; the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available here for some categories of drivers.)

The 1st Avenue South Bridge (map):

South Park Bridge:

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

Are movable bridges opening for vessels? The @SDOTBridges Twitter feed can tell you; 1st Ave. S. Bridge openings are also tweeted on @wsdot_traffic.

See all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also on this WSB page.

Trouble on the streets/paths/bridges/water? Please let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.

13 Replies to "TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: Friday notes and weekend alerts"

  • WSCurmudgeon January 7, 2022 (7:48 am)

    The Low Bridge appears to be wreathed in giant spider webs in the traffic cam pic taken at 07:36 this morning. 

  • Lola January 7, 2022 (7:55 am)

    Watch out for those dang big potholes on 106th if you leave WS that way, they are getting bigger by the day.  Yes I have done the Pothole Patrol online and told them. 

    • WSB January 7, 2022 (8:46 am)

      We happened onto those on westbound 106th last night. Ouch.

      • R January 7, 2022 (10:34 am)

        It’s pretty rough. 106th was never meant for this much traffic, for so many years. Pothole Rangers can do all they can (and thank goodness for them, working hard out there for us), but no pothole ranger-ing is gonna keep that road from falling apart at lightning speed until it is repaved. 

  • HarborIslandworker January 7, 2022 (8:15 am)

    I find it a little weird that on the first day of T5 opening. All cameras that capture that Corridor are under maintenance. WSB do you have any word on if it’s going to be that way all day. 

    • WSB January 7, 2022 (8:45 am)

      The main “low bridge” camera is working but looks like they’re having the same problem as earlier this week with a bunch of other cameras. I’ll flag SDOT, again.

  • Mellow Kitty January 7, 2022 (9:11 am)

    The power line issue explains the brief flickers a few moments ago. 

  • WS Res January 7, 2022 (9:35 am)

    Well, they’re back, but two are pointed at a bunch of nothing useful again.

  • reed January 7, 2022 (10:31 am)

    Bike commute was super wet and a bit muggy, but predictable and on time as I am every day.

  • Goddess Andraste January 7, 2022 (10:56 am)

    We lost power in Highland Park for about 5 seconds, a little before 9. But it took almost two hours to get Xfinity back. Everything seems to be fine now.

  • ShermanO January 7, 2022 (10:59 am)

    @WSB, At 11 AM  camera is showing a semi/car collision, with fire and police on the scene.

  • drownedrat January 7, 2022 (11:20 am)

    PLEASE be careful about cutting through Holden to the South Park bridge.  I reported it to s. And to City utility, because the road is extremely dangerous because of a flash flood. It really needs to be closed. There is even a stalled out SUV. The water was over knee high. 

    • WSB January 7, 2022 (11:35 am)

      Thanks, we’re just back from 2 hours at Terminal 5 and catching up, got some visuals from folks of the South Park situation, will publish separately.

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