Listening to voices you haven’t heard: West Seattleite co-produces new podcast ‘You Know Me Now’

“I think in general our community could benefit from getting closer to the issues of homelessness,” says West Seattle resident Tomasz Biernacki. He’s been working hard himself to try to facilitate that. Three years ago, he produced the documentary “Trickle Down Town,” focusing on people with different relationships to the homelessness crisis. He’s spent a lot of time volunteering, including co-founding the tiny-home-building program Sound Foundations NW, which launched at Camp Second Chance in West Seattle. More recently, he’s helped coordinate volunteers and funding for West Seattle’s only cold-weather shelter at the Veterans’ Center in The Triangle. And now Biernacki is co-producing a podcast, “You Know Me Now.” Here’s the description:

You Know Me Now is a Seattle based podcast, storytelling and journalism project giving voice to those marginalized in our community. From these life stories we hope to spark conversation and connection. We are doing this with the sole purpose of bringing us all closer together so that we can better address the issues that divide us.

When we listen to those living different lives or views from our own, we begin a journey of understanding. An understanding of not only those around us, but also ourselves. To move forward, we must know that everyone has their own truth. It begins by not being right or wrong, but rather by listening.

Those sharing openly and vulnerably do so with the hope of non-judgment in return. This is the beginning of coming closer.

The first episode, hosted by Seattle architect and advocate Rex Hohlbein, is an introduction of sorts, running 13 minutes. You can listen to it by going here.

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  • Cozy January 27, 2022 (11:19 pm)

    What a great project, beautiful description, thanks for doing this 👍

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