Duke’s Seafood at Alki Beach: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor, with a deal for you

Today we welcome a new WSB sponsor – locally owned Duke’s Seafood at Alki Beach. Here’s their message for you:

People often ask, why come to Duke’s Seafood over any other seafood restaurant in town and our answer is simple, because we know where nearly every ingredient in our food come from. Most restaurants can’t say that, but why should you care?

Partners and father/son, Duke Moscrip (right) and John Moscrip (left), and our Executive Chef, Wild Bill Ranniger, personally source the ingredients in the food we serve – yes, really – and it is local when possible, sustainable, free of harmful chemicals and preservatives, and gluten-free when possible.

Why do we go to this extreme? “Decades ago, I started going to Alaska and I actually fished with the fishermen, not just tour a processing plant. I actually wanted to know how they caught the fish, what they did after they caught them, like did they take care of them, bleed this fish, ice the fish, and keep them cold all the way through the processing. I found out that not every fisherman does it right. So, we only buy from the people who handle the fish the way that we want and to our strict standards, and as a result, we get the most incredible fish,” says Duke Moscrip.

“That’s when I started my quest to only buy from trusted suppliers who understood the proper way to care for fish. I didn’t know it back then, but the standards we set back then are now the industry standards for all quality commercial fishing. True story!,” he adds. “There I was, just one guy who only wanted one thing: great-tasting fish, only to end up setting the standard for the industry.”

We did not stop at fish. We go to the produce fields, the chicken farms, the wineries, even to our exclusive Bourbon supplier, Woodford Reserve. Everything we serve must meet our strict standards to be good enough for Duke’s Seafood or it doesn’t make it onto your plate – ever! Plus, every dish is so flavorful because of the ingredients and the special recipes we developed for Duke’s Seafood.

“I dream about food,” says Duke. He describes flavorful dishes made of crazy combinations: blueberries with goat cheese on grilled salmon, or tarragon and citrus in a salad, or hazelnut syrup, melted butter, and halibut encrusted with crushed macadamia nuts. “In fact, sometimes I drive my Executive Chef, Wild Bill, crazy by sending new dishes back again and again until we get it right. We spend hours and hours in the kitchen together perfecting every recipe.”

“’Wild’ Bill Ranniger is the executive chef; an amazing guy. “He puts up with all my crazy ideas. For the past 23 years, he’s made stuff happen in our kitchens. He’s inventive and creative and we get along so well from a creative standpoint as well as being good friends. But he produces amazing food,” says Duke.

Duke’s Seafood is offering a very special deal through January 22, 2022: Spend $50 and get $10 off your meal. Spend $100 and get $20 off your meal. Reserve today at www.dukesseafood.com.

We thank Duke’s Seafood for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

5 Replies to "Duke's Seafood at Alki Beach: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor, with a deal for you"

  • Jeepney December 17, 2021 (12:11 pm)

    Love Duke’s, this is great to see.

  • momosmom December 17, 2021 (12:36 pm)

    New sponsor….well its about time!

  • Long time WS resident December 17, 2021 (3:06 pm)

    Well…yes…I usually avoid most restaurants as  I know they are maximizing profits over my health…. So glad to hear Duke’s is NOT in that group.   I will visit.  I am  very,  very happy to hear this. 

  • tom December 17, 2021 (3:55 pm)

    i try to avoid food business recommendation talk as it is sooo subjective, and after being in the produce industry for decades i rarely (1 or 2x yr) eat out…………. BUT that being said i will bend all my rules to recommend Duke’s in every way.  Even had my wifes 40th birthday party there and every. single. thing. was. perfect.  hard to say that about places these days.  thanks again Alki Duke’s staff!

  • AlkiBeachFan December 18, 2021 (6:31 am)

    Thank you, Duke’s, for being such a wonderful part of Alki and for supporting our important resource, the WSB. Watching the sun set from your deck with friends, a beer, and one of your amazing salads is one of my favorite ways to spend a summer evening!

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