SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Non-cruising cruise ship anchored again

When we reported on Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas lingering in the area a month ago, the Port of Seattle told us it would be back. And today, it is (thanks for the tips), anchored at what’s known as Yukon Harbor, off Manchester, north of Blake Island. After the Alaska cruising season, it was originally scheduled to cruise Australia this winter, but the pandemic canceled that. The port told us it’s scheduled to spend some time in December docked at Pier 66 downtown. The ship isn’t currently scheduled for anything before the next Alaska cruising season opens in May.

18 Replies to "SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Non-cruising cruise ship anchored again"

  • Guy November 27, 2021 (1:20 pm)

    I wonder how much money they could make if it was moored downtown and open for guests kind of like a hotel? It would be cool to see the interior and all, but not be stuck on a cruise. 

    • Mona Peterson November 27, 2021 (2:07 pm)

      Thats an excellent idea.

    • John November 27, 2021 (2:59 pm)

      Honestly hard to say I’m not sure what the Coast guard regulations would be as far as doing something like that. Part of the reason they keep the crew compliment on board and run it is not only for the good of the engines but if they have it docked too long without a crew it has to be recertified by the Coast guard both for their engines and passenger safety. But it must be miserable for the skeleton crew that’s having to live out there

    • Sandra November 27, 2021 (4:53 pm)

      Excellent idea! I’ve never been on a cruise ship. It would be fun to have dinner, see a show, perhaps spend the night or weekend aboard, as long as it stayed anchored safely in the harbor. 

    • Lagartija Nick November 27, 2021 (5:41 pm)

      A friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong just did this last weekend as a mini staycation. They still can’t travel there so he’s been booking luxury hotel rooms on random weekends as a ‘getaway’ and decided to give a cruise ship a try. He said most of the amenities were available even though it was only 1/4 full and that he had a good time.

    • Jean November 27, 2021 (6:03 pm)

      That is is awful in idea. Seattle would see little ROI but shoulder all the public, civic and legal costs. That is the problem with that kind of attitude. Money made but no investment in the locals.It would be like crapping on the environment…..the amount of fuel that goes into he environment, pollution and toxic crap, not even consider the disrespectful tourist. 

    • SeattleC++ November 28, 2021 (11:38 am)

      A cruise ship makes for a small, cramped hotel with low ceilings and small venues. It’s kinda cool when it’s out to sea, but offers nothing of value when tied to a dock. I think the cruise industry would be crazy to implement such an idea, as it would scare away tourists by the thousands.

    • Sharon Merkle November 29, 2021 (8:11 pm)

      Even when you do take a cruise and want to just see an area in the ship such as the kitchen, they charge you an arm and a 🦵

  • flimflam November 27, 2021 (1:31 pm)

    I’m definitely ignorant to the rules surrounding this stuff but does the company pay any sort of fee for docking or just generally taking up space/polluting/being sort of an eye sore? Not the end of the world but I’m curious.

    • mok4315 November 27, 2021 (5:24 pm)

      They pay to dock. Anchoring is free, which is why companies make ships anchor if they can get away with it. Also, berthing space isn’t exactly plentiful in Seattle. 

  • Ian November 27, 2021 (3:30 pm)

    Maybe we could use it to house the homeless?

  • Rod H November 27, 2021 (3:33 pm)

    Place for the homeless?  Maybe for a set time at certain coastal cities? 

  • Richard McNeill November 27, 2021 (4:10 pm)

    Or use it for the homeless.

  • Rb November 27, 2021 (4:54 pm)

    I wish they did mini cruises to California and back. 

    • Sharon Merkle November 29, 2021 (8:12 pm)

      They do mini cruises.

  • CarDriver November 27, 2021 (4:54 pm)

    Ship would pay for moorage while they’re docked.  For those complaining about them a gentle reminder that they only exist because of the willingness of a LOT of people wanting to pay to go somewhere. If you’re against them don’t blame the cruise lines who only exist because passengers are ready and willing to pay to be on a ship. Please address your displeasure to all the people getting on. They’re probably your family,friends,co-workers,neighbors,bosses. 

  • DAFFY November 28, 2021 (9:11 am)

    Ovation of the Seas is gone (again).  Left anchorage sometime yesterday (11/27) afternoon.  Marine traffic tracking shows it off the Washington coast headed south in the Pacific Ocean this morning (11/28).

    To RB … The cruise lines do sail a small number of mini-cruises from Seattle to various destinations from time to time.  Check with a travel agent specializing in cruises to learn of them.  A round trip to California from Seattle would take at least a week depending on the number of ports visited [and one would have to be in Mexico or Canada], but there are other options depending on the duration and size of vessel you’re interested in.

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