UPDATE: Thousands lose power in West Seattle windstorm outages

12:12 AM: As the wind kicks up, we’ve got the first power-outage report. So far, we have texters from (updated) High Point, Westwood, South Delridge, Highland Park, and Sunrise Heights reporting an outage. Not mapped yet. Updates to come.

12:16 AM: It’s not mapped yet but as dispatchers send fire crews to alarms triggered by the outage, they’ve just announced 4,000 customers are out.

12:39 AM: City Light map’s still not showing this outage, but readers are reporting affected areas in the comments – thanks.

12:44 AM: Single-car crash reported in the 7700 block of Delridge Way SW, which is reported to be in the outage area.

12:48 AM: City Light map is finally showing this outage. 4,442 homes/businesses. We’ll add a screenshot of the map momentarily.

12:54 AM: Part of South Park is out too, the map shows.

1:16 AM: Outage down to 2,700+ customers – the rest just got their power back after about an hour. Here’s the updated map showing who’s still out:

2:07 AM: Map shows outage has downsized a bit again, to 2,523, but a texter says they “just saw another flash a few moments ago and the lights that were on in Highland Park in 8th Avenue went out.’ They also report an SCL crew checking out a nearby pole. Also, a pocket of 19 homes in west Admiral is out as of about 15 minutes ago:

2:19 AM: Another pocket: 75 in North Delridge as of about 10 minutes ago:

2:47 AM: And now we’re out in Upper Fauntleroy. … and back after a few minutes … and out again.

2:54 AM: The wind continues roaring. And now SFD’s being dispatched to what’s described as a transformer fire, in the 7800 block of 45th SW.

3:04 AM: After 15 minutes, “our” outage still hasn’t shown up on the map. Meantime, a texter down the hill in lower Gatewood just heard an explosion-type sound. (Update) City Light’s automated recording, which will provide information to people directly affected by outages, says ours is affecting 148 homes.

3:24 AM: Map’s updated. Three outages totaling 450 customers in Upper Fauntleroy and Gatewood.

Add that to the outages elsewhere, and it’s 3,060+ homes/businesses out right now around West Seattle. We’ve also just heard from Amy in Arbor Heights, who reports a tree through her house:

No injuries.

4:11 AM: We seem to have made it through a full hour with no new outages. Still very windy, and the National Weather Service has reaffirmed that its alert continues until 10 am. The NWS says barometric pressure is bottoming out right now “as a cold front sweeps through the area.” … The original outage is now down to 1,453 customers, per the SCL map. (added) City Light says this outage was caused by a “failed splice.”

5:54 PM: The Delridge pocket has power back; the original High Point (etc.) outage is now down to 712. The wind’s still raging. … So a total of almost 1,200 West Seattle customers (including us) are still out.

7:47 AM: Unchanged since last update.

10:15 AM: The original outage zone is now fully restored. That leaves the ~450 in Gatewood/Upper Fauntleroy (us included) as the largest remaining West Seattle outage. Meantime, daylight reveals more downed trees – we’ll start a separate storm-damage/outage report soon – any updates/damage reports, please let us know via westseattleblog@gmail.com or (text) 206-293-6302 – thank you!

11:24 AM: We’re continuing coverage at this link.

79 Replies to "UPDATE: Thousands lose power in West Seattle windstorm outages"

  • WS Resident December 11, 2021 (12:13 am)

    Power is out at Delridge Crossing apartments too! 

  • Arbor Heights December 11, 2021 (12:16 am)

    Flickered up here in arbor heights 

    • EJ December 11, 2021 (12:30 am)

      I thought for sure it was going out! That was some bad flickering…

  • Morealex December 11, 2021 (12:16 am)

    13th Ave SW in Highland Park. Dark, dark, dark. We’re b/n Thistle & Elmgrove, but when I go out onto my front porch, looks like the next block south, 13th b/n Thistle & Cloverdale, lights are on.

  • Steve December 11, 2021 (12:17 am)

    Highland Park 12th ave sw between elmgrove and kenyon just lost power

  • Josh December 11, 2021 (12:17 am)

    23 rd ave SW is out

  • newnative December 11, 2021 (12:17 am)

    North Admiral District, we had a flicker and lost internet and had to reboot. 

  • Alyeana December 11, 2021 (12:18 am)

    City light said “ tree” maybe back on at 3:45 

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (12:21 am)

      My customary reminder, the restoration guesses are not based on anything factual. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Don’t open the fridge.

      • DHR December 11, 2021 (12:22 am)

        Thistle 25th out

  • Dan December 11, 2021 (12:18 am)

    Were right across the street from Home Depot, and after the first flicker I heard what sounded like a transformer exploding. Good times!

    • Erica December 11, 2021 (12:23 am)

      I live here down on Delridge I knew I heard that transformer go out. Y’all be safe out there 💯

    • meanmistermustard December 11, 2021 (10:27 am)

      Dan, you must be close to me-I also describe myself as right across from Home Depot (I live in that little pocket behind the (RIP) Tug Inn.  Did not hear the transformer, but had just plugged my phone in at 13%.  Used a half-full recharger to get to 23% and wasted 6% loading the outage map, seeing nothing, and calling it in.    If the map had been updated, would have only used another 3%.  Glad it was back by morning.

  • Scrappy December 11, 2021 (12:21 am)

    Umm… It’s not particularly windy over here in Highland Park. Heavy sigh.  Sick of the umpteen outages occurring nonstop in this city.

  • Mark December 11, 2021 (12:25 am)

    Power is out around Boren too. Lights go out, substation nearby goes boom.

  • John December 11, 2021 (12:26 am)

    Out at the corner of 22nd and Trenton.   I see delridge and Trenton out my window and it’s out too

  • Lyssa December 11, 2021 (12:31 am)

    Lights are on at Louisa Boren K-8 school, but out south from there on Delridge Way. 

  • Tanya December 11, 2021 (12:33 am)

    Highland park 14th  and Thistle no power 

  • Tina December 11, 2021 (12:36 am)

    Out on the west side of 17th at Thistle. East side seems to still have power. Still doesn’t seem to be showing on the City Light outage map.

  • Fede December 11, 2021 (12:38 am)

    Same.  Huge explosion sound and no power afterwards around 23rd Ave SW. 

  • WSB December 11, 2021 (12:39 am)

    Thanks for the location updates. City Light map still hasn’t updated after a half-hour, which is really unusual – usually 15 minutes at the most before outages show there.

  • Spencer December 11, 2021 (12:42 am)

    28th and Holden – Holden street has power but everything south is dark

  • Morealex December 11, 2021 (12:46 am)

    RE opening the fridge as little as possible… it’s cold enough outside this time of year that if you have a covered secure area outdoors, you can put things outside to keep them from spoiling, too. Or in the garage, I suppose. We keep pots or other containers covered and secured with bungees or other means in case vermin/racoons are a concern.

  • Katie December 11, 2021 (12:51 am)

    34th and holly no power (High Point) but looks like outside the HP development does have power still 

  • Andre December 11, 2021 (1:10 am)

    Saw flickering outside my backyard window.  No noise.  Thought it was a local outage cause only my side of the street is without power.  17th/Cloverdale

  • Adam December 11, 2021 (1:11 am)

    Back on in High Point at 1:11am

  • Peter Tannenbaum December 11, 2021 (1:36 am)

    No electricity at Holden and 13th, Highland Park. View from the balcony is bleak.

  • Delridge Res December 11, 2021 (2:08 am)

    Anyone just hear the loud “explosion” around North Delridge neighborhood?

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (2:10 am)

      We got a text from someone in Highland Park reporting another “flash” and loss of nearby lights…

    • Mark December 11, 2021 (2:57 am)

      Yes, for sure. My dog freaked out and wanted a place to hide. Apparently, per the SCL map, the north parts of Youngstown has an outage now, but it’s normal at Genesee St though. 

  • StopCuttingDownTrees December 11, 2021 (2:36 am)

    We’re getting pressure-washed here in Arbor Heights. The lights have been flickering, but the power is still on, thank God. 

  • Vanessa December 11, 2021 (2:50 am)

    There was a flash of silver-white light and an explosion near 37th Ave. SW and Kenyon St. minutes ago. I have power the block over, but I suspect this might affect some of my neighbors. And a second explosion…

  • Laura December 11, 2021 (2:51 am)

    We had gotten power back earlier, but out again @ 32nd and Holly (High Point)

  • Griz December 11, 2021 (3:01 am)

    Incredibly strong wind and incredibly nonexistent power at Thistle and 13th SW.  It’s so windy here, I just saw a chicken lay the same egg three times.

  • John December 11, 2021 (3:08 am)

    I find it kind of funny usually when storms like this come up in the internet goes down Comcast will have an outage reported. However for the last hour I’ve tried two different times to report and outage to them but India simply won’t have it and they insist that it must be my equipment

    • Nathan December 11, 2021 (3:31 am)

      Are you sure xfinity is out? I’m on Centurylink fiber plugged into backup battery and it’s working fine. I think I must be one of the 128 houses without power near WSB. It started flickering like crazy 30 min or so ago and I woke up and started unplugging unprotected devices. 

  • West Marg December 11, 2021 (3:17 am)

    Hello from Riverside/West Marginal. Windy with some flickers earlier, but the power hasn’t cut out down here. 

  • Kera December 11, 2021 (3:17 am)

    No power at north of Lincoln park – fire truck lights woke me up 

  • E December 11, 2021 (3:25 am)

    The explosion sound in Gatewood was my neighbor’s tree falling on a power line—narrowly missing my house! Fingers crossed that the other, taller trees that are in their yard stay up and away from my house in this storm. I reported the outage and the tree down to City Light.

    • MG December 11, 2021 (6:40 am)

      On 45th where the fire truck was few hours ago? 

  • LP December 11, 2021 (3:29 am)

    Power out 49th & Admiral. Per Seattle city light, expected restoration by 8 A.M.

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (3:56 am)

      Please remember the restoration times they give are just guesses and not worth taking stock in. We learned this from City Light years ago and so we don’t cite them – could be much earlier or much later. Here’s hoping for the former!

  • n December 11, 2021 (3:45 am)

    Power just cameback on, Delridge and Trenton.  Here’s hoping it lasts.

  • Tammny December 11, 2021 (3:48 am)

    Highland Park, 13th Ave, near Holden st.  is still in dark and cold.Hope Electric Crew would help quickly.

  • Yma December 11, 2021 (4:28 am)

    Power still out & wind still kickin’ in Gatewood at Portland & California.something beeping in my house woke me & I can’t quite pinpoint the source. Got me up so I could rescue Mariachi Santa & friends, though.

  • Ron December 11, 2021 (4:41 am)

    My smoke alarm started beeping because the battery is low and there’s no electric going to the unit. I replaced the 9 Volt and it stopped. 

  • Dm December 11, 2021 (4:42 am)

    15th Ave SW between Webster and Holden still out….wish I could have slept through this!

  • Theresa - Highland Park December 11, 2021 (5:34 am)

    Just woke up at 15th and Holden with no power. Sounds like I slept through a good storm last night!

  • Just grumbling December 11, 2021 (5:46 am)

    Driving through the intersection of Delridge and Orchard is finally blissful, the traffic lights are out. Anyone who has had to sit through the poorly timed light cycles there will appreciate it. Maybe they’ll fix the light cycles there so east and west traffic can be more efficiently through there? Eh.. I won’t hold my breath.. 

    • MyThruppence December 11, 2021 (8:39 am)

      Perhaps it may make you feel better to know that the cycle timing at Delridge and Orchard may be dictated by the maximum vehicle flow rate at the intersection at 16th Ave SW & SW Holden (by the 7-11/Fire Station). The maximum vehicle flow through that bottle-neck probably determines maximum effective traffic signal cycle timing for many intersections that ultimately feed into that one.

    • meanmistermustard December 11, 2021 (10:34 am)

      How about they fix the pedestrian crossing lights across Delridge at Myrtle?  Those buttons have done nothing for two weeks-a brief excitement at getting a second crossing north of Myrtle, then the buttons went useless. I wish I knew who to tell about this; I assume nobody knows or it would have been a quick fix.

  • Cynthia December 11, 2021 (5:51 am)

    Delridge back on.

  • Cynthia December 11, 2021 (5:54 am)

    Power is back on at Delridge and Thistle.

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (6:07 am)

      The main outage is now down to 712.

  • Nirvana Klein December 11, 2021 (6:23 am)

    Not back on at Delridge/Kenyon.

  • Chauna Agosto December 11, 2021 (6:32 am)

    The West Seattle Health Club is currently without power. We will open as soon as power is restored.

  • CarDriver December 11, 2021 (6:50 am)

    61st & Stevens area has  power/internet. No indication of any overnight outages.

  • Hana Ghali December 11, 2021 (7:30 am)

    No electricity on 16th Ave between holden and Kenyon 

  • Eddie December 11, 2021 (7:41 am)

    42 mph at 12:01am – Highest wind gust I recorded overnight just west of Alaska Junction.

  • Tom Swallow December 11, 2021 (7:43 am)

    Still no power 5th ave & Cloverdale st. Highland park area.

  • Wren December 11, 2021 (7:58 am)

    First power outage for my tropical fishies!! I can’t believe I’m admitting this… or doing this… but we are hooking up the generator so they don’t freeze to death! What a first world problem…. 

  • Kersti Muul December 11, 2021 (8:07 am)

    Please remember that power restoration times vary wildly depending on the cause of outage. If it’s equipment like broken lines or trees down on lines it takes a lot longer to repair. They need to call for grounds, get, and install new equipment, etc.Human safety is the primary concern, power second. Please be patient and consider the lives of the utility crews. Also, lights flickering at 46th and Juneau just now (8 AM)

  • Dinah Brein December 11, 2021 (8:08 am)

    They said it was coming back at 7 am……they lied🤬 Does anyone know if Starbucks in Westwood opened?

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (8:12 am)

      Please don’t ever pay attention to the restoration estimates.

      • Allison Dennis December 11, 2021 (11:39 am)

        11:30 am    Tracy – Seattle City Light’s automated system says we are not part of an outage (we are your neighbors). We’ve been reporting it to their system all night, but when we call to check on status, it continues to state there is no known outage. We rereport each time.  Do you know, is there a need for multiple different folks to report on a given outage?

        • WSB December 11, 2021 (11:54 am)

          Might your number be associated with a different address?

  • Diana C December 11, 2021 (8:09 am)

    Power still out near Highland Park Improvement Club on 12th

  • CS December 11, 2021 (8:46 am)

    Power still out in 4100 block of Portland Street in Gatewood. 

  • chas redmond December 11, 2021 (8:48 am)

    from Xfinity’s outage map at 8:45 

  • Peter December 11, 2021 (8:51 am)

    I’m in highland park without power and I’m so thankful that the highland park corner store is up and running! 

  • Montana Griz December 11, 2021 (9:18 am)

    All is well at Thistle and 13th.   The tree across the street was blown over, so now there is a gaze of cranky raccoons in the neighbor’s backyard trying to find a new home.

  • nonni December 11, 2021 (9:27 am)

    Cheers to the repair crews!Leccy back on just in time for a literal toast and a nice hot cuppa.

  • BH December 11, 2021 (10:26 am)

    Hello, Power came back on at 9:05 am near SW Holden and 20th. 9 hour outage. There more frequent outages in recent years in this neighborhood , and always around the same dates, early Fall and mid December. I know that’s when the weather changes, but if it happens every year why isn’t SCL better prepared? I can go without heat and lights for a few hours, but it is ridiculously expensive to throw away refrigerated food every time this happens. Adds hundreds of dollars to my electric bill.

    • Chemist December 11, 2021 (2:54 pm)

      I would suggest you Google search for more info, but a modern refrigerator has enough insulation to stay acceptable cold for a long time with the power out.  It depends on the mass of cold stuff inside and how frequently you open the doors, but 9 hours is likely still safe.

  • Vivian December 11, 2021 (10:47 am)

    Are there any more updates on the Fauntleroy outage?

  • Steve December 11, 2021 (10:56 am)

    Was just told by City Light the 9am restoration time for Lincoln Park area is out the window. New estimate now 2pm!  Not looking forward to a major windstorm. 

    • WSB December 11, 2021 (11:23 am)

      Please, please, please remember that the restoration times are completely worthless, based on nothing, and SCL would do well to stop even offering them. We’ve been covering outages for 15 years here (and been in a few ourselves) but it’s not anecdotal, it’s something we learned from a City Light official in a candid moment. By the way, we’re going out looking for SCL crews – let us know if you’ve seen one. (206-293-6302, text or voice, is always the fastest way to reach us)

      Meantime, coverage continues at

  • jazzydj December 12, 2021 (3:25 am)

    Hello everyone… Try to stay safe and warm & dry… Everything will be alright…

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