ELECTION 2021: Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell to visit West Seattle Junction

checkbox.jpgNow that Labor Day is past, the fall campaigns are expected to rev up. Top of the ticket remains the race for Seattle Mayor – City Council President Lorena González vs. former City Councilmember Bruce Harrell. Tomorrow night brings the first announced West Seattle event of the fall campaign: Harrell will be touring the West Seattle Junction before and during the West Seattle Art Walk. Junction Association executive director Lora Radford says he’ll be here to talk with community members and answer questions starting at 4:30 pm Thursday at Walk-All-Ways (California/Alaska). Voting for the November 2nd election starts once voters receive ballots, which are scheduled to be mailed October 13th.

34 Replies to "ELECTION 2021: Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell to visit West Seattle Junction"

  • Skeptic September 8, 2021 (2:47 pm)

    Did Lorena Gonzales drop out of the race or just give up?  She’s been MIA for awhile. 

    • Mr J September 8, 2021 (4:41 pm)

      She’s probably been busy on the council since she has a job to do while running for Mayor. 

    • anonyme September 8, 2021 (5:58 pm)

      She’s always been MIA, IMO.  And “busy on the council” is an oxymoron.

  • Yahuh September 8, 2021 (3:06 pm)

    She might as well, they way the city council has gone over the last few years. As the saying goes,  they can be replaced.   

  • My two cents … September 8, 2021 (3:42 pm)

    I think it’s a challenge for a sizable segment of people to align with Gonzalez given the results and the state of the city over the past few years, the leadership and ability to work with the mayor toe directly back to her.

    • Amy September 8, 2021 (5:47 pm)

      Harrell left the city council in 2020 after 13 years, so I wouldn’t hold Gonzalez any more responsible for the state of the city vs Harrell. 

  • nope September 8, 2021 (3:48 pm)

    Bruce Harrell is funded by George Petrie – Seattle’s #1 Trump donor. 

    • kbro September 8, 2021 (5:05 pm)

      Drawing a parallel between those two politicians is irresponsible as the Trump candidacy ever was. Everyone deserves better. 

      • 33Pete September 8, 2021 (5:25 pm)

        The same George Petrie that was also a big Inslee donor? So what? This attempt to malign Harrell is disingenuous to say the least.

        Go Bruce. Please help us return to sanity.

    • SlimJim September 8, 2021 (5:37 pm)

      What a joke. That may be true but just stating that with the hope voters will somehow equate Bruce Harrell with Trump is pathetic.

  • Paleeaze! September 8, 2021 (5:08 pm)

    That may be only because Bruce does not come off as as liberal as LG. Doesn’t mean that Bruce is a Trump supporter. Judging someone based on their supporters is silly. He will have my vote regardless of who else supports him. 

  • Not in the City September 8, 2021 (5:48 pm)

    City of Seattle residents: PLEASE, PLEASE think long and hard and THINK BACK these past few years before you vote in the new Mayor of Seattle!I don’t live in the City limits but whatever happens in the City of Seattle does have a domino effect on all of us.

  • Rosey September 8, 2021 (6:36 pm)

    I’d say I wish Harrell well on his campaigning here but that would be a lie. I don’t like his pandering to moderates and this seems like a phenomenal choice for more of the same antagonistic nonsense between city hall and the council.Related, I’m disappointed in a number of the areas here that voted for him in the primary given his majority performance in WS in the primary. Y’all really want Durkan vs Council 2.0?

    • Rosey September 8, 2021 (10:28 pm)

      So who can he pander to then? Does he need your permission where he panders? Hopefully the moderates will lead this city out of this dark hole that the liberals and activists have driven it into!

    • Paleeaze! September 8, 2021 (10:43 pm)

      No. Durkan was weak. 

    • wscommuter September 8, 2021 (11:11 pm)

      Yes; will be voting for Harrell precisely because he isn’t on the far left, as Ms. Gonzalez is.  Liberal Democrats – myself included – who aren’t on the far left recognize that we need to reign in the Sawant et al contingent on the city council who are out of touch with reality.  IMHO.

    • candrewb September 9, 2021 (7:39 am)

      You say “pandering to moderates” like it was a bad thing… Enjoy the decline!

    • Peter September 9, 2021 (9:24 am)

      Oh no! Pandering to moderates is the very worst thing a human being can do!!

  • Jeannie September 8, 2021 (6:42 pm)

    Yes, mega-rich Petrie and his wife are huge donors to Harrell’s campaign. Petrie is also the top local donor to Donald Trump’s ‘stolen election’ racket. There’s a lot I like about Harrell, but I just contacted his campaign to ask how beholden he’d be to Petrie and other real-estate interests. How much influence did super-wealthy real estate developers buy? I just hope I don’t get a b.s. cookie-cutter response. If he can provide an honest, direct response, I will strongly consider voting for him.

    • Jeannie September 8, 2021 (11:39 pm)

      Got a response from Harrell’s campaign. It was from Tami, his niece! But I’m happy to report it was not a cookie-cutter response:
      For this particular person [she means gawdawful Petrie), it appears that they donated to a PAC (political action committee) that is supporting Bruce’s campaign. By law, Bruce can have no contact with the PAC and cannot control or give input on how they spend their money. Any monies they spend are considered Independent Expenditures, and our campaign has no connection to them.As far as being beholden to anyone, these monies are not going to Bruce’s personal campaign so there is no reason Bruce would feel any pressure from donor influence. Bruce is also an extremely ethical person and financial contributions do not ever influence his decisions. Ever! I know this because I am his niece and he is one of the most ethical people I have ever known.

      • Paleeaze! September 9, 2021 (9:46 pm)

        Thank you for sharing this.

      • Ballardite September 9, 2021 (10:26 pm)

        Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!

  • Nani September 8, 2021 (6:51 pm)

    Looking forward to voting Gonzalez in this coming election! Genuinely excited by her investment and commitment to bettering our city. 

    • Anne September 9, 2021 (5:50 am)

      What world are you living in? “ her investment &  commitment to bettering our city”???? Would be laughing if it wasn’t so frightening. 

    • Rosey September 9, 2021 (7:22 am)

      Same. I want to see the city with a united hall and council. If Gonzalez in city hall and the council with its progressive leanings make things worse, let’s change people out in upcoming elections, but I sincerely want to see the progressive politically seattle governing bodies actually able to govern without intense and theatrical obstructions.

    • Jeepney September 9, 2021 (8:41 am)

      Interesting comment.   An you cite specific instances where she has bettered our city in her current elected office?

      • The Admiral September 9, 2021 (2:49 pm)

        Conversely, Jeepney, can you cite specific instances when she has worsened our city in her current elected office?

        • Paleeaze! September 10, 2021 (6:35 am)

          Didn’t she vote for defunfing the police by 50%  IMO, that would be one example. 

      • zark00 September 10, 2021 (10:55 am)

        @JeepneyPassed legislation to require safe gun storage, lead to a reduction in firearm thefts, suicides and accidental gun deaths.Passed 10M for community safety programs to reduce gun violence.Passed funding for elderly and disabled rental subsidiesProtected equitable development commitments made by City of SeattleCreate Seattle’s FIRST dedicated investment to address student homelessnessThose are a few, of her many, accomplishments.  

  • Marcee Stone-Vekich September 8, 2021 (6:59 pm)

    If Lorena González is responsible for all the problems in this City, then Bruce Harrell is just as responsible. Give your misogyny a rest. 

  • A Dahir September 8, 2021 (10:35 pm)

    I liked Bruce Harrell when he was a city council member. He was a very interesting guy. I would definitely vote for him for a mayor! 

  • admiral admirable September 9, 2021 (10:00 am)

    Bruce was famously AWOL during his time on the council. Barely even showed up. Did nothing of consequence.

  • Chris K September 9, 2021 (2:37 pm)

    Lorena Gonzal;ez will make an excellent mayor.  I love how she stood up to Capitol Hill Pride’s bullying of Taking B(l)ack Pride’s request for “reparations” from non-black attendees.  I hope she takes the extra step of introducing reparation legislature for the City as a whole.  I don’t see Bruce Harrell doing anything that progressive.  It’s time we move out of the dark ages.

  • 1994 September 9, 2021 (9:51 pm)

    Harrell yes, Gonzalez no way.  Gonzalez is an attorney by education and work but has trouble following the rules – and has been called out on this a couple of times. One was the democracy vouchers during the first election cycle they were available and she didn’t follow the rules. Gonzalez had to go before the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission about not following the rules in a couple of areas for the voucher program. They gave her a break because it was a new program. Gonzalez was all about 50% defunding the police but we all knew and saw that would not truly work out.

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