West Seattle Liquor and Wine: Welcome, new WSB sponsor

Today we’re welcoming a new WSB sponsor, West Seattle Liquor and Wine (4714 42nd SW). New sponsors get an opportunity to tell you about what they do, so here’s what WSLW wants you to know:

Using the adjective “premier” only begins to describe the recently re-opened West Seattle Liquor and Wine store on the outer west side of Jefferson Square on 42nd Ave SW. This is not your average liquor store – the slogan is Unique and Uncommonly Found Wine and Spirits.

West Seattle Liquor and Wine’s inventory includes unusual and rare spirits. “We have things you won’t find anywhere else in West Seattle: bourbons, scotches, tequila,” store manager Dolly Amend says, “including all the local Seattle area bourbons.” Continuing, Dolly says, “Our goal, which I believe we have achieved, is to have the best selection of scotch, bourbons, gins, liqueurs, tequilas, and vodkas anywhere in the state.”

(Davey, Sheryl, and Dolly @ West Seattle Liquor and Wine)

Furthermore: “The store’s scotch section is absolutely the best in the city, if not the state,” says Dolly. “You might never have found our single malts, for example, in Seattle before, such as Laddie Classic, Ledaig, Tobermory, to name a few.”

West Seattle Liquor and Wine also offers an extensive tequila section, which aficionados call “fantastic mezcals,” and a selection of liqueurs from all over the world: Italian Amari, pastis from France, Cynar, every possible fruit liqueur. And dozens of made-in-Washington labels are in stock.

The store does not skimp on their wine selections. The store offers a broad selection of wines from around the world. Unique selections not found in any grocery stores.

Its merchandise also includes martini shakers, and just about every tool and ingredient for making cocktails – including tipsy cherries, cocktail onions, many bitters, even a special salt to rim your Margaritas. The list of complementary merchandise includes ginger beer, soda, tonics, and many different vermouths.

Visit the store during its TASTING TIME, which is held each Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The store’s tasting selections include varieties of bourbons, whiskey, rums, gins, vodka, tequila, liqueurs, and more.

“Grocery stores wouldn’t have room to carry the 3,000-plus brands and sizes of liquor we have now,” Dolly says, also pointing out that West Seattle Liquor and Wine has a “huge and wonderful selection of wine.”

West Seattle Liquor and Wine is located on 42nd just south of Alaska in The Junction, open 10 am-7 pm Mondays-Saturdays, 11 am-6 pm Sundays. You’ll also find the store at its website, WSLW-LLC.com (under construction), on Facebook and on Google. By phone: 206-923-5472.

We thank West Seattle Liquor and Wine for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Liquor and Wine: Welcome, new WSB sponsor"

  • winegirl December 1, 2021 (4:18 pm)

    I’m so glad this is back! My bar cart has been really boring lately. I can’t wait to see the wine selection!

  • Joe December 1, 2021 (4:59 pm)

    Love these guys. Was super bummed when they closed the space across Alaska. Glad they’re back up and running. By far the best selection on the island and always super friendly.

  • Michael waldo December 1, 2021 (6:23 pm)

    Good news! The old store had a wonderful chocolate liqueur from Italy. I will check them out and see if they still carry it.

  • west sea neighbor December 2, 2021 (8:58 am)

    The single malt selection sounds intriguing. I like Ledaig, and glad that it is in production again!

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