CAN YOU HELP? Amélie’s looking for her misdelivered package from mom, thousands of miles away

Did you get a package in a box like that, delivered to the wrong address? Amélie is hoping someone did, and that it can still make its way to her:

Last week (Monday 22nd), a 15 lbs package from France was delivered to the wrong person (I didn’t sign for it), at the wrong address (I just know that it was delivered at the 98126 postcode but I live in the 98146 area). My mum saved for a year to be able to send me a package this year and it is the only way I have to connect with my family since Covid…

She says she’s already tried talking to USPS management but was just told, “There was an error in the system,” and that they can’t do anything to help. So she’s casting a wide net in hopes of reaching someone who has, or knows what happened to, her package. If that’s you, email us at and we’ll connect you.

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  • WSCurmudgeon December 1, 2021 (6:18 pm)

    “Colissimo” is a specific product of France Poste, the French postal system.  It supposedly is able to track the real time and location of the package to the delivery point, judging by a reading of FP’s web pages.  Amélie should perhaps try to get the data from FP’s system.  In theory that may give her data she can share with the USPS postal inspectors.  If that doesn’t line up with what the USPS carrier(s) stories are,  the PI Service may be helpful.   It used to be able to kick *ss, take names,  and solve cases.

  • Arbor Heights Resident December 1, 2021 (6:22 pm)

    The exact same thing happened to a package of mine few weeks ago. It was sent from Germany, delivered in 98126 (we live in 98146), signature crossed out- I contacted USPS, spent hours on the phone, and case was shut down without a trace of the package. Disappointing. 

    • Cd December 1, 2021 (7:46 pm)

      I’ve had the same problem with calling the 1800 number and calling/filling forms online/going in person to the post office on California Ave. Worthless. All tied for last place.

  • miws December 1, 2021 (6:24 pm)

    If Amélie is in Arbor Heights, maybe her package was misdelivered to an address with the same 4 numbers as hers, but on a nearby parallel street in the 98126 zip code? Much of it ends at Roxbury, but parts of it jut in as far as 100th.  Zipcode coverage maps can be looked up here…—Mike

  • Yep December 1, 2021 (7:00 pm)

    I regularly receive packages for the same house number, wrong street. Hopefully someone recognizes the importance and delivers it to you! Goodluck! 

    • Midi December 1, 2021 (11:45 pm)

      Same here – what makes it worse, the other house is within a stone’s throw of mine so drivers get confused all the time. The other homeowners and I regular text each other with deliveries that went to the wrong place.I hope this person gets their mom’s package. Best of luck

  • Jeff December 1, 2021 (7:56 pm)

    I semi regularly get mail for a house with the exact same address except the South avenue instead of the Southwest.    Not sure it is applicable in this case, but something else to consider.  

  • Former Mail Carrier December 1, 2021 (8:51 pm)

    USPS management is probably lying to you. There’s a barcode carriers are supposed to scan when they’re delivering. It has GPS so they can tell what address they were at when they scanned. Someone didn’t follow procedure and the supervisor doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out what happened. If they can tell it was in 98126 they should have the address as well. Escalate it to the Seattle postmaster as well as the postal inspector. 

  • Lola December 2, 2021 (7:58 am)

    DeJoy strikes again.  Never have I seen such a messed up system since he took over.  I have a neighbor lady I have never met her in person.  Every month she gets the New Yorker Mag.  Only I get it first.  For two years this has been happening.  I now tape a note that says please deliver to the correct address and write it big and bold.  I then also in the hopes that she gets it put a sticky note on one the pages explaining what has been going on with my cell #.  She has been getting them and sent me a text message.  Last Sunday I saw the mailman (mail bag and all) delivering our mail.  We now get mail 7 days a week in our neighborhood.  Lol. 

  • Could be December 2, 2021 (11:34 am)

    The post office has a pretty good record. Ive never had a single piece of mail go missing. Just in case, if the original post office it was dropped off at has a photo of the destination address, they might have keyed it in wrong, or the sender put the wrong address! I received a large package at my house last month – the return address WAS MY HOUSE but it was not my package? Was very confusing until I opened it and saw a check with the Correct address. Judging by the contents of the package it was someone dyslexic or elderly that wrote a completely wrong address.. (I was able to deliver it back to the original sender who lived a few blocks down the street) So it could possibly be delivered to the “correct” address that was entered incorrectly by the shipper or the mom – and if you find that you know where it was delivered! 

  • johnny December 2, 2021 (3:24 pm)

    Wow!  I just received a call today from a woman in Ballard – said she has a package addressed to my son.  Fortunately had my cell number as contact on the LL Bean label – gift sent to my son from my sister in Maine.  Her address is xxxx (my 4 digit street number), 8th Ave, NW Seattle.  My address is xxxx 39th SW Seattle.  What is happening to our postal service (and country).  What a nice woman!  I am picking the package up from her on Saturday afternoon (and giving her an Amazon gift card for being such a thoughtful citizen!). 

  • ~Hockeywitch~ December 2, 2021 (7:46 pm)

    I’m on 35th Ave SW and have had things from 35th Ave NE delivered to me… A friend in Oregon is having the same issue of a missing package, says it was delivered, but wasn’t and the post office in Eugene is NOT being very helpful… I hope this neighbor gets their package found.. how frustrating. Isn’t messing with the US Mail supposed to be a Federal offense??

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