TONIGHT: Planning the future of Seattle’s maritime/industrial lands

(Terminal 5 and vicinity, photographed by Long Bach Nguyen)

One major event of West Seattle significance is on the calendar for tonight: As previewed here earlier this month, it’s the next step in reviewing/updating Seattle’s policies regarding maritime and industrial lands. (See background on the process here.) West Seattle is home to a major stretch of those lands, from Terminal 5 and Harbor Island south along the Duwamish River. Before changing policies, the city has to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement; tonight, it’s having what’s called a “scoping meeting” as part of the process, to determine what should be studied regarding four alternatives (including “no action”) for proposed changes. Here are three concepts they’re looking at:

But first, the question is – what should be considered before changes are made – and should changes be made at all? Tonight’s online meeting is at 6 pm; the participation/viewing link is on this page. Whether or not you attend the meeting, once you’re ready to comment, you can do that by email at by August 9th. You can also offer input via this survey, which includes maps and toplines on the potential alternatives.

2 Replies to "TONIGHT: Planning the future of Seattle's maritime/industrial lands"

  • Why July 26, 2021 (1:42 pm)

    Seattle is a port city.  A survey is not gonna change that.

  • HarborIslandWorker July 26, 2021 (4:21 pm)

    InterestingšŸ¤”ā€¦..West Seattle is home to a major stretch of those lands, from terminal 5 and Harbor Island south along the Duwamish river. If Iā€™m reading that correctly then that means Harbor Island workers that live in West Seattle. Are the only demographic of working class people that have to leave West Seattle in order to travel back into West Seattle to work. Which means we technically cross the Duwamish river four times a day instead of two times a day like we would if we could still use the Low Bridge. I wonder what kind of environmental impact that has. Ridiculous

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