Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

GAS THEFT IN ARBOR HEIGHTS: Bill reports, “Our son’s truck had its gas tank drilled last night. We’re right on 35 Ave SW at 110th, this was before 11:00 p.m., under a street light, at a bus stop.”

BROKEN WINDOWS: We haven’t heard directly from anyone affected by this, but Nate reports the sightings:

“On our walk from Fauntleroy to the Junction, we’ve seen four Audi Q5 and Q3s with broken front windows. It was super weird that three of them were the same car. One in Fauntleroy, two in Seaview and one in Gatewood. One poor guy had walked out and discovered it just as we were walking by.”

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  • Tim P November 13, 2021 (6:27 pm)

    Someone help me out here.  “Gas tank drilling”?   Drill a hole in a gas tank and then what, siphon or drain the gas into a container? Seriously — hot chips flying around gas vapor?  

    • Enough November 13, 2021 (7:37 pm)

      This happens all the time. Like daily. 

    • rob November 13, 2021 (8:09 pm)

       Hammer an a drift pin, punch a hole no sparks , steal gas. That easy

    • Question Authority November 13, 2021 (10:48 pm)

      Most tanks are now plastic and actually more crash resistant due to flex, but with that easy to drill.

    • StopCuttingDownTrees November 13, 2021 (11:39 pm)

      Almost all modern gas tanks are made out of plastic 

    • Bashiir Abdulmumin November 23, 2021 (12:47 pm)

      It just happened to me last night. I came outside and had gas leaking all over the ground. I found the plastic shreds from where they drilled a hole into my car. Sucks!

  • CarDriver November 13, 2021 (7:03 pm)

    Tim P. A common way. Evidently fire risk is nil.

  • Carmen November 13, 2021 (7:12 pm)

    My Audi Q5 was hit early this morning in Fauntlee Hills. I notice a white car idling in the street. I yelled at the perps @ 5:15 am but front passenger window already busted out. Nothing of value stolen but the losers are out there stealing our stuff. Be safe everyone!!

    • Carmen November 13, 2021 (7:26 pm)

      Looks like from the web thieves know Audi places a valet key in the glove box. Mine was there and if I didn’t yell at prowlers my car would of been stolen. Get that valet key out of the glove box Audi owners. 

      • Enough November 14, 2021 (10:19 am)

        Or have an adequately staffed police force. 

        • Wes C. Addle November 15, 2021 (2:59 pm)

          Does an adequately staffed police force mean home security? 

  • Daria November 13, 2021 (8:36 pm)

    Thieves have caught on to the fact that Audi has a slot built into the glovebox for the valet key.  They are searching for the people who either haven’t noticed it, or choose to keep it stored there.  If they don’t find the key, they move on because it’s too difficult to steal a newer model without a key.  

  • trickycoolj November 13, 2021 (11:25 pm)

    Heh my grandpa had a service station in West Seattle and people used a modified herse to steal gas out of the holding tanks. The more things change the more they stay the same. 

    • John Smith November 14, 2021 (2:55 am)

      “The more things change the more they stay the same.” Actually, it is not the same. These days, addicts/thieves are stealing whatever is in the gas tank of a car. In your apparently fondly-remembered golden age, addicts/thieves stole from a big tank; now they are stealing from your tank.

    • oerthehill November 14, 2021 (6:46 am)

      Was it a purple hearse? 

  • Nico Elias November 14, 2021 (2:44 am)

    I would park nothing but a beater on the street overnight. A newer Audi/BMW/MBZ/Lexus should be in a garage, period. 

  • Derek November 14, 2021 (6:25 am)

    If you want to fix crime, fix social inequality, it’s really that simple. People steal because they are poor. And yes you may know poor people who don’t steal, that’s not the point. We must give people universal base income now. We really need socialism. It’s the only way. This will just get worse until we balance the wealth disparity.

    • Jojo November 14, 2021 (12:10 pm)

      The best way to alleviate poverty is to increase employment and economic opportunities for all, like the past President did. Socialism is communism in disguise. That immorally miserable system has no place in a free country like America. Please visit Venezuela or Cuba to educate yourself.

    • ltfd November 14, 2021 (3:07 pm)

      Socialism stops meth addiction how?

    • noah November 15, 2021 (6:20 am)

      Most people aren’t stealing because they’re poor (thats offensive to hard working poor people), they steal because of drug addiction.

    • 1994 November 15, 2021 (9:09 am)

      People steal because they have poor morals, don’t respect others, and don’t value  honesty. Rich people steal too.

    • Econ101 November 15, 2021 (12:51 pm)

       People steal because they are poor.”Sorry @Derek, but this is a wildly inaccurate statement. People don’t steal because they are poor, they steal because they either want what you have or they don’t want you to have something. If people only stole because they are poor, why are there so many cases of fraud, ponzi schemes, banking scandals, and cases like Enron and WaMu.But to believe theft is because of wealth, or lack thereof, is simply caused by lack of information. People steal because of want, not because of need. 

  • Mj November 14, 2021 (5:31 pm)

    Derek – my old man grew up dirt poor on the wrong side of the rail road tracks, was a religious minority and Did Not resort to theft.  He worked his way through college.  Enough with giving a pass to steal if you are poor.  

    Universal income – if a perp had to compensate the victim could be used for the compensation.  In other words the perp risks losing income if they break the law!  

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