LABOR DAY: West Seattle writers collaborate on newsletter about ‘work, expertise, and stories of women’

Meet Niki Stojnic (left) and Nia Martin (right). We’re spotlighting these West Seattle writers on Labor Day because they are collaborating on a project that “focuses on the work, expertise, and stories of women in the greater Seattle area and how we impact and shape the city and Pacific Northwest region.” It’s a twice-monthly newsletter called Parts & Labor. Martin says, “We’ve gotten some great interviews over 31 issues — featuring accomplished women across the spectrum, from the new executive chef of Canlis, Aisha Ibrahim, and her partner on how they’re changing kitchen culture, to how Vivian Hua helped keep Northwest Film Forum going during the pandemic.”

Martin and Stojnic launched Parts & Labor just as the pandemic began, in fact – March 2020. Since both are West Seattleites, Martin says, “We frequently feature West Seattle women’s small businesses in our ‘She Made It’ short feature section and our ‘Attn’ section, which calls out timely events, businesses and organizations.” After almost a year and a half, they stopped down during August for a break but are now getting ready for their next issue – scheduled publication date, September 16th. You can browse past Parts & Labor issues here (that’s also where you can subscribe, free!). They also publish “featurettes” on Instagram.

2 Replies to "LABOR DAY: West Seattle writers collaborate on newsletter about 'work, expertise, and stories of women'"

  • Keri September 6, 2021 (2:27 pm)

    Awesome… followed you both since you started.  Hadn’t realized you were West Seattle-ites!  Nice interviews by the way! 

  • Gwendolyn Elliott September 7, 2021 (4:50 pm)

    Love this publication, and these two gals. Great community service, compelling stories, beautiful photos. Well worth a follow and a subscription! I always learn something reading the latest!

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